Sheen Lane Antiques Market Friday 3rd October 2014 9am – 1.30pm

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Sheen Lane Antiques Market Friday 3rd October 2014 9am – 1.30pm

It is held just next to the Library in the large hall, full of lots of bargains to be had!

Antiques market this friday

Antiques market this friday

You will also find homemade refreshments being served and a nice cosy atmosphere with friends new and old.

There is a waiting list for stalls but if you do wish to enquire the number is: 0208 393 2042

Hope to see you there, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur,

The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!


The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!

This was my first visit to The Barnes Food Fair.  I had heard varying opinions, from it being expensive to wonderful, so my curiosity was at its height to find out for myself.

Of course it started with an adventure.  Seeing that Teddy (my frenchbulldog) had lost his companion recently, I decided to bring him along, knowing that there was doggycare there and he needs a bit of doggy playtime with others.  Not being allowed on the first bus that came along due to another dog already being on there we had to wait for another, all a learning curve.  So if you are planning on taking a bus with a dog bear this in mind and make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

Teddy really wasn’t sure about the bus and promptly flopped himself down flat on to the floor for safety, I guess he wasn’t sure about the motion of it and he remained there until we arrived which was in hindsight a good thing.

I always love wandering through Barnes seeing the lovely array of shops, ones that I make a mental note to make sure I visit later when more time.  One being a lovely old fashioned Grocers Shop, called Two Peas in a Pod (featured below).

When I lived on Wandsworth Bridge Road we had a traditional grocers there for a while and it was an experience rather than just a shopping trip.  Though there is a wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables in our local Waitrose, it isn’t quite the same.  Maybe one day we will get a grocers down my end of Upper Richmond Road, instead of another Estate Agents!

We spotted Bruce’s doggy daycare which consisted of a tent and a handful of people ready with leads to take our beloved pets.  It was like dropping one of my children off to nursery for the first time.  I made the mistake of looking back only to see him straining against the lead to be with us, yes a heart tugging moment, but I braved on and went to the Food Fair without another glance back.

Bruce’s doggy daycare

- you can find their website here – Bruce’s Doggy Daycare

An example of their reasonable pricing

Half Day

1 dog from £16 2hrs minimum


Two Peas in a Pod Grocery Store

020 8748 0232

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Having entered the Barnes Food Fair I met the lovely Charlotte Sharpe-Neal who is the main organizer, she was introduced to me as the ‘Oracle’ which is testament to others opinions of her.  The main area outside consisted of stalls with hot food ready to buy for lunch and a small selection of saleable goods.

The fair wasn’t as big as I imagined it would be, having been to the Barnes Fair which is huge I had anticipated something like that.  In fact I was grateful it wasn’t as it allowed me to get around the stalls in a decent non back breaking time, get an idea of what was tickling my taste buds and make my choice what I wanted to eat.

I also bumped in to Anthony from Pistachios our local cafe in Palewell Common & Fields, his wife had cooked up a samosa storm!

Stockholm restaurant & Deli

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the board below saying Reindeer burgers with a pathetic “awe” coming out of my mouth.  Of course I think of Richmond Park, the majestic deer and then the sign.  It is all about what we find normal and I guess in Stockholm reindeer burgers are normal and apparently they are also very good for us.  No I didn’t try one, but that is not to say that next time I wouldn’t.

The reindeer burgers came from the Stockholm Restaurant and Delhi, which is local in East Sheen, you will find it as you head down towards Mortlake Train Station on the right hand side.  I havn’t been in yet to eat there, it is always somewhere I imagined to go for a ‘special’ event.  But seeing as they have a deli which I had not noticed before I think it is high time I go in and visit.

You can find their website here – Stockholm Restaurant & Deli

109 Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London SW14 8AE

020 8876 7747 –

Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 10pm (Sunday and Monday – closed)

Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine

My choice for lunch was in fact from the Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine stall.  The selection of lentils, lamb and chicken sizzling away was too much for me.  The plate was stacked high as you could see, fit for my tummy to burst, very tasty and at around £7 was in my opinion well worth it.

16 Milfield, Mill Place Kingston- Upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RP

Tel 07760 273425  Email:


Swing music – Entertainment at The Barnes Food Fair

There was music put on for the visitors, a wonderful duo of girls sung swing music, a real treat.

Caribbean Cuisine

I am particularly fond of caribbean cuisine.  Going down to Oistins in Barbados on a Friday night where they pull in the catch of the day which are then cooked in oil  drums, a swig of rum, a spoonful of macaroni pie you can’ get better. So I wait for a Caribbean Restaurant to open up in East Sheen, that is on my wish list!

Tapestry Tapas Bar

Apparently we have a tapas bar not too far away and it has been here for over 13yrs!  Another one of my favourite foods.  They cater in house and out, so it’s worth taking a look at their website if you have any parties coming up.

You can find their website here - Tapestry Tapas Bar

Tapestry Tapas Bar, 1 Lower Richmond Road, London SW14 7EZ

Tel: 020 8878 7177020 8878 7177


Tapestry Tapas Bar
Tapestry Tapas Bar

The Giggly Pig Company

All I know about the Giggly Pig Company is that we have come across them before at another fair.  They are just about to set up online ordering and now 2nd time around I can vouch that their sausages are absolutely divine.  Just eaten some for Sunday lunch.

132 Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9PH

Tel:  01708 343896

Their website can be found here:  The Giggle Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

Inside the Barnes Food Fair Festival Tent

Inside the tent were taster stalls and areas where one could buy produce.  It was particularly hot in there so I didn’t manage long but whizzed around.

The giggly sausages caught my eye of course as mentioned above and chocolate.  I am an official chocoholic and what better way than to divulge in this weakness than as described below the next set of pictures.


Pots & Co

Luckily for me there were some sample pots and rather large wooden throw away spoons to dip in, yay chocolate heaven for me but I did not take advantage.  I headed straight for the salted caramel and chocolate pot and felt my eyes nearly bulge out of my head in ecstasy.  Their gourmet, delicious, decadent, divine pots are sold in various places, you can find out where on their website.

You can find their website here:  Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Thank you for reading and I hope next year you are now inspired to go and visit the Barnes Food Fair!

© Justine Nagaur –




Barnes Food Fair this Saturday 20th September 10.00am-5.00pm

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Barnes Food Fair this Saturday 20th September 10.00am-5.00pm

For all you foodies!

Barnes Green, next to the Old Sorting Office Arts Centre at 49 Station Road, Barnes, SW13 0LF
Timing 10.00am-5.00pm
£4 on the door for adults -

free admission for children under 16 accompanied by adults
Dogs Sadly for food hygiene reasons we do not allow dogs in the marquee – however we do provide a dog creche courtesy of Bruce’s Doggy Daycare

You can find the official Barnes Food Fair website here for full details - Barnes Food Fair

How to find them


The beauty of the London Wetlands Centre & drowning iPods!

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The beauty of the London Wetlands Centre & drowning iPods!

It’s right on our doorstep!

I think that makes us very lucky don’t you?

Have you been?  Yes, then when did you last go?

I went last Spring with my 11yr old which he thoroughly enjoyed.  However nearly being a teenager the prospect of visiting again or doing anything which didn’t involve electronics was met with a groan and “urgh this is going to be boring 2nd time around, do I have to go?”  Of course I ignored him.

I had not taken my 8yr old, so was full of anticipation to see how he would find it.  In fact my eldest really enjoyed the whole experience again as much as the 1st time around and my 8yr old equally so.

There was no moaning to be had except when my youngest dropped his Ipod in to the pond, yep, it turned out to be a very expensive trip indeed as totally useless even after being sat for two days in rice, which was a recommendation that unfortunately didn’t work.

In fact I captured the moment just before it dropped and evidence that in fact he was not using the wrist strap which he claimed to have done!  Just goes to show, photos come in use sometimes for more reasons than just for viewing pleasure. (evidence below)

 Please note most photos are displayed in a gallery, you can hover over the pics for a brief title but if you double click it will bring up large editions of the photos to scroll, much of the beauty of capturing the Wetlands cannot be seen small.

The moment just before the iPod went in to the water

The moment just before the iPod went in to the water

 Bug Hotels

I found out about bug hotels when I was asked to go and write a piece up about a Community Project in Castelnaugh, you will find it here:  Bug Hotels, Community & a cuppa!

I was intrigued by them and thought not only is it a great idea for every garden to have one but it’s also such fun for the children to build, be a part of their maintenance and growth.

It seems the palette bug hotel is the most popular probably due to it being the easiest.  I was sure though that there would be more elaborate ones out there and low and behold on my Spring visit to the London Wetlands I did indeed find a very glamorous piece of art called a bug hotel.  I confess to being fiercely envious of this one, wishing it was in my garden.  You will find it here:  WW Wetlands Centre ~ Beauty in Nature

We are in the process of building a bug hotel and I have done a little bit of research in to what is the best way to build them.

I have shared the links with you should you be so inclined to give it a try and I will write a post later, once complete on our home made East Sheen one.

You will see also in the last two photos a bee habitat, bees an important part of our ecosystem, without them pollination would not happen and that gives a greater knock on effect as you can imagine.

They are on the decline due to various reasons, so it is important to try in our small way to make our gardens as bee friendly if possible.  There are plenty of ways to do this including through what flowers are planted as well as making a habitat for them.

Building and Insect Hotel Habitat

Wild about Gardens

How to make a bee hotel

White and black swans

I love swans and grew up with them at home.  Did you know they mate for life?

A male swan is called a cob, the female a pen and they can fly up to 60 miles per hour WOW!

Their eggs take 35 – 42 days to hatch, that is a long time.

The black swan was from Australia and is my favourite colour swan.  So striking and to me for some odd reason looks a little more alluringly fearsome.  It was hunted to extinction in New Zealand but later re-introduced, thankfully.

Wetland Landscaping

The landscaping of the Wetlands is mesmerizing, one meanders like a snake between all the pockets of water and grassland stocked full of so many different species of flora and fauna.  Even if you don’t know what is what, like me, one can just stand for a moment and take in it’s glorious beauty.


I love waterlilies, we never had them in our lake at home and I have always retained admiration for its striking, elegant features.  They are I imagine the most sought after water plants.

This took me back seeing how green the water was here just in this one spot.  My memory evades me to as why it is so green.  I don’t believe algae, but probably some water plant perhaps?

Floral beauty and bees

As mentioned before we need to look after our bees so it was lovely to see quite a few buzzing around.  Can you spot the bee?

Also the distinct colours between the flowers and greenery was almost as if painted, so striking.


Our family is not adverse to a bit of blackberry picking.  In fact even though this year it has been rather poor very nearby I managed to make a lovely blackberry ice cream.  It is extremely easy to make, I recommend you try if not this year but next, here is the write up/menu = Blackberry ice cream

I must say though the blackberries at the Wetlands Centre were second to none, we only had a couple but they were fat, juicy and sweet!

Dragonfly or Damselfly

I spotted this handsome or beautiful damselfly or dragonfly, the problem is I have no idea which.  I always thought that dragonflies were more ornate in colouring, but upon looking them up this does not seem to be the case.

Now from my photos can you tell me which it is and type?

Here is an interesting link on who to identify which = Dragonfly or damselfly

A fungi

It takes some while walking around the Wetlands, always set aside a few hours.  As you can see my youngest found a natural pit stop whilst I found a fungi, wow it’s just huge!


Now I presume this is a grey heron, though not entirely sure.  There is a section of the Wetlands Centre at the far end where you can go bird watching over the waters that are backed by some town houses on the other side.  It is always odd to see such beauty and then the stark reality of London in the background.


It is not often I get to see a woodpecker.  Normally you hear them rather than see them, well that is how it seems to be for me.  This was pure chance spotting this one in the distance.  He really was far away hence the photo quality of my camera not so good but at least he is there, I was rather chuffed to have caught him.




Birds Galore

My parents knew everything about birds, flowers, fish and so forth being country folk gave them an added advantage.  As a youngster I confess I wasn’t interested, I just wanted to escape to the City.

Now though I feel slightly sad that I do not have the knowledge, I can appreciate the beauty but it is at times like this when I do a write up and realize I do not know the name of this or that flower or bird that it catches up with me.

However, here are some beautiful feathered friends.  We used to have ducks and moorhens at home amongst other types but I always remember the moorhens being extremely shy so it was constantly challenge to try and spot one.  I am not sure if there are two types here, one with red beaks and one white or whether they are just different birds, perhaps you can enlighten me?



The children, as do I, always love these playful creatures.

The Wetlands Centre have EuroAsian Otters, they are small short clawed otters which are not nocturnal so we as customers get to see them which is fabulous.

Otters are included in the Wetlands Centre as they are a big part in an indicator as to health of the ecosystem in being that they are at the top of the food chain.

These two are now at the stage where they can breed, so everyone is waiting with baited breath.

Mother and chicks

I found these lovely birds right opposite the otters.  The crowds were gathering so I drew myself away to look elsewhere and get a bit of space, it was then I saw this lovely mother and her ‘chicks’.

Again I don’t know the breed, however it was fascinating watching how she tended for her young, dipping in out of the water to get food, they would sit there with their mouths so wide open the gaping hole was nearly as big as their body.  Then she would place carefully in whatever she had found for them.

So there you have it, a seasonal update on the London Wetlands Centre, if you wish to find out more about what they do, please take a look at their official website - The London Wetlands Centre

You can book tickets online here - online tickets

© Justine Nagaur,

You will also find events at the London Wetlands Centre, the next one coming up is:

Saturday 27 September

Wildlife photography: intermediate skills
10am – 4pm
If you already understand how your camera works and the basics of photography, but want to fine-tune your pictures of the natural world then this is the ideal course.

Based both in the classroom and outside you will explore and practice various advanced techniques and subjects such as

  • Lighting and exposure
  • Advanced camera settings
  • Depth of field preview/ hyperfocal distance
  • Field craft for wildlife photography
  • Bird flight photography
  • Advanced composition – to ensure your photos show what you want the viewer to see

The content will be tailored to the needs of course attendees, and with limited numbers there will be plenty of time for 1-2-1 tuition.  Iain’s wildlife photography courses at London Wetland Centre are extremely popular and places fill up very quickly, so we advise you to book early. £55pp + admission. Booking essential: call 020 8409 4400.

Wildlife photography equipment: This course is suitable for users of SLR cameras only.

Please pick up your dog poo!

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Living in East Sheen:

An important message to dog walkers that use any green space in #EastSheen

Originally posted on Friends of Palewell Common & Fields:

Please pick up your dog poo!


Responsible pet ownership

We aim for Palewell Common and Fields to be a pleasant place for everyone to use and as most know we have a variety of users from footballers, cricketers, children, adults, dog walkers both professional and personal.

There is sadly however an increase in dog poo being left on the ground, in an hour and a half I found 10 piles of dog faecal matter whilst walking with my children.

  • Please remember to take out enough bags with you when you go walking, I estimate it’s safe to say 2 per dog on one walk minimum.
  • If you are walking more than one dog please keep an eye on ALL of them, as it is too easy for some to wander off unseen and dog their business which is then left for others to come across.
  • If you do happen to run out…

View original 126 more words

Studio flat to rent from October in East Sheen


Studio flat to rent from October in East Sheen

There is a studio flat, single occupancy to let as from October 2014 in East Sheen, right next to Palewell Common.

It is attached to a family home, yet has a separate entrance giving privacy.  The entrance hallway with storage has a shower room off to the side, one then enters the main studio space with high loft style ceiling giving a light airy feel.

The studio space consists of kitchenette inc washing machine/dryer, fridge + freezer compartment, wrought ironwork chaise longue/bed, tv/dvd/storage, full length wardrobe etc.

Rental is one month in advance and a months deposit.

£750 pm rental

No gas used, water & council tax is inc, electricity however is on separate meter.

Studio rental East Sheen

Studio rental East Sheen

8 Sunbury Avenue 8 Sunbury Avenue 8 Sunbury Avenue

Nearest Railway is Mortlake, multiple buses are available at the bottom of the road, the nearest tube being Richmond or Putney East.

Services, including doctors, dentist and supermarkets are a short walk away.

Please enquire in the first instance to to arrange viewings.

Thank you, Justine Nagaur


Fiesta Friday #32 oh my its blackberry ice cream with a difference!

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Living in East Sheen:

Great blackberry ice cream recipe with blackberries foraged locally! It’s truly delicious

Originally posted on Eclectic odds n sods:

Fiesta Friday #32

 Oh my its blackberry ice cream with a difference!

Seeing that this is the first time I have ever made ice cream I do feel rather proud of myself, even if i say that myself which I know I am not supposed to.  Now I need a gold star, or should I wait to see if you will give me a gold star?

So getting this blackberry ice cream ready involved sourcing the lovely little things who are copiously protected by thorns galore, I even ended up tearing my brand new scarf in the quest for this scrumptious delicasy.

This recipe was taken from Nigella Lawson


  • 500 grams blackberries
  • 75 grams caster sugar
  • 30 ml water
  • 300 ml whipping cream


  1. Put fruit in a pan with water & sugar.
  2. Cover & simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Tip into a sieve over a bowl (plastic is best)…

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Children volunteer in East Sheen!

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Children volunteer in East Sheen!

I thought this title might attract the attention of a few!  It is true however.  Yes I am a mean mother and volunteered my 8yr old and 12yr old to volunteer down at Palewell Common & Fields where Gina from Nature’s Gym was organizing various path clearing etc activities.

I have to say they really really enjoyed themselves and were suitably exhausted afterwards having spent 1 1/2 – 2 hrs down on the Common.

Who came to volunteer?

The group who came to volunteer consisted of the organizer, Gina from Nature’s Gym you can find her on facebook here - Natures Gym Facebook.  We also had David who is Chair of the volunteering group,  The Friends of Palewell Common and Fields (see their website here - The Friends of Palewell Common & Fields or you can follow their blog here - The Friends Of Palewell Common, or you can friend their Fb account or Fb page, or better still follow and twitter them on their twitter - Friends of Palewell Common & Fields Twitter @PalewellCommon.   There were a couple of other Friends committee members and members but I know they would have liked more.

The volunteers with Natures Gym down at Palewell Common and Fields

The volunteers with Natures Gym down at Palewell Common and Fields

It is surprising the amount of behind the scene work that goes on by volunteers through either The Friends of Palewell Common and Fields or Nature’s Gym that I am sure most residents do not really notice nor have any idea of.  But if the work was not done, things would soon get unruly and not look as manageable and pleasant as they do.  So if you have any time to spare, please do join in on these volunteering activities, you can spend as long or as little time as you like.

Both my children and myself got to learn a whole heap more about the forest, nature and gardening in general.  We got some exercise, fresh air and chatted with some lovely people.  All members present were totally at ease with the 100 questions my lively youngest would fire off one after the other without drawing breath and managed to occupy them in a totally engaged fashion in clearing brambles, cutting down branches and overgrown areas.

Volunteering for Natures Gym at Palewell Common and Fields

Volunteering for Natures Gym at Palewell Common and Fields

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

They strode through the forest with cutters in hand, I admit I was slightly nervous as to whether they would damage either themselves or the implements, but they waltzed down the pathways like warriors and set to work in united fashion with the adults.

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

What did we do?

As you move through the path, there are many areas where either brambles, branches or other vegetation would smack you in the face or catch your ankles etc, which is particularly annoying for joggers amongst other residents.  These were clipped back.

There was a large overgrown area of brambles all down the side of the path that has the Richmond Park brick wall beside it, now a pram would fit down this path.  You can see from the pictures below the before and after.

There were areas where trees had fallen over, or branches that were either in the way  or a hazard, these were sawn up and moved away.

You will see from the picture below that a branch high up is precariously hanging off another branch, about ready to fall down and hit a walker, this will be reported and dealt with.  Do you see it?

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

Volunteering down at Palewell Common and Fields

We noted areas of interest, as The Friends of Palewell Common and Fields are hoping to create a nature walk.  There is already the den with a vine to swing off (how long the vine will last I’ve no idea).  There is also the Woodpecker tree, which stands in solitary fashion with many holes easily visible up the entire length.

Believe it or not there is a pond, well a kind of pond with a small stream, we cleared the path to there also and areas were noted that needed more work done.

Of course on the way we found various creatures and insects, two were a newt and a rather handsome looking spider!

a new from Palewell Common and Fields

a new from Palewell Common and Fields

A handsome spider from Palewell Common and Fields

A handsome spider from Palewell Common and Fields

There is talk also of a bug hotel being built or two perhaps a focal area for the children to enjoy seeing the bugs and insects that help also to clear the forest floor, giving them a hotel fit to compete with the Dorchester!

After the stint of volunteering we bumped in to two local dog walkers, being a dog fan I had to take pictures, one is of monty owned by Ali from Oh Darling in East Sheen, the other is a stunning french bulldog called Rocky, no idea who owns him but whoever it is is lucky!  I am a bit biased as I have a frenchie myself.

We then finished off of course down at the icecream parlour which brought a great big smile to my boys faces.

volunteers at Palewell Common and Fields

volunteers at Palewell Common and Fields

If you want to find out regularly about events and activites, why not join to become a member of the Friends of Palewell Common and Fields, it is only £10 per annum for an entire family, this gives you a discount card for various things ie at Pistachios on the Common, gets you on the list for recent events and items to discuss but more importantly gives you a say in what goes on on your local common and gives you also the knowledge that the money spent gets re invested in various events and also restorative/productive acitivities on the Common.

The Friends of Palewell Common & Fields membership page

Thank you as always for reading, Justine xx

© Justine Nagaur,

Palewell Common & Fields

Palewell Common & Fields

Who is our Robert Young our local MarathonManUK?


Who is our Robert Young our local MarathonManUK?

Robert Young Marathon Man UK

Robert Young Marathon Man UK

His name is Robert Young, a local man in East Sheen within the local Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, just an ordinary man most would suspect and I imagine he would classify himself as that.

But you see he is no ‘ordinary’ man, he is an inspiration to all, someone who has surmounted the early years of extreme adversity, come out the other end a quiet, shy, humble man who says as on his website “an amateur plodder trying to run” and he is here trying to make a difference.

Those of us who have been following him, know that he is not a plodder, he can run and has done now 153 marathons, thats 4.213 miles over a record breaking 142 days.  I think that almost classifies him as ‘bionic man’, certainly no ‘ordinary man’.

He has slowly caught the eye of a growing number of people for example The Times – Marathon man Robert Young’s story set to run and run

He has now today caught the attention of The Daily Mail - ‘My father molested my sister and hung me by the neck with a rope for fun': Inspiring abuse survivor is running a marathon every day before work for 365 days to stop this happening to others

As well as reading the articles above you can read up on him at his own website MarathonManUK.  His website tells you where he is running, how he is doing, about him, his supporters and one of the most important things, the charities he supports.

The charities he has chosen have direct correlation towards his hearts choice to try and make a difference for the lives of vulnerable, sick and abused children.  The two main charities are NSPCC and Dreams Come True, you will find his donate page here - Donate Marathon Man UK

At the time of writing this post he has a donated total of £2,637.00 out of his £20,000 total, so please if you have money spare press the donate button.

MarathonManUK Robert Young with supportive local runners

MarathonManUK Robert Young with supportive local runners

But moving on from this I wish to say personally that not being a runner myself, but with an interest in people that really do try to make a difference, I had the pleasure of meeting Rob last Friday with my family.

My family meeting Rob Young Marathon Man UK

My family meeting Rob Young Marathon Man UK

It was his 150th marathon.  My children grumbled at having to go out, in the car I explained a little about Rob and what he was trying to achieve.  We waited, having arrived super early and there he appeared, in his kilt.

He carries an air of naturally being a gentle soul, I heard my eldest say “is that him?”  an air of awe evident in his voice, I  turned to look to see a look upon my sons face that told me that this man even in a small way had made a difference because some day later on his life he will remember meeting him, how he felt, knowing that achievement, making a difference is possible, small to large.

What does Rob do for us?

  • He inspires both adults and children to run, to jog, to get out in to the open, to be healthy.
  • He inspires people to know that they can achieve steps towards their dreams, if  there is a will, there is a way.  Life can throw us all curve balls but if he can do it, so can we.
  • He helps others.

What can we do for our local resident, Rob Young?

  • You can join him on a run, even if a novice, just take a few steps with him, you don’t have to run a marathon, you can leave at any time when he runs around Richmond Park, I know I saw him set off and it was at a moderate pace, it’s good for you and good for him to have the support.
  • Donate some of your hard earned cash to make a difference to a youngster who is suffering in some way.
  • Go along and cheer him on one of his marathons.
  • Do you have media links, know people that can get his story out further, if so contact Alistair Parkes through the MarathonManUK website, the more who know the bigger the difference.
  • Tweet about him, re tweet about him, share his facebook posts.

I know that I am very excited to find out where his journey continues to take him.

Thank you for reading.

Author  © Justine Nagaur


Antiques Market on this Friday 5th September 2014 9am – 1.30pm

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Antiques Market on this Friday 5th September 2014 9am – 1.30pm

It is held just next to the Library in the large hall, full of lots of bargains to be had!

Antiques market this friday

Antiques market this friday

You will also find homemade refreshments being served and a nice cosy atmosphere with friends new and old.

There is a waiting list for stalls but if you do wish to enquire the number is: 0208 393 2042

Hope to see you there, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur,