Lazy Sundays & Wimbledon Common – what would you do?

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What do you do on a Sunday?

I got asked that question recently, perhaps it should say, what would you ‘like’ to do on a Sunday?

Well for me, with having 2 children, the desire to be incredibly lazy and lounge around isn’t often possible,  not unless there is some random solar movement that calms my offspring down.  If I lie  on the sofa usually one of the small beasts asks me to play monopoly.  This in itself though enjoyable can be a recipe for disaster.  Who has ever played monopoly without the competitiveness ending up in a tirade of arguments and tears?  So I usually need at least a weeks notice of intention to play this game so I can psyche myself up!

So we end up going for a walk, to one of our favorites, Wimbledon Common.

Why is it one of our favourites?

Quite simply because it is easy, nature provides plenty of things for the children to do (photographic evidence provided) and personally I find it easy on the eye and relaxing.

We usually take the same course, because yes you really can get lost, it’s 1,140 acres, so get to know your way around.  The area is split up between Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath and Putney Lower Common.

Facilities include a 18 hole Golf Course, cricket pitches, horse riding, the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields which cover 48 acres where soccer and rugby takes place in the winter switching then to provide for athletics in the Summer.  I nearly forgot to mention there is a large pavilion which provides the changing facilities for the sportsmen and women.

Buildings on site include staff cottages, a Cafe, Pavilion (as mentioned), Maintenance Centre, The Ranger’s Office, Stables, Information Centre and the Windmill now a museum.

Pit stops & emergencies, we start our stroll

The car park this weekend was absolutely chocca as was the cafe.  However, this is a great little pit stop, especially for little ones who suddenly remember they did not use the loo before they left!  The Windmill is near the car park if anyone wishes a quick detour.

Where do we go?
Yum yum

nice bottom

After the dogs have usually said their hellos to various other furry four legged creatures and enjoying the freedom of being off a lead, we usually head straight down the obvious path that descends in to the forest, at the bottom of which is the lake.  This lake is a source of attraction for children of course, having been there at different seasons, I can vouch for the little fishing nets, collecting tadpoles and quiet whispers around the nesting birds.


There are swans, ducks and moorhens, probably a few more varieties but my avian knowledge is not up to scratch!

There are various paths snaking away from the lake to different areas, hence you need to know your way around unless you have lots of time to explore. We take our safe options, head up to the golf course then head home, or to the Pembroke Lodge (to follow in another post 🙂

Some pictures for viewing pleasure

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Waiting to go home

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