Crowning glory product review, Davines and Kerastase

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Why a product review?

So I hear you ask, why do a hair care product review when this blog is about East Sheen and its surrounding area. My answer would be firstly that these particular products were bought from a nearby business, Andrew Stephen Hairdressing and secondly, product knowledge is key.  If you want to be a savvy shopper, it’s good to get some low down on what might or might not work for your crowning glory.  You can see a post pertaining to Andrew Stephen Hairdressing here. I consider my hair to be in my ‘ageing’ (winks) years the one area that still seems to be going strong and most women would strive to find good products in the plethora of various shampoos and conditioners being advertised to us through the marketing media.

Why should we think you could give a good review?

I’m not going to lie and say I am some retired hairdresser, but I do have two very good qualifying attributes for this task in hand.  Firstly I am female, yes that sounds sexist, but as such we have over the years tried and tested a huge amount of potions for our tresses. However, this doesn’t really make me any different from most other women does it? Secondly I’ve been a holistic therapist (it never leaves you), for many, too many years to mention.  Having to research and test products lines for my own businesses was key in getting the trust of my clientele, so though it’s hair based and not skin, I would like or hope to think I have a little edge in giving a productive review as you will find shortly. As for me, my hair is long, mid back to be precise, the length obviously challenges the usage amount of any product, de knotting abilities and I also use hair styling products, so these will be featured.

I have been a fan of Kerastase for years, however recently I have branched in to a different product line, that being Davines, which works on the principle of sustainable beauty.

Davines Products

Davines principles are that the production of their retail products are  low impact on the environment using natural ingredients, some of which are in recyclable containers.

Kerastase Products

Kerastase have been around for over 50 years now, having a long standing history in providing high quality products tailored to the specific requirements and needs of customers.  They work on a diagnostic basis, having 8 different ranges, the retail range being diverse and ample using not only natural ingredients, but ingredients engineered to meet the high demands of discerning clientele.


Davines Volume Boosting Mousse – 250ml – £16.40


Davines volume boosting mousse

As mentioned I have long hair which I wash every other day.  I last bought this product on 11th November 2013 and only yesterday 3rd February 2014 did I run out of it, which I think is very long lasting.  I like the ethos of Davines and this product does not have that chemical smell or stickiness that so many mousses have, it is light and has a delicate perfume. For me, this product gets a 10/10 rating

Kerastase Elixir Ultime – 125ml – around £35

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I don’t know when I last bought this product, certainly not since the mousse above and I still have some left.  I use this product after washing and conditioning my hair applying the mouse, then a 50 pence worth amount of the Elixir.  Afterwards I then blow dry.  However, if you have a few stragglers or bits that seem to want to go elsewhere, a tiny brush through with fingers of the what I call ‘Elixir of the Gods’ does the trick nicely. I have used this product for months, many of my friends have commented on how shiny and healthy my hair looks and I confess it is purely down to this product, long may Kerastase produce it. For me this product gets a 20 out of 10 – full and more marks!

Davines Melu Shampoo – Mellow Anti-breakage Lustrous Shampoo – 250ml – around £13.95, if topping up with same container is £10.50


Davines Melu Shampoo Mellow Anti Breakage

Now this is the first product that I used diverting away from Kerastase that I had been happy with.  Why did I divert?  Two reasons, curiosity (Andrew is a good salesman) and it’s price, plus of course their ethos impressed me.

So you can buy for instance the shampoo at £13.95, if you clean out the container once finished and take back, they top it up again for £10.50.  The conditioner price is £14.50 new and topped up £12.00 I believe.  This is considerably cheaper than Kerastase.  I will point out however one down side as far as I am concerned.  The reusable container for the conditioner is the same container you will find for example at Sainsbury for their Arabiatta pasta sauce.  It is quite thin plastic with just a push on lid.  No screw cap or lip to hold it on well, so you do risk spillage transporting this once re-filled.

How did I find it though as a product?

Firstly we all like our different smells.  One aromatherapy oil I just simply cannot stand is Ylang Ylang and unfortunately this particular product was heavily infused with it, hence from an oratory experience it was not pleasant to me, but it might be to someone else.  Secondly I found that my hair knotted quite quickly, i.e. when it came to brushing it afterwards before styling it was far harder than when using the Kerastase product.  However, it did last well on usage and is reasonably priced. My rating for this product is 6/10

Davines Absolute Beautifying Shampoo and Conditioner – Shampoo 280ml £14.60 & Conditioner 250ml £15.80


Davines Absolute Beautifying Shampoo and Conditioner

So, I voiced my opinions of the former product to Andrew and he persuaded me to give Davines another go, but with a new product, slightly more expensive, but apparently already having good feedback from other customers. I shall say with this product my knots do seem to be slightly less, better than the former product but not quite hitting the Kerastase de knotting ability.  I do believe, but stand to be corrected that also not all products can be washed and re-filled at a lower price; I was told that this one fell in to that category.  However, ohhh la la, the smell is simply divine, that kind of smell you just want to close your eyes and luxuriate in.

When I lay my head on the pillow the divine aroma permeated the air around me.  So it hits big points on this score.  The shampoo is a little runny, so be careful if you are scrimping, when you go to pour it out. So my rating for this particular product is 8/10

Don’t you just love hair care?

Hopefully some discerning coiffeur customer will find this article useful! 🙂

I would like to add lastly and importantly that I have not received any kind of benefit either financially or product wise in doing this review, it is simply something that I wished to do.

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