Threading the perfect arch!

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Do you envy the eyebrows that models seem to sport?

If you do, you can now have them too.  Having been an Owner and practicing therapist of holistic beauty sites for many years I have come across all kinds of treatments.  A couple of my staff members had grown up learning the art of threading, it being passed down through family members and practiced on large areas until the skill was perfected.  It is not an art that can ‘just’ be learned quickly but once mastered gives just fantastic results.

What is this called, why such good results and how does it work?


Threading originated from Eastern culture.

The practice is called threading.

Western society has got a long founded history in sourcing relaxation therapies, holistic medicine and alternative treatments from Eastern cultures.  Threading has been around for a while now, but more so in some areas than others and is a source of hair removal.

It is believed that threading originated in South Asia and the Middle East.  It involves using a thin piece of cotton thread twisted between the therapists fingers and mouth forming  a sort of X shape, scissoring it back and forth and with skillful swiping motions across specific areas to remove hair at the root without taking any skin along with it.

The procedure is incredibly swift with the customer usually participates in lifting the brow to help with the tension of the general area and giving a wipe scope to the surface area to be de-haired, plus threading needs to be performed on a flat space, hence it has not replaced waxing for the bikini line.

I have threading on my eyebrows and personally firstly find it far less painful than waxing and less aggressive, ie less skin pull, less after stinging.  It is also swifter oddly enough than waxing and there’s hardly any need for tweezing afterwards.  I have fair downy hair also, and for me, threading removes all of this taking the hairs out in a nice neat line making applying make-up a far more pleasant experience.  I have provided some before and after pictures below.  I must apologise if I scare anyone for the large close-ups, the first set were taken in Robert Dyas, the 2nd outside Superdrug, everyone must have thought me mad…..they were right!

As with any eyebrow shaping here are some pointers:
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of how you wish your eyebrows to be before you go in & relay this clearly to the therapist.
  • If you are not sure what you want, make sure to get an idea from the therapist before going ahead as to what she is intending to do
  • The treatment area should be clean and void of wasteage
  • The skin should be wiped over prior to the session with a dry cotton wool pad and afterwards with a calming gel.
  • The therapist should always show you your eyebrows before you leave and check that you are happy with what has been done.

Most seems like common sense but for those of you who have never had their eyebrows done, let alone threading it can be a daunting experience.

Where did I get this done?


Superdrug, 262 Upper Richmond Rod W, London, SW14 7JE – 0208 878 6192
Some advertising board

Perfect brows at reasonable prices

SO me Beauty & Wellness have a chair within Superdrug where trained practitioners do a selection of beauty treatments, being the following:

  • Threading
  • Lash extensions & removal
  • Eyebrow & lash tinting

They operate generally from 11am onwards, finishing at various times, there being approximately 2-3 staff on rotation there.

The threading of my eyebrows cost £5 which I think very reasonable.

Here are some before and after pictures:
Eyebrows before threading

Before threading, messy & bushy!

eyebrows after threading

After threading, much neater

threaded eyebrows

Threaded & with eyebrow shadow

As always, I welcome and positively encourage feedback & comments.  Have you gone and had threading somewhere, or even at Superdrug, have something to say, I would love to hear from you.

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