Do you want to own a castle?

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Yes, there really is a castle going for free, not even any stamp duty, nothing, completely free with land and outbuildings!

Some of you may remember an earlier post called “Irksome homework, clay & headaches“, which gives a starter of the whole affair!

Before I start I will apologize a little for perhaps giving the impression that there was a plot of land somewhere in Scotland with a castle nestled on its luscious grounds just waiting to be snapped up by someone for free.

But there is some truth for there really is a castle to be had for free, just ermm rather one that is not possible for at least a human to live in, it is though a jolly fine one!

Mott & Bailey Castle

Mott & Bailey Castle

In my earlier post, I covered how my eldest had been given some homework to create a 3D structure of a caste of his choice.  He chose a Mott & Bailey Castle .

The crutch for me in this whole instruction from school was that the homework was NOT to go in to school, it was to STAY AT HOME, they simply required photographic evidence of the castle being made with the ‘student’ actually in the pic, talk about being suspisious?!  Can’t on earth think why they would be so uncertain of a students honesty!  (coughs)

Anyway moving on, I know what my family is like when it comes to creating things.  There’s a ‘competitive edge’ that my husband seems to grow with these particular projects and these ‘projects’ can impact on a normal household trying to keep things with a semblance of order and tidiness not mention lawfulness, doesn’t highlight going out to a public area called Palewell Common and digging up clay, yes you heard it right, clay!

We don’t experience the collection of loo rolls, shoes boxes, cereal boxes, oh no we have breeze blocks, saws, electric drills, sawing machines and yes my son participated in each and every stage of this ‘creation’.

However this ‘creation’ has taken weeks of dedication, sweat and tears, perhaps a little bit of blood at times too.

From my point I probably was in the ‘tear’ category as the paper mache stage left sticky gunk all over my kitchen floor, or when the spare breeze blocks were left in the kitchen, the saws blocking the cat flap, the pieces of wood left everywhere then the french bulldog choking on the random pieces he found, I could see vets bills flashing before my eyes.   One could go on but the mental scars are flashing vividly in front of my eyes recounting the whole adventure again.

So I would rather do myself a favour and simply present you with a gallery of lovely pictures of this ‘creation’.  Which with full honesty I will say is rather great, but with permission from my family, I simply do not wish to have it anymore, it needs to mature in life and find another home.  Perhaps a nursery, a school, someone with small children who want to stick farm animals and play knights and whatever it is they do at that age.

It is approximately 3ft x 2ft.  If you wish to have this castle GRATIS, please email me at and we can discuss pick-up/transportation details.

I would love it to go somewhere where it will be appreciated and used and not find itself in a skip somewhere lonely all on it’s own. 🙂

Here is a a depiction of the various stages, including tools to make Bob the Builder jealous!

Any takers?  xx

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