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What to do for an 8 yr olds party?

So, I had my youngest sons 8th birthday coming up and was pondering what on earth to do.

This is the age where sometimes instead of having big parties of the whole class it actually gets split up.  We have used the Church Hall at All Saints Church locally for a few years now and had various different entertainment people in.  Last year we had a science party which went down extremely well.

So this year what should we do?  I had already decided that I wanted him to have boy party of kinds.  Google is wonderful for these kinds of things when completely lost, it always comes to the rescue and it was through this medium I discovered Sector & Laser Tag in Feltham.  Yes it’s not East Sheen, but it is accessible, only about half an hour away.

What happens at this kind of party?

Here are some details direct from the site about what is included:


Crash landing on an unknown planet, Red Troops find themselves in a hostile standoff with the native green aliens. Both sides only hope for survival is to take down their attackers and destroy their base.

Let the birthday boy or girl lead their team to victory with a Sector 7 Laser party. As Captain, they’ll take command of their cadets to navigate through swirling fog, strobe lighting and laser attacks – their mission being to destroy the enemy base. And when the mission’s complete, it’s time to celebrate!

Book your laser combat mission today, by calling 0871 717 11 44. Calls cost 10p per min plus network extras.

Sector 7 Laser parties include:

  • Two games of Sector 7 Laser
  • A party meal for every guest – choose from Beef Burger, Cheese Burger, Chicken Dippers, Veggie Bites(v) and Fish Fingers, all served with fries.
  • Why not add a tub of vanilla ice cream for just 70p extra?
  • Birthday pin for the Birthday child
  • Unlimited squash
  • Balloons
  • Special party invitations – print yours here

Our Sector 7 Laser parties start from just £12 per child at weekends and £8.75 during weekdays. Please check before calling us for specific prices at your local Tenpin centre.


The package is great, easy to book and reasonable.

Ten pin bowling

Ten pin bowling

I realized that there was ten pin bowling there also so booked a round for my eldest son and his friend to keep them entertained whilst my youngest had his party.

We arrived



We were a little shell shocked when we arrived.  Not in a bad way, just a “wasn’t expecting this” sort of way.  The centre does not just house Sector 7 and the 10 pin bowling as expected but also a huge colourful bulb flashing, noise inducing array of rides and games, from weird chairs to put babies in that move around, right up to air hockey and coin games providing high impact visual entertainment for the teenagers.  It is basically a place that any age can go to and probably find something to do.  There is also a bar with bar snacks and drinks.

funfair fun

funfair fun

My youngest’s friends arrived and I swear their eyes were going to pop out of their heads.  The words of “cool, epic” falling from mouths as well as “oh can we go on that, there, do this, do that?”  A moment of panic swept over me as I thought “oh goodness am I going to be able to contain all the energetic boys in this one area who quite obviously are champing at the bit to go to other areas that we are definitely going to lose them in without adequate adult supervision.

What happened?

After signing various forms for safety and food requirements the children were taken in to the Laser 7 area.  This is an enclosed area that only party members get to go in to.  They require at least one adult to be present to ‘supervise the children whilst they are in combat’.  Vests are provided with electronic feedback sensors that when tagged by someone else give a score, this way teams can work out whether they really did win etc, all good fun!  They go in to a maze kind of area, all the boards are painted black with differing coloured laser lights popping all over the walls and various fluorescent swirls and shapes painted on to the boards.  After about 10 minutes in there I started to feel sick and came out to where the table are.  But then again I am quite obviously a wimp!

Once duals were fought and winners announced the children came out to sit at the tables.  The food was brought out with drinks, then it was basically up to the adults present to keep them occupied until booting off the table time or allotted collection time.  I must say all the children enjoyed themselves and came out fairly sweaty with red faces 🙂  That to me is a good sign.

Advice for this party

Where you eat for the Laser 7 party

Where you eat for the Laser 7 party

There is an open plan area with tables as you will see from the pics.  This is where the children sit after the party to have their food and wait to be collected etc.  However, there is a time limit and you are booted off once the time is done.  Then you have the question of keeping all the children together and trying to find another area to sit so good to bear this in mind with collection times etc.

When they are in the laser area, you leave your stuff outside.  You need an adult outside to look after your things as it is all open plan and anyone passing by could pick up your possessions.  You also need an adult per team really to keep the momentum going and encourage/supervise the children’s teams and combat.  So ideally if two teams you need 3 adults.

So my advice is this, after they have had their laser time and come out, nibbled on their food, make sure the you have something to entertain them for, for the remaining time, otherwise gleeful eyes start to look around and inevitably they want to go elsewhere.  I let them open their party bags and with match attacks, dealing started to happen which kept them happy.  Make sure the parents know to come a little bit before the finishing time to collect their children, because then they can placate/arrange or not whether they want to go elsewhere in the building 🙂


It was a great party.  Would I go there again? Yes if there was a group of my children’s friends I would take them there, with enough adults, but I would prepare myself mentally for the noise and energy levels 🙂  Take lots of change if you are planning on letting your children use the gaming machines, it ends up being quite an expensive affair compared to the price of the Laser 7 party.

I have enclosed some pics, obviously with lots of other children there it has been difficult to select as quality ones as I might have liked but there are captions if you scroll over the pics and hopefully gives you some kind of an idea!

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