Teddington Lock on a fine Sunday afternoon!


What to do on a Sunday?

I wanted to go to York House after having seen the photos of the statues in water, a great photo opportunity for my budding passion.  However, they are not open on Sundays so out came the trusted tablet and Google, where to go?

Shall we take the dogs?

pug and french bulldog

They look innocent right?

Sometimes we leave them at home when embarking on a nice tea experience as my young frenchie and greedy pug aren’t really conducive to a relaxing time in this type of environment.

Is that mean of me?  No way.

I have found out that attaching leads around either table or chair legs not a good idea as the strength of either dog having spotted a scrap of scone or jam seem to take on the ability to pull a truck as various pieces of furniture go flying in their attempt to race to the fallen morsel first.  As for the option of holding the lead, that’s fine if you want dislocated shoulders.  If you like Tom & Jerry though you would enjoy the show.

So it’s Teddington Lock

Teddington Lock

Teddington Lock

A few things came up, should we go to a famous house?  No, the kids said, “boooooring” they were in one of those “Kevin the teenager” moods and seemingly not much was going to wet their appetite.  So mummy (aka me), decided to go hard ball and said “that’s it, the dogs are coming and we are going to visit a Lock”.  “What is that?” they said, I left the question unanswered until we got there, just manipulating enough interest out of them with the unknown to keep them quietish/well behaved during the journey.  This really means, there weren’t any whiney “do we have to go there” “I want to stay at home” kind of sentences.

We arrived

Landmark Arts Centre

The Landmark Arts Centre is a creative resource for the whole community in south west London.

Landmark Arts Centre

Landmark Arts Centre

There aren’t many parking places, so nip down various side streets and you might find one.  It took us about half an hour from East Sheen to get there on a Sunday.

We passed on the way the Landmark Arts Centre, lots going on here and it was in fact the stunning building that caught our eye first as seen here.

The Landmark Arts Centre holds
  • a diverse, year-round programme of arts events and fairs
  • arts classes, courses, workshops, for adults and children
  • visual art exhibitions in their unique art gallery
  • space hire, sponsorship opportunities, business membership, personal and family memberships, and volunteering opportunities.

Moving on –  If taking prams there are walkways as well as stairs, plus there are many ‘tiers’ to walk on.  I.e. you can walk right down by the waterfront, look at the boats, a smoother surface further up and then a stony/muddy area.  I tended to hop from one to the other much like TV channel surfing to get the best experience of all.


Teddington Lock

Teddington Lock

Of course, for me, looking at all the different kinds of boats was fascinating.  The lock is quite ‘murky’ to look at but the huge fast flowing expanse of water quite dramatic.  I saw a few children feeding the birds, some birds deciding to circle like the mafia, swooping down and causing fights with others, all entertaining stuff.

I am not sure how far we walked, but it was certainly far enough.  Enough time for one man to come out and tell my youngest off for stepping on one of his ropes and ‘making his boat sway’. My 8yr old is a scrap of a child and I was doubtful that he would have enough weight to sway anything but the man reminded me of Victor Meldrew so we apologized profusely and continued on our way.  We saw plenty of other boat Owners coming out and conversing, their dogs tagging along and it was a nice experience to see ‘boat life & community’ on a semi decent day as far as weather was concerned i.e.: it did not rain at that particular moment.

BMX Track

The kids spotted this a mile off!  Yes a BMX Track was near the bridge where we crossed to walk down the side of the lock, so if any of you have any BMX’s you might want to bring them along.  I must say it took quite some persuading to tell the kids “no you can’t use your regular bikes here”…why?  “because they will fall to bits”  The muddy hills and dips were really quite severe, perhaps this is normal for a BMX track, but I think I might gain a few grey hairs if I saw my children traversing such hilly climbs though thrilling I am sure.

The Pub

There were a couple of pubs on the way back; we chose one where we had seen people outside with dogs prior.  The children were gagging by then for something to quench their thirst after climbing various trees and annoying various boat owners, it’s all hard work that you know for a youngster!

All in all a thoroughly pleasant afternoon!

A little gallery for your perusal.

As always I welcome comments/feedback, someone out there talk to me! 🙂

© Justine @ LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

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