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Lots of exciting events going on with our neighbours, why not take a peek at this snippet then click the link below to sign up to Barnes Village newsletter?
Barnes Newsletter

Barnes Newsletter
March 2014

Barnes Newsletter whats on

Marks & Spencers development plans for Barnes

M&S Plans confirmed
Marks & Spencer have confirmed that they will be taking the retail space in the new development next to the Coach and Horses on Barnes High Street.  Work will start soon on building a new 6,000 square foot M&S Simply Food branch which will open in the autumn of 2015. The development will also include 4 new flats and the refurbishment of the Claridge House Office building.


Yes you read that correctly, M&S is opening up in Barnes, they are also having “The Best Baker in Barnes” competition & much more, what fun!

Read up on local newsworthy topics, music nights, catch up on the social scene, find out what “I must go and visit” shop is opening up.

Barnes is just a bus ride away, or even a walk if your feeling up to it, it has a great sense of community and is buzzing with activities.

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