The BNY Boat Race – Sunday 6th April 2014 @ 5.55pm


The BNY Boat Race is on this Sunday 6th April 2014 @ the slightly earlier time of 5.55pm

 Some History about this fantastic boat race.

The Boat Race was originally founded by Charles Merrivale and Charles Wordworth (newphew of the poet William Wordsworth).

The story starts when two friends from Harrow School, Charles Wordsworth of Christ Church College, Oxford and Charles Merrivale of St Johns, Cambridge, who met during holiday time in Cambridge.  These two friends decided to set up a challenge.

On February 10th 1829 a meeting of the Cambridge University Boat Club requested that Mr Snow from St John’s write forthwith to Mr Staniforth of Christ Chuch stating that the University of Cambridge hereby challenge the University of Oxford to row a match at or near London, this to be held in an eight-oared boat during the East vacation.

Staniforth and Snow not only had been schoolfriends but also boating comrades at Eton.

The first race eventually took place on 10thJune 1829 at Henley on Thames of which Oxford won easily.  Their winning boat can still be seen in the River and Rowing Museum.

Over the next 25 years contests happened sporadically, moving to London for the second race in 1836.

And now?

The Boat Race mapThis year will be the 160 th Boat Race between the crews from the Univeristy of Oxford and Cambridge.  It is one of the oldest sporting events in the world.

There is expected to be another great Race this year, with two very strong squads.  Expect thousands to be watching along the banks between Putney and Mortlake.  It starts at Putney Bridge, finishing at Chiswick Bridge.

To re-iterate, The Race takes place at 5.55pm, Sunday 6th April, preceded by the reserve crew race between Isis and Goldie.  There will be events at the river bank from around 12pm at Bishop’s Park and Furnvall Gardens.


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