The Boat Race – A clear win for Oxford!

Thames River The Boat Race

A murky view!

A murky late afternoon for The Boat Race

I am rather embarrassed to say that this was the first time that I had gone down to watch The Boat Race.  What a murky early evening it was too.  The skies were spitting, threatening to dampen our experience, but we were full of British spirit as we ‘all’ (kids included and dogs, no one dog!) wandered down to the Barnes area of the river.

We got a great vantage point, the camera crew were out and a clear space on the river wall to lean over and prepare cameras for ‘that’ shot, which unfortunately with my rather old camera was rather fuzzy, but nonetheless I shall share with you anyway.

I must say that though the weather proved to be rather dull, there was one bright ray on my viewfinder whilst toiling the minutes away waiting, rather sunny and lovely don’t you think, even for an umbrella?

yellow umbrella

A sunny sight!

We watched overhead, the helicopters giving a good clue as to what was going on, and here they were..or should I say…here Oxford was, with a clear win by a strapping 11 lengths, apparently the biggest margin of victory since 1973.

Cambridge started aggressively but Luke Juckett had his rigger damaged in an early on, making rowing effectively impossible for him.  They did however remain in good spirits continuing energetically for the crowd until the end, finishing at Mortlake.

Some fuzzy pictures for those who couldn’t be there.

I must say though short but sweet, I enjoyed the experience and will make sure to get my walking legs on again next year to support this grand event.

There is no better way to finish off watching such a sporting spectacle than to have  a pint and a burger.  We trundled down to The Sun who had a barbeque going.  I was presented with burgers that were just onions and beef or pork burgers.  Being a fusspot I said “what no cheese, what no salad?”  Promptly the reply was no.  My heart sank, thinking “not being a fan of burgers in the first place this is not looking good”.  However, I must say that was the best burger I have ever had, the meat was delicious, so if you fancy a great burger, head on down to The Sun.  Apparently they do more elaborate ones not on The Boat Race night, so it is a no brainer, you will be pleased.

Thank you as always for reading!

Did you go to The Boat Race?

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16 thoughts on “The Boat Race – A clear win for Oxford!

  1. I read about this boat race on the Daily Mail site.It sounds quite exciting,to be honest.
    I was also wondering about the food you posted.I was stunned when you said it was a burger,and even more,when you said it was delicious!


    • Hah yes I am a real fusspot when it comes to food let alone burgers and I was hankering for fish & chips, I don’t know something about waiting by the water must have done it. Then I smelt some chips whilst walking to the pub and that was it for me, my mind was set. I don’t like burgers at the best of time, but with four males telling me they were definitely having burgers I had NO choice….so relented….then was distraught, I mean, just meat and onions..yuk! How wrong was I!! Delish!! The race was great, it passed quickly, not arduous waiting for hours, weather a bit mizzy but I enjoyed it and shall endeavour to return next year 🙂 Thank you popping by x


  2. AAWW!!! Your new avatar picture!!! ❤ I love this red-haired version of you very much!

    Oh, but about the race. Yes, the race. Now that I saw your new avatar, I completely forgot what the post was all about 😯 Like Meghan said, the bright umbrella is the best!


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