HANDS Charity Twickenham Fair ~ a lovely affair!

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Twickenham Green Fair & HANDS Charity

We all went to the Twickenham Green Fair organized by the HANDS Charity on Bank Holiday 26th June 2014 and it was a lovely affair against all odds & this post is a little late as I lost a contact card for a little gem of a find that I had to just share with you, you will find this at the end of this article ūüôā

The rain was drizzling to pouring off and on it’s usual psychotic way and the winds were blustering but in true British style we and the stall holders weathered the storm, be it the word ‘storm’ perhaps a tad dramatic, but it wasn’t your ‘ideal’ weather for a Fair.

It was a first visit for me to this particular fair and having taken time to visit a few now they are all a little bit different.

What was different about this Fair?

Twickenham Green Fair HANDS Charity

Twickenham Green Fair HANDS Charity

There is a saying “bite size pieces” and that is how I would sum up this fair. ¬†It was a great size for just ambling, relaxing and taking in the ‘whole‘ fair without the stress of “oh my this is so huge I am never going to get around it”!

In the past I have found that I have been utterly exhausted at the end of going to a Fair, and even still then I don’t end up seeing all of it, so this was perfectly manageable which was a refreshing change.

It was organized by HANDS Charity, you can see a little that I wrote on the charity here – HANDS Charity

There were many Charities and volunteers present manning stalls which was great, the importance of Volunteering especially prevalent seeing as it is ‘Volunteering Week’ this week.

The Good Old Times

This Fair reminded me very much of the ‘good old times.’ ¬†I grew up in a village with a village green and this was very akin to a similar experience which living in London is a hard find.

However the Scouts were there with their coconut shy.  They were raising funds for their Scout Jamboree which sounds like a fantastic affair.  These two particular had been Scouts forever it seemed and their particular Jamboree was heading off to Japan.


As quoted on the Scouts website:

The World Scout Jamboree is a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts and Guides from almost every country in the world who, for ten days  live together, experience each others cultures, take part in exciting activities and have an amazing adventure.

If you want to know a little more about the Jamboree and becoming a Scout click the following link – Scouts and Jamboree information

041There were also lots of lovey small challenges for the children to do at the Fair for instance one man had made a complex box with doors and keys, you had X amount of goes to guess the right key ¬†= get the prize. ¬†My son didn’t win but they gave him a consolation prize nonetheless.

We saw an amazing stamp collection, not that it has ever appealed to me stamp collecting, now that I am older I could appreciate how much time it takes, the variety and how some of the stamps really did look nice!

There were a few made jams and jellies.  My only complaint was the burgers could have been a tad better but the muffins overshadowed that completely in moorishness and the jovial atmosphere made it a very pleasant experience.  Lots of lovely nick naks were being sold, always a bargain to be found which is great for someone like me who enjoys rummaging!

 A gem of a potter was found

Whilst at the Fair I did discover a potter, who I would love to share with you.  She does not sell to shops, she only does her pottery for the love of it, does not take orders because as her husband pointed out, she will make three just to make sure one is right.  Sounds like a creative artistry in perfection to me.  If you saw the stall you would agree, her items are simply stunning, all dishwasher and oven safe.

All is not lost however, she has an open house for her pottery once a year where they live in Twickenham.  All items are usually sold out, but if you want to get one of her pieces you can find out when her open house is by telephoning 0208 755 3955.  It is in November sometime and her name is Barbara.


As always thank you for reading and viewing.  If you want a nice easygoing fair to pop to next year make sure you diarize this one!

Justine x

© Justine @ LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

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