Barnes Fair wow what an affair, come take a look at what you missed if you weren’t there!


Barnes Fair, wow what an affair!

This year the Barnes Fair was held on the 12th July, 2014 and I have been lucky enough to attend the last 3 years.

The first year was a wash out as in the heavens opened and literally tried to wash the stalls away however it didn’t dampen my spirits, excuse the pun!

The second year was blisteringly hot, to the point of wishing to pass out or nearly doing so and this year though not blisteringly it was blazingly hot, though it did not deter my presence.  However I was chasing shadows rather a lot for some brief respite.

Barnes Fair is organized by Barnes Community Association and it did not disappoint this year at all.

It’s a relatively small space of land for how overwhelmingly large it feels at fair time, the sheer amount of stall holders they pack in to the space and the maze of weaving around makes it feel immense, giving one that lost feel that one often gets in Ikea, however unlike Ikea I didn’t have the “HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE” thoughts.

I was on a mission this year to get some good photos and to find local craftsmen, in the heat and trying to be prudent with my voice I would generally jump in immediately asking “are you a local?”  Some unsurprisingly thought it was a trick question and furrowed their brows in thought before answering.

There didn’t seem to me to be as many local craftsmen as I would have liked however, before there are protests though I was there for hours I didn’t get alllll the way around nor question every single stall holder.  However it was fairly irrelevant to me as a shopper in the end as every single person held the same passion for what they were selling whether it be handmade or sourced from somewhere else.

I would advise all local boutiques who like to stock something individual to scour the Fairs and Fetes because in the crafts area you would be surprised what gems you can find in the form of jewellers, textile designers and so forth.

As well as a wealth of things to buy and lighten ones pockets, there were also lots of childrens activities.

There was the merry go round which my 8yr old went on.  As he spun around I saw a great big beam of a smile on his face having thought that perhaps he might be a bit too old for it.  When he got off I asked him if he enjoyed it and he said in almost teenager fashion “NO” just as a matter of course.  I asked why and was answered with a “It was boring” number.  This is the same answer I now get for most things, including dinner, is this the same for you?

There were also a number of food providers, there was the Samosa man who I was tempted by.  Upon asking if his samosas were hot he hesitated and said “not really” that was enough for me and I ended up having a burger.  Though I am sure the samosas were lovely I was not sure if my poor heat riddled sun baked body could cope with an internal bake too!

We popped over to The Sun Inn for our burgers having tasted their delicious meaty surprises when The Boat Race was on.  Not really being a burger girl myself I am now converted, but only to the tune of if it is is cooked in The Sun which causes a few problems if in Devon for Easter.

I will say that I met someone in the Ladies loo queue, I am not quite sure why I said Ladies because it is not as if I queue outside the mens.  However I digress, I met a woman in the long queue.  Why is it that there is never a queue at the mens loos?

However, she had a paper bag in her hand, I had asked her if she bought anything.  She answered that she had bought some samosas for her family, suffice to say the fact she was carrying them in to the loo might predetermine that I was right in thinking they were in fact rather hot!

As I arrived I found my feet thumping a tune to the sound of a very good band playing, though I didn’t get their name they were awfully good, isn’t that quite frustrating.  However they said they were playing somewhere later on, though I didn’t quite catch that either, probably due to the fact I was desperate to get some good photos of them before they finished, of which I did catch!

I accosted the young chap who was selling pimms on his rather home made pimms carriage attached to a bike.  Unfortunately the lemonade had run out so I had not only a discount but an extra shot to take up the lemonade free space.

This was even after my youngest had decided it would be rather fun to push said carriage that was on wheels in the direction of the pond!  What a charming chap, the seller that is, not my son.

I also sent my son in the the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ having been enticed by the rather brightly attired man who had been selling his wares with booming voice for quite some time.  After my son had disappeared in to the depths of this mystical place I asked the seller if he didn’t get a sore voice.  He assured me that after 40 yrs of attending the best Fairs there was no way he was going to be getting a sore anything.

I took his word for it as my son appeared,  I asked him if he enjoyed it and guess what he said?

Suffice to say after the helter skelter I did not bother to ask him anything at all.

So i finish off with a little viewing pleasure as always.

A few lovely sellers I found of whom I can remember their details:

Beyond Biasa – click name for website

Beautiful colours, slight ethnic yet not obvious feel to them, simply stunning!

Ruby Rock Jewellery

Ruby Rock Jewellery

cgMACARON – local seller – click  name for website

We had a lemon macaron mmmm it was delish!

Ruby Rock Jewellery – click name for website

I found some absolutely stunning pieces here.  I make a point of not buying when I first arrive somewhere and her stall was right where I walked in.  Had she been later on when I was waning I would have bought something off her.  The pieces had a very different look to them, very unusual, slightly rocky and wow the Deer Head Necklace was amazing!

Chris Bell Photo Gallery – A local photographer – click his name for the website

I have nothing to show you apart from the man himself because of copyright issues, however I got one of his photographs that blew me away.  It is of a boat, I don’t even really like boats, but it was one of those photos that you just want to stand and watch, yes watch, because it really took you there.  He is in Mortlake, has a studio, go and check him out a lovely chap!

Chris Bell Photography

Chris Bell Photography

Coral & Bone – a local mummy – click business name to get to the website

Now I know the Owner of Coral and Bone,  a lovely mummy who shares the same schools as both my sons.  Her passion for finding unusual items is great to see and feel.  You will see that she has an eye for putting things together in just the right way, the pink glass candlesticks curtaining beautiful flute edged almost joss stick grey pottery was divine.

I am half hoping the candlesticks didn’t sell so I can have them.

Nearly last but not least a boar, yes a boar, I saw him at Mortlake Fair and he gave me quite a fright when I turned the corner and there he was again.  Does not anyone want to buy him?


Finishing off because I am from East Sheen, London, near Richmond Park I must have a deer.  I’ve  no eye deer (sorry had to do it), who was selling him, a large metal deer nonetheless he was rather stunning in the sunlight don’t you think?


As always thank you for reading/viewing, Justine xx

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9 thoughts on “Barnes Fair wow what an affair, come take a look at what you missed if you weren’t there!

  1. Love the header Justine! Ms Beretta is so talented. Also enjoyed your review of the fair. My son’s girlfriend lives in Barnes and he does rather love visiting her there – they seem to spend a lot of time in the park – I am saying nothing, ahem!!


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