Richmond Park Deer go to take an afternoon drink!


Richmond Park Deer go to take an afternoon drink!

I have always rather revered the deer or should I say stags, in any park let alone Richmond Park.  I remember the days I would go riding in Great Windsor Park early morning the mist still swirling around like cotton wool obscuring our view, sometimes droplets of dew would cling to my hair as we wandered along the riding track.

The horses ears would twitch the puffs of misty air leaving their nostrils which would flutter giving us an indication something was near, we would stop, the mist might clear a little as we squinted to see.  There before us, just a few yards away would be a huge stag, my heart would race as it stood there regal in its knowledge that it was indeed a magnificent beast.

I digress a little, a memory creeping up on me.  However, I love watching the deer in Richmond Park and it just so happened a couple of days ago, late afternoon whilst still warm they decided to cool off and get a drink.

I watched them go in almost single file across the grass until they got to the river.  Being nervous creatures anybody going close and not understanding they are not tame would cause them to run away a bit until it was quite and spacious enough for them to feel safe going in to the waters.

And this is what I managed to record, for me a real treat!  Please excuse slightly wobbly phone and blur but it’s still a joy to see 🙂

Thank you for viewing, Justine

© Justine,

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