The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!


The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!

This was my first visit to The Barnes Food Fair.  I had heard varying opinions, from it being expensive to wonderful, so my curiosity was at its height to find out for myself.

Of course it started with an adventure.  Seeing that Teddy (my frenchbulldog) had lost his companion recently, I decided to bring him along, knowing that there was doggycare there and he needs a bit of doggy playtime with others.  Not being allowed on the first bus that came along due to another dog already being on there we had to wait for another, all a learning curve.  So if you are planning on taking a bus with a dog bear this in mind and make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

Teddy really wasn’t sure about the bus and promptly flopped himself down flat on to the floor for safety, I guess he wasn’t sure about the motion of it and he remained there until we arrived which was in hindsight a good thing.

I always love wandering through Barnes seeing the lovely array of shops, ones that I make a mental note to make sure I visit later when more time.  One being a lovely old fashioned Grocers Shop, called Two Peas in a Pod (featured below).

When I lived on Wandsworth Bridge Road we had a traditional grocers there for a while and it was an experience rather than just a shopping trip.  Though there is a wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables in our local Waitrose, it isn’t quite the same.  Maybe one day we will get a grocers down my end of Upper Richmond Road, instead of another Estate Agents!

We spotted Bruce’s doggy daycare which consisted of a tent and a handful of people ready with leads to take our beloved pets.  It was like dropping one of my children off to nursery for the first time.  I made the mistake of looking back only to see him straining against the lead to be with us, yes a heart tugging moment, but I braved on and went to the Food Fair without another glance back.

Bruce’s doggy daycare

– you can find their website here – Bruce’s Doggy Daycare

An example of their reasonable pricing

Half Day

1 dog from £16 2hrs minimum


Two Peas in a Pod Grocery Store

020 8748 0232

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Having entered the Barnes Food Fair I met the lovely Charlotte Sharpe-Neal who is the main organizer, she was introduced to me as the ‘Oracle’ which is testament to others opinions of her.  The main area outside consisted of stalls with hot food ready to buy for lunch and a small selection of saleable goods.

The fair wasn’t as big as I imagined it would be, having been to the Barnes Fair which is huge I had anticipated something like that.  In fact I was grateful it wasn’t as it allowed me to get around the stalls in a decent non back breaking time, get an idea of what was tickling my taste buds and make my choice what I wanted to eat.

I also bumped in to Anthony from Pistachios our local cafe in Palewell Common & Fields, his wife had cooked up a samosa storm!

Stockholm restaurant & Deli

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the board below saying Reindeer burgers with a pathetic “awe” coming out of my mouth.  Of course I think of Richmond Park, the majestic deer and then the sign.  It is all about what we find normal and I guess in Stockholm reindeer burgers are normal and apparently they are also very good for us.  No I didn’t try one, but that is not to say that next time I wouldn’t.

The reindeer burgers came from the Stockholm Restaurant and Delhi, which is local in East Sheen, you will find it as you head down towards Mortlake Train Station on the right hand side.  I havn’t been in yet to eat there, it is always somewhere I imagined to go for a ‘special’ event.  But seeing as they have a deli which I had not noticed before I think it is high time I go in and visit.

You can find their website here – Stockholm Restaurant & Deli

109 Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London SW14 8AE

020 8876 7747 –

Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 10pm (Sunday and Monday – closed)

Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine

My choice for lunch was in fact from the Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine stall.  The selection of lentils, lamb and chicken sizzling away was too much for me.  The plate was stacked high as you could see, fit for my tummy to burst, very tasty and at around £7 was in my opinion well worth it.

16 Milfield, Mill Place Kingston- Upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RP

Tel 07760 273425  Email:


Swing music – Entertainment at The Barnes Food Fair

There was music put on for the visitors, a wonderful duo of girls sung swing music, a real treat.

Caribbean Cuisine

I am particularly fond of caribbean cuisine.  Going down to Oistins in Barbados on a Friday night where they pull in the catch of the day which are then cooked in oil  drums, a swig of rum, a spoonful of macaroni pie you can’ get better. So I wait for a Caribbean Restaurant to open up in East Sheen, that is on my wish list!

Tapestry Tapas Bar

Apparently we have a tapas bar not too far away and it has been here for over 13yrs!  Another one of my favourite foods.  They cater in house and out, so it’s worth taking a look at their website if you have any parties coming up.

You can find their website here – Tapestry Tapas Bar

Tapestry Tapas Bar, 1 Lower Richmond Road, London SW14 7EZ

Tel: 020 8878 7177020 8878 7177


Tapestry Tapas Bar
Tapestry Tapas Bar

The Giggly Pig Company

All I know about the Giggly Pig Company is that we have come across them before at another fair.  They are just about to set up online ordering and now 2nd time around I can vouch that their sausages are absolutely divine.  Just eaten some for Sunday lunch.

132 Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9PH

Tel:  01708 343896

Their website can be found here:  The Giggle Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

Inside the Barnes Food Fair Festival Tent

Inside the tent were taster stalls and areas where one could buy produce.  It was particularly hot in there so I didn’t manage long but whizzed around.

The giggly sausages caught my eye of course as mentioned above and chocolate.  I am an official chocoholic and what better way than to divulge in this weakness than as described below the next set of pictures.


Pots & Co

Luckily for me there were some sample pots and rather large wooden throw away spoons to dip in, yay chocolate heaven for me but I did not take advantage.  I headed straight for the salted caramel and chocolate pot and felt my eyes nearly bulge out of my head in ecstasy.  Their gourmet, delicious, decadent, divine pots are sold in various places, you can find out where on their website.

You can find their website here:  Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Thank you for reading and I hope next year you are now inspired to go and visit the Barnes Food Fair!

© Justine Nagaur –




2 thoughts on “The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!

  1. We’re so pleased you – and your dog! – had such a good time! The rain held off, there were more visitors than ever before and many exhibitors sold out completely. A good day had by all!


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