Ibstock Christmas Market was a great shopping treat!


Ibstock Christmas Market was a great shopping treat!

Wicker weaving

Wicker weaving

I was very excited when I heard that Ibstock school was hosting a Christmas Market and especially so when I saw the variety of items that would be on sale, some of which you can see on their facebook here: Ibstock Christmas Market

Pink's Pestos Jellies & Chutneys

Pink’s Pestos Jellies & Chutneys

I arrived an hour in to it starting, the rain had made the ground pretty slushy but spirits were certainly not dampened.  I was given a map in the entrance which surprised me having assumed it would be some tiny affair not big enough to need one, however I was wrong.

There was a lovely mix of activities for children that were well thought out and appealing, some of which I had not seen at fairs or other markets so this was a nice surprise.

Christmas ornaments that light up for display

Christmas ornaments that light up for display

I had worried that the BBQ would have a huge queue by the time I arrived, it was actually rather small, I instinctively thought that must mean it’s not very good, but queued nonetheless as my stomach didn’t care.

However, the food though simple in offerings, ie hot dog and burgers, which actually in hindsight make things a lot easier for both the cooks and customers, was delicious.  It was obvious that good meat had been chosen and the staff on board the BBQ tent were akin to a military operation, hence the queue was small, a thoroughly pleasant experience.

The stalls were dotted around in different buildings, this made the map necessary. Upon only a couple of instances did I feel there a strange combination of stall holders put together, ie very nice hand made jewellery and plastic children’s toys, all tucked way in the back.  However the range of crafts, produce and items tailored to all needs and most budgets and wants.

Coral & Bone Decorative products for the home

Coral & Bone Decorative products for the home

After helping myself to a hot dog, I shopped until I nearly dropped, swigged down a very strong mulled wine which nearly blew my head off, watched the children play lazer quest in some plastic zip up blow up contraption which they said was absolutely excellent then drift off home with a few Christmas presents tucked under my belt.

Bright, light & striped Fouta Towels

Bright, light & striped Fouta Towels

I believe this is the 2nd year that this market has been held, I myself hope for it to be repeated next year.

Nutty Lady, glazed nuts

Nutty Lady, glazed nuts

I have listed below a few stall holders of whose items I tried and tested within the time frame given and give a thumbs up to….the rest I hope to peruse next year!

  • Pep up your pasta with Pink’s Pestos – http://www.pinksfoods.com – I bought a selection of jellies and chutneys from here after having tasted I think the entire variety, there were simply YUM
  • Portrait Artist for furry friends or children – 07739730578 or http://www.emilyburrowes.com – though I have not commissioned anything from Emily it is a serious contender to do so.  The paintings had a modern look to them, fresh and colourful and simply adorable.
  • Nutty Lady, Almonds, glazed, chewy caramelised and spicy pecans – yup I tried these, didn’t buy simply because I was running out of hand space to hold things, but they were unusual and moreish for sure – http://www.yumbles.com/nutty-lady
  • Fouta, bright, light & striped Fouta towels – http://www.foutala.com – though I didn’t buy one of these towels again I was sorely tempted, but I cannot buy everything right?  The colours were beautiful and I was initially attracted to them simply because of this and thinking they were some kind of throw.  They are super slim and apparently hold a huge amount of water versus the thinness of the material and dry super quickly.
  • Blue Blanc – http://www.blueblancmange.co.uk – here I found super pretty and funky what looked like pyjama bottoms, but then saw a poster with people wearing them with wellies, so I guess super versatile, long socks in bright colours, hats and a few other items.  What kept my attention was the quality and colour of the items, plus friendly staff of course and yup some pyjamas were bought but not to be opened until Christmas.
  • Coral and Bone – http://www.coralandbone.com/ – a friend of mine runs this stall but I am not biased, this business provides antique and new eclectic items to decorate the home and I am always tempted every time I see their stall to buy something.

Thank you for reading, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Ibstock Christmas Market was a great shopping treat!

  1. what a great wandering through you have shared, my kind of day 🙂
    Thank you for sharing….I enjoyed the images, gave me some ideals
    Take Care….You Matter…

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