Sunset in Richmond Park & Dangerous Dogs

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Sunset in Richmond Park

I decided to take the boys out Saturday afternoon, it had been a while since we had had one of ‘those’ walks, the ones that when you do go out you think “Why don’t I do this more often?”

As I arrived in to Richmond Park the sun was already setting.  Now if you are familiar with Richmond Park you will know that the scenery in itself is already pretty amazing, but with a sunset, or I imagine a sunrise, just stunning.


Richmond Sunset

Richmond Sunset


We wandered down to the pond, a signet came to greet us, it seemed very friendly, or hungry and had no problem with coming up close in a non aggressive fashion.

Richmond Park signet

Richmond Park signet

There was a flurry of activity on the pond as all the other birds converged towards us in the hope of food, guilt ridden we had to just stand and admire the aviary show before went on our way.

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Richmond Park Pond

Richmond Park Pond

Dangerous Dogs & Irresponsible Dog Owners

On our way down the main path from Sheen Gate to Roehampton I saw a flurry of activity across the fields and a sound of a whistle.

Upon looking up I could see all the deer, including baby ones herding in fear and running in this direction and that.

I then saw a black dog which looked like a labrador, but I was not completely sure.

The dog continued to terrorize the deer by chasing them, splitting them up to run in multiple directions.

It then went back to its Owner at which point I assumed she would put the lead on.

She did not.

She let the dog go off again even though it had come up to greet her and stayed a moment.

The dog continued to chase the deer, it was at this point I went u to her, took a photograph of the dog and her.  She was aware of this.

I saw two leads hanging from her hand.  I asked her if they were her dogs or if she was a professional dog walker.  She confirmed they were her dogs.  I asked her why she had not put the dog on a lead.  She just shrugged and walked past me.

I am afraid at this point my blood did boil a bit, she gave the impression of utterly not caring one jot as to the danger she was causing by not keeping her dog under control.

I informed her that I had her photo and would be reporting her to the police.

She then continued up towards Sheen Gate and I heard and saw at least two more incidences of her dog going off to terrorize the deer.

The thing is, not only could the deer have run on to the road, been hurt or killed themselves, but also cause damage to the driver, but also there were children around, people on the fields etc, it was a complete hazard allowing a dog to behave in such a fashion.

I am a dog owner myself, I do not know my dogs reaction around deer and as such I chose to keep him on a lead if any are close by.

So just for the record, if an incident like this happens, apparently one does not telephone Richmond Park which is what I initially did.

You should phone 101 which is the police and ask for the Parks Police.

I reported the incident and am waiting for someone to give me a call so I can hand over the close up photos, for now however, I have only posted the dog be it grainey.

dangerous dog in Richmond Park

dangerous dog in Richmond Park

Let’s hope that in future whoever this was will take more care of the wonderful environment in which we are allowed to enjoy!

© Justine Nagaur Living in East Sheen


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