The Changing Seasons of Richmond Park


Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 01

I have undertaken to partake of a challenge run by a fellow blogger called Cardinal Guzman.  The idea is to photograph somewhere, ideally the same place, once a month over the course of a year, finishing off with a lovely portfolio of said ‘area’ at the end, showing the Changing of Seasons.

I have of course chosen my favourite area, that being Richmond Park.

If you wish to see more about the challenge specifically, please click here – Monthly Photo Challenge:  The Changing Seasons (click the link to pop by his blog and read all about it).

Richmond Park

A relative said to me the other day that how could I find Richmond Park so interesting over and over again. I replied “How could you not?”  I guess it is differences in one’s own personal taste, but I would be hard pushed to think that someone wouldn’t find something of appeal or interest here.

I went there for this photo challenge just as the sun was setting.  I had a lovely surprise of the deer being near the Gates where I entered.  Normally they are deep in to the thick of the forest and not seen, so whoopee I was very excited.  They are notably shy and heck why not as green clad men come in once a year and start to shoot them (called culling).

In my experience of getting photographs of deer I always end up with shots of their bottoms, a perfect example below but what lovely furry bottoms hey?

You can see my son was determined, crawling amongst the grass like some intrepid explorer to get closer, a small child nearby puzzled at his actions and asking me what on earth he was doing.

One of the things that always catches my breath in Richmond Park is the stark contrast visually when you get to the council blocks thrusting up upon the green lush rural skyline.  That to me is so indicative of the stark contrast of lives even in such a compact area.

There is a beautiful lake/pond, I am not sure which categorizes which but this will become part of my focal point in the coming Seasons for this challenge.  I loved the plant wall that had grown up on one side, the way the trees look so majestic and striving to make their presence known even with the dimming light.

Teddy of course had to had a little modelling session, he won’t change with the seasons though I don’t think.

Last but not least I have two other favourites, one being ‘The Bench’.  I am starting a habit of photographing people on benches it appears.  You can see a silhouette example here –A Bonding Moment near Pembroke Lodge

These looked to me like two young lovers, watching the avian life upon the waters and the sunset casting its orange glow.

The second is ‘The Tree’.  I love this tree, how it is split right down the middle, like lightning might have had a go at it.  My youngest always without fail climbs this tree and my header for my ‘It’s a lonely place’ blog which chronicles my journey with Chronic Pain is in fact this very tree with him standing on the edge.

I have presented the photos in a gallery but if you are looking at them from a desktop you might one to click each one to make bigger, if you are so inclined and see that each one is labelled 😀

Thank you for viewing my gallery today, you will find this entry doubled up in my other blog: Eclectic Odds n Sods

© Justine Nagaur

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