I visited the Cavan Bakery, what a lovely affair!


I visited the Cavan Bakery, what a lovely affair!

Most of you will know that the Cavan Bakery opened up at 51 Sheen Lane.

There was a wonderful write up from the Richmond and Twickenham Times about their opening weekend, where they gave away 500 FREE loaves, you can see the write up here: Cavan Bakery Opening Weekend

However unfortunately I did not get there at the weekend but made an impromptu visit today (Monday).  I was extremely pleasantly surprised.  Firstly what caught my eye being a very novice baker myself is that they sell a wide variety of flours for all your wonderful home-made creations.

Then in the window you will see the usual sticky tempting treats, which got my son slowing up as he passed the window.

The welcome was cheery, bright and genuine.  I came in with a wealth of questions about their breads, all of which were answered.

I walked away with a Bath Bun and a Rye Bread, both reasonably priced.

As you can see the bun did not last long, was light and sweet, the bread oh boy though, usually I am not a huge fan of Rye but know the benefits of eating it.  This however was on a different level, apparently it has a little bit of white added to it, lightening it up and this works a treat, it was so flavoursome and soft.

I will definitely be back for another loaf!

My son kept saying “wow they are a good bakery mummy”.  I have to agree!


Caven Bakery

Caven Bakery

I hope you have had a bright start to the week, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

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