What happens to you at a Full Moon?

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Photos of the last full moon in #EastSheen

Eclectic odds n sods

What happens to you at a Full Moon?

“…spooky effects have been ascribed to the phases of the moon….But when the statistics are redone properly, the correlation with lunar phase always evaporates….Yet many sensible people—including police officers and emergency room staff—continue to believe otherwise.Steven Strogatz

There has been said to be no evidence based research to prove that the full moon has any effect upon us in any fashion whatsoever.  However, oddly enough when there is a full moon, I always seem to know it has passed the next morning.  No, not because I have sprouted hairs and been howling all night.  But because I will pee all night, up, down, up, down, constantly and toss and turn all night long.

What does this say about me?

No idea, not sure I want to know either lol.

Just that I know this happens every time, so there…

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