The Changing Seasons of Richmond Park – February


Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 02

I have undertaken to partake of a challenge run by a fellow blogger called Cardinal Guzman.  The idea is to photograph somewhere, ideally the same place, once a month over the course of a year, finishing off with a lovely portfolio of said ‘area’ at the end, showing the Changing of Seasons.

I have of course chosen my favourite area, that being Richmond Park.

If you wish to see more about the challenge specifically, please click here – Monthly Photo Challenge:  The Changing Seasons (click the link to pop by his blog and read all about it).

You can catch up on the seasons by clicking the category section named “Changing Seasons”

I have presented the photos in a gallery but if you are looking at them from a desktop you might one to click each one to make bigger, if you are so inclined and see that each one is labelled 😀

Richmond Park

I went around the daffodil area of Palewell Common and Fields and was delighted to see the pretty flowers blooming and trying to make a Spring like appearance.

I am sure there must be some kind of story behind the owl in the tree, does anyone know who put it there, how long has it been around?

You will note no deer in this picture they are no doubt tucked away in the forest for it is deer culling season.

My children always love charging down the hill on their bikes which puts the fear of god in to me, it didn’t seem to scare one lonesome bird, of course I never get any birds face on but back end, it seems to be the same case with the deer, though their bottoms are prettier.

It is always a joy to see the various ‘dens’ built by children that pop up around the park.

One of my favourite views is the skyline where you see the striking difference between urban and rurul with the high rise blocks in the background.

Here we have the pond, the swan here seemed to be making a beeline for someone, it really was quite dramatic.  My children spent ages just sitting by the water’s edge for a change not making a noise, I wonder what it was that was catching their attention?  You will see of course some of our well known visitors the parakeets shaded by the setting sun, I almost didn’t recognise them as they were devoid of their greenery in this light.

Next we have the benches which is always a bit of fun for me there was quite a busy time to be had on them in a short period.

A little bit of macro.

We are further down the park now, nearer my favourite tree.  This is where my son plays at leaping over the water, always, always getting wet though he promises every time he won’t.

Wise and majestic

Changing Seasons Richmond Park February

Changing Seasons Richmond Park February

My favourite tree, again I am sure there is a story behind this great live wooden sculpture, perhaps someone will tell me?

My son on my favourite tree, a place he always goes to.

Changing Seasons Richmond Park Februa

Changing Seasons Richmond Park Februa

I hope you have had pleasure viewing this photo gallery, if so please share on facebook and tweet, share the love! Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

5 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons of Richmond Park – February

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  2. Thanks for this nice post. A promise not to get wet while leaping over water is a promise that can be hard to keep! Perhaps some of the old people in the park knows something about the old live wooden sculpture?


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