Organic Marley Coffee Hits East Sheen & My Taste Buds!

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Organic Marley Coffee Hits East Sheen & My Taste Buds!

I confess I am a bit of a coffee lover and have trawled in and out of the many coffee shops in East Sheen, all catering to different taste buds and budgets.

Today I happened to wander in to my favourite Health Food Shop, Apples & Bees, to stock up on my usual medicinal cabinet requirements to fight off the usual colds and bugs that my children seem to share and or pick up when I smelled that lovely aroma, the coffee bean.

I was surprised to find out that as of today they started to offer coffee.

Not any old coffee, but ORGANIC COFFEE & better still Marley coffee.

Read the little bit below for a small snippet before continuing on to my experience!

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

In 1999, Rohan Marley, son of the legendary and beloved musician Bob Marley, purchased a 52-acre farm in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, an area where the Blue Mountains are known for its idyllic coffee growing climate. At the time, Rohan had little knowledge of the invaluable soil and growing conditions that the farm held; just a desire return to the earth, fulfill his father’s dream of farming, and help support the local economy in Jamaica.

As taken from Rooted in Legacy

So I am a latte drinker, but was persuaded to try it black!   Oh crickey..I wasn’t really prepared for this, feeling very weary and still needing to wake up, I watched with fascination as this coffee was made with precision and time, it was like a ritual and art in the making.

I relented and tried a bit black, oh boy, my eyes popped, my tongue curled, but I definitely woke up.  I chickened out and added my milk and one sugar and my taste buds could then savour the latte that I am used to and it was truly delicious.  The slightly bitter lingering taste afterwards stayed for at least half an hour.

So if you are coffee lover, why not give it a go, variety is the spice of life after all.

You will find Apples and Bees here: 107 Sheen Lane SW14 8AE

Apples and Bees

Apples and Bees

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