Lash Perfect Is Perfect & Is In East Sheen at Oh Darling Lifestyle & Beauty Boutique

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Lash Perfect Is Perfect & Is In East Sheen at Oh Darling Lifestyle & Beauty Boutique

There are lashes and then there is Lash Perfect.

I am sure some of you might have seen people with those lashes that look luscious yet so natural that you wouldn’t dare think that they were false, they were just blessed with naturally looking lashes to die for.

Well the secret is out, Lash Perfect is most likely the answer.

I got invited very kindly by Ali at Oh Darling to sample Lash Perfect after I had had my patch test to make sure I wasn’t allergic to the glue.

The glue used by the way is medicinal glue which is used in hospitals instead of stitches, so it is safe and designed for the purpose of putting on skin and naturally dissolves after a suitable period of time.

As you can see below, my lashes really weren’t much to talk about, barely even visible with mascara on.  I have tried to wear false lashes in my 20’s but just felt like there were a dark cloud over my eye obscuring my view with spider like tendrils.  Either that or the glue irritated me, so I gave up and just admired from afar people who seemed to be able to enhance their lashes with ease.

The day arrived and I must admit I was a little nervous.  Not sure whether I would enjoy the actual procedure of putting them on and also how they would look on me.  I have not got huge puppy dog eyes and so lashes have to be fairly natural on me or they would swamp what little eyes I have already.

Justyna is the therapist at Oh Darling who performs this treatment.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Before Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

First of all she tinted my lashes so that they would match the lashes.  Then she performed a marvelous tint on my eyebrows, a light brown which ended up matching my hair perfectly.  Bravo, no more time wasted putting on brow pencil or shadow, have a shower or a swim and it’s still there, can’t ask for more.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Before Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

After this, Justyna chatted to me a little about how she would perform the treatment whilst I relaxed on the couch.

She split one row of my lashes in to two and lifted the top layer so that she could work on the bottom layer, before releasing the top layer and finishing off.

She glued perfectly one Lash Perfect lash on to one of my own lashes, it appears to be seamless, I cannot see any lines or obvious areas where they are bonded together, it just appears to be one naturally longer darker lash.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Extensions on one eye

The treatment was relaxing, nothing hurt and at one point I think I fell asleep.

As you can see below and immediately above, the difference yet still appearing very natural is in fact strikingly different.  I was excited!

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Extensions On One Eye

Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

Lash Perfect

As we neared the end of the session it was time to remove the pads.  Justyna forewarned me that the aroma from the glue might sting my eyes a little at which point she fanned with vigour the fumes away.

Fairly swiftly they stopped smarting.  It wasn’t anything bad.

Once I got home and fished out my glasses I was supremely pleased with the effect.

What do you think?

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Full Set Of Extensions

So of course I asked the question of how often does one need to have these beautiful lashes replaced.

The answer is it depends on how you want them to look.  The natural life cycle of lashes is 2-3 months.  So if you are happy for them all to naturally fall out then that is the time span, however as you can imagine it is quite addictive and many people want them tip top condition all the time and as such can pop in for a little tweek and top up.

The full set costs £80 and takes up to an hour or more to perform.

Top ups are around the £40-£45 mark.

You can pop to Lash Perfect to find out more about the actual lashes.

Or why not bite the bullet and just book yourself this luscious treat at Oh Darling:

Address: 226 Upper Richmond Rd W, London SW14 8AH

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