Talented Local Photographer, Vicki Sharp

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Talented Local Photographer, Vicki Sharp

I’m not really a fan at all of having my photograph taken, I tend to feel acutely awkward and un-photogenic.  However, after a few failed attempts at trying to take selfies for my various social media channels and also having admired an ex boss’s update of her website photo I decided to make some enquiries and get something just a little more professional.  I was recommended by Kerrie Dorman towards a local, reasonably priced photographer called Vicki Sharp.

So there the story begins…

The booking process was relaxed and easy, Vicki arrived with a view to updating my social media and also taking some family snaps of whoever was around, all I was asked to do was get a few outfits or ideas ready.

Vicki arrived with bouncing enthusiasm at the door after having admired my numerous pairs of wellies outside the front door, announcing she was sure we were going to get on!  I wasn’t sure whether she was putting me at ease with regards to perhaps having equally messy porch or just having a fondness for wellies.

The kettle went on and Vicki made herself at home in my kitchen, all various kinds of equipment being set up and put in to place all the while whilst having a good old natter.  Finally outfits were chosen and it was time to rock and roll.  I was told a few tricks of the trade to get a good portrait photograph and we started.

I have to say at the end of my session I felt that I had had a really good time, almost like a good night out.  Yep I know, sad, I obviously don’t get out much.  But seriously, I had had fun, and more so had felt glamorous, confident, happy and totally at ease in front of the camera and Vicki, which really is rare for me.

Vicki Sharp PhotographyThe dogs then decided to jump in, who would want to stop them?  Everyone was very relaxed even if the dogs were terribly excited and letting off windy pops all over the place to show their enthusiasm.

Then my eldest who I thought equally as reluctant to go in front of the lens had his turn.  I was sent away and low and behold another good time was had.

Vicki Sharp Photography

Our French Bulldog resembling a walrus!

Then Vicki took on both my boys, some with myself some not, there was a lot of configurations going on and she spent a huge amount of time at ours which upon reflection for what she charged was incredibly reasonable.

The turnaround of photos via a low-res gallery was very quick, a number of days.  Then Vicki popped around again, another natter and relaxed discussion again on what my requirements were and a few ideas and choices put in to place.

I was then updated with examples, a streamlined gallery to choose from.  All very professional and easy.  There was no hard sale which for me was very important.

Vicki Sharp Photography

So, if you fancy updating your family photos, your LinkedIn profile or anything else, I thoroughly recommend Vicki, you can find her details on her website here:  Vicki Sharp Photography

If you need another reason to persuade to book Vicki take a peek here:


Vicki Sharp Photography is delighted and proud to have been Commended in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category at the Richmond Business Awards 2016!


Lash Perfect Is Perfect & Is In East Sheen at Oh Darling Lifestyle & Beauty Boutique

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Lash Perfect Is Perfect & Is In East Sheen at Oh Darling Lifestyle & Beauty Boutique

There are lashes and then there is Lash Perfect.

I am sure some of you might have seen people with those lashes that look luscious yet so natural that you wouldn’t dare think that they were false, they were just blessed with naturally looking lashes to die for.

Well the secret is out, Lash Perfect is most likely the answer.

I got invited very kindly by Ali at Oh Darling to sample Lash Perfect after I had had my patch test to make sure I wasn’t allergic to the glue.

The glue used by the way is medicinal glue which is used in hospitals instead of stitches, so it is safe and designed for the purpose of putting on skin and naturally dissolves after a suitable period of time.

As you can see below, my lashes really weren’t much to talk about, barely even visible with mascara on.  I have tried to wear false lashes in my 20’s but just felt like there were a dark cloud over my eye obscuring my view with spider like tendrils.  Either that or the glue irritated me, so I gave up and just admired from afar people who seemed to be able to enhance their lashes with ease.

The day arrived and I must admit I was a little nervous.  Not sure whether I would enjoy the actual procedure of putting them on and also how they would look on me.  I have not got huge puppy dog eyes and so lashes have to be fairly natural on me or they would swamp what little eyes I have already.

Justyna is the therapist at Oh Darling who performs this treatment.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Before Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

First of all she tinted my lashes so that they would match the lashes.  Then she performed a marvelous tint on my eyebrows, a light brown which ended up matching my hair perfectly.  Bravo, no more time wasted putting on brow pencil or shadow, have a shower or a swim and it’s still there, can’t ask for more.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Before Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

After this, Justyna chatted to me a little about how she would perform the treatment whilst I relaxed on the couch.

She split one row of my lashes in to two and lifted the top layer so that she could work on the bottom layer, before releasing the top layer and finishing off.

She glued perfectly one Lash Perfect lash on to one of my own lashes, it appears to be seamless, I cannot see any lines or obvious areas where they are bonded together, it just appears to be one naturally longer darker lash.

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Extensions on one eye

The treatment was relaxing, nothing hurt and at one point I think I fell asleep.

As you can see below and immediately above, the difference yet still appearing very natural is in fact strikingly different.  I was excited!

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Extensions On One Eye

Oh Darling Lash Perfect Extensions

Lash Perfect

As we neared the end of the session it was time to remove the pads.  Justyna forewarned me that the aroma from the glue might sting my eyes a little at which point she fanned with vigour the fumes away.

Fairly swiftly they stopped smarting.  It wasn’t anything bad.

Once I got home and fished out my glasses I was supremely pleased with the effect.

What do you think?

Oh Darling Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect Full Set Of Extensions

So of course I asked the question of how often does one need to have these beautiful lashes replaced.

The answer is it depends on how you want them to look.  The natural life cycle of lashes is 2-3 months.  So if you are happy for them all to naturally fall out then that is the time span, however as you can imagine it is quite addictive and many people want them tip top condition all the time and as such can pop in for a little tweek and top up.

The full set costs £80 and takes up to an hour or more to perform.

Top ups are around the £40-£45 mark.

You can pop to Lash Perfect to find out more about the actual lashes.

Or why not bite the bullet and just book yourself this luscious treat at Oh Darling:

Address: 226 Upper Richmond Rd W, London SW14 8AH

The Reiki H’Art Healing Hub Has Come To East Sheen

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The Reiki H’Art Healing Hub Has Come To East Sheen

What is Reiki I hear some of you ask!  What’s all the fuss about, hopefully I can elaborate a little further as written by Klaudia Kadar, our resident Reiki expert:  (my experience you will find underneath the photos, so please stay a while)

Reiki is a very gentle, highly intelligent and most efficient spiritual healing energy. Reiki helps you regain your balance on four levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki goes to the root of your problem and makes the necessary corrections in the energy system of the body in a holistic way. As a result, most of the times after a therapy you will feel not only balanced but also happy and content.

Reiki is universal and not only in its name – meaning Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritual Energy – but also in the sense that it has a wonderfully beneficial effect on everybody and everything be it a human being, a plant, an animal or an event, with no contraindication whatsoever.

Sometimes Reiki can bring about positive changes almost instantaneously, depending on the problem it is channelled for.

Potential benefits:

• Strengthens the body’s natural healing abilities

•Accelerates recuperation after surgery

• Supports substance abuse recovery

•Reduces side effects of radiation and chemotherapy

•Deep relaxation during and after treatment

•Reduces anxiety and depression

•Enhances overall well-being

• Strengthens self-esteem & self-awareness


Now that is the official bit over, how about I tell you about my wonderful experience with Klaudia, who not only is a Reiki practitioner, but a Reiki Master which means she can teach it as well.

Klaudia has been practicing Reiki for a number of years and what you get with her during a session is a no frills therapeutic experience.  In this I mean, you get ‘Reiki’ from a very skilled practitioner.  I say this with a degree of confidence having been trained in it myself and my father being a Reiki Master.

During my session I lay down on the couch, fully clothed, the lights dimmed, some very gentle music was playing in the background, other than that the place was quiet.

Klaudia was due to start, my eyes were shut, but I knew instantly where she was as there was this incredible heat that almost had a physical entity, like electric fingers running all over my scalp, yet she was not touching me at this stage.  The heat ran down my face until there was an intense tingling sensation, almost pressure in my nose.  At this point I had a very surprising experience where I became aware of this smell coming from her hands, but not actually from her hands if that makes sense?  It was a familiar aroma that brought me great comfort, I’ve yet to work out what and why that happened.

Klaudia then worked over the rest of my body, sometimes touching my body, sometimes just hovering above. It felt as though I was melting in to the ground, there was no desire to move and it felt like my legs were lead, in a pleasant way!  There was heat running through my body in different places and I could feel the energy shifting throughout.

Then it was over, I didn’t want to leave but unfortunately I had to.  Would I visit Klaudia again?  Yes I would.

If you want to find out more about what she does, please visit her website: The H’Art Healing Hub

Or if you wish to book an appointment, you can contact her here:

Therapies take place at:

317 Upper Richmond Road West
East Sheen
SW14 8QR
Richmond upon Thames, London

Reiki in your home:

South West London: Barnes, Chiswick, East-Sheen, North-Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond, Kew, Twickenham, Teddington, Ham, Petersham, Putney

Book an appointment: 0752 3196 271  or  harthealinghub@gmail.com

Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday:          9:00 AM – 8:00 PM




Reiki Pages


Organic Marley Coffee Hits East Sheen & My Taste Buds!

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Organic Marley Coffee Hits East Sheen & My Taste Buds!

I confess I am a bit of a coffee lover and have trawled in and out of the many coffee shops in East Sheen, all catering to different taste buds and budgets.

Today I happened to wander in to my favourite Health Food Shop, Apples & Bees, to stock up on my usual medicinal cabinet requirements to fight off the usual colds and bugs that my children seem to share and or pick up when I smelled that lovely aroma, the coffee bean.

I was surprised to find out that as of today they started to offer coffee.

Not any old coffee, but ORGANIC COFFEE & better still Marley coffee.

Read the little bit below for a small snippet before continuing on to my experience!

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

In 1999, Rohan Marley, son of the legendary and beloved musician Bob Marley, purchased a 52-acre farm in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, an area where the Blue Mountains are known for its idyllic coffee growing climate. At the time, Rohan had little knowledge of the invaluable soil and growing conditions that the farm held; just a desire return to the earth, fulfill his father’s dream of farming, and help support the local economy in Jamaica.

As taken from Rooted in Legacy

So I am a latte drinker, but was persuaded to try it black!   Oh crickey..I wasn’t really prepared for this, feeling very weary and still needing to wake up, I watched with fascination as this coffee was made with precision and time, it was like a ritual and art in the making.

I relented and tried a bit black, oh boy, my eyes popped, my tongue curled, but I definitely woke up.  I chickened out and added my milk and one sugar and my taste buds could then savour the latte that I am used to and it was truly delicious.  The slightly bitter lingering taste afterwards stayed for at least half an hour.

So if you are coffee lover, why not give it a go, variety is the spice of life after all.

You will find Apples and Bees here: 107 Sheen Lane SW14 8AE

Apples and Bees

Apples and Bees

Apple and Bees Health Food Shop’s new juice bar review!

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Apple and Bees Health Food Shop’s new juice bar review!

It is not unknown for me to pop weekly in to our lovely local health food shop, Apple & Bees to buy my favourite night time drink, Tea Pigs Rooibos Creme Caramel Tea.   Yes a real treat as it is a tea that does not contain caffeine.

However after having seen the Instagram pic from East Sheen Village mentioning the new juice bar, I could not help myself but ‘pop’ by again today on my way around on my Saturday shop.

Now I have recently bought a Nutri Bullet and been experimenting not only on myself but the kids.  So I was super keen to see how a green juice would taste from the experts.  I have already tried a home made one with spirulina, but it ended up smelling rather like pond weed which wasn’t attractive.  So when being offered two types available this day, one containing spirulina the masochist must have come out in me as I said “yes I will have one of those”.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I gingerly opened it up as I got out of the shop and there was an audible “phew” as there were no traces of pond anywhere.

It was utterly delicious and quite a cocktail.  It is a coldpressed juice containing Spirulina, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, broccoli, kale, spinach, ginger, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass.  I will definitely be trying this one again.

It’s a great way to have that healthy fix in the day, especially when you are on one of those lows that catch us mid afternoon, or to boost your immune system after all the cold bugs the kids bring home, or indeed to get a bottle in to your kids bag on the way to school when they won’t eat breakfast.

Let me know what you try if you pop along there to quench your thirst.

Happy Weekending, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

Zero balancing ~ A fantastic treatment on your doorstep!

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What is it?  Zero Balancing

I wanted to write this post not just about the actual treatment/therapy or however you might like to phrase it, but also on the therapist/practitioner, because I feel that you can have a great therapy but it takes a certain connection between the customer and practitioner to make the experience either a good one or a great one.

It is important to connect and feel comfortable with the person treating you and to understand a little bit more about them, what makes them tick, some of their history, their philosophies a head start in helping one to make that decision of “yes I think I would really like to try and benefit from that treatment with that person.”

Like all things however, one therapy might suit one person but not another, much like trying on a pair of shoes might be fantastic to one person’s foot but not another, there’s nothing wrong with the shoe it’s just a case of it fits one person better.

So with this in mind I would like to tell you a little bit about Jane, my Zero Balancing therapist, then a bit about my experiences with Zero Balancing and then some official links if you wish to learn more.

Jane von Bieberstein

Jane von Bieberstein

London born Jane spent her childhood in Tunbridge Wells.  It was here that her passion for ballet grew shortly followed by a love of gymnastics.  Her childhood days were filled up with both, sometimes 10 hrs plus of ballet and the commitments of being in the South East Gymnastic Squad.

Unfortunately the love affair with both was to come to a halt as they clashed in many ways.  Dance won the day, her passion now taking on other forms such as tap and modern. Jane sadly soon learned though that her dancing dreams would not come to fruition.  Her mother having never taken it seriously put her foot down.  Her daughter having attended a very academic girl’s grammar school was then steered towards taking a Pharmacy Degree in Brighton, graduating in 1989.

Jane whilst dancing met Alan Herdman who taught Pilates, this was the first nurturing in taking an interest in ‘other’ forms of exercise, sowing the seeds slowly.  Having moved on from the University College Hospital, branched out and taken another job, Jane’s professional interests veered towards specializing in HIV or Oncology.  In 1989 she started at the Marsden, this is also the time she met her German born husband with whom she ended up living in Putney with, continuing her profession, marriage and still dancing 5-6 professional ballet classes a week.

Jane also is a GYROTONIC® teacher (which I will cover in another post), and it was through a girlfriend of hers that she first came in to contact with this particular form of therapy, having found a natural affinity with it upon undertaking sessions during her maternity leave. Jane finally then took the plunge and decided to train.  Luckily one of the training centres was 15 minutes from her in-laws, so 9 month baby girl was taken for two weeks to visit grandparents whilst she completed her first basic course.  All in all the whole certification took about one year.

It was whilst working in Nature Works that she met Geoff Leonard, a Zero Balancer.  Upon having some sessions Jane felt that this therapy would accentuate her GYROTONIC® treatments, allowing her to work more deeply in the areas she would try to open up through Gyro.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a wonderfully relaxing treatment based on eastern healing traditions.

In order to take up Zero Balancing one has to have a recognized certificated therapy, i.e. acupuncture.  Unfortunately at that time GYROTONIC® was not recognized, however Jane earlier had undertaken an ITEC Therapeutic Massage Course with Claire Maxwell Hudson, which though she liked, she felt only scratched upon the surface.

Training in Zero Balancing never really stops as it is a personal learning journey also in self development however Jane did complete the two courses, took on board a mentor, finished her case studies, wrote essays and worked continuously on herself.

So you can see from this point that Jane’s whole life so far has contributed to a vast wealth of knowledge both conventional and unconventional on the workings of the body, which I think as a therapist is a huge advantage, giving one a fast forwards in learning anything related, giving one time also to work on the spiritual side.  This also meant that moving from the Pharmaceuticals to Zero Balancing and GYROTONIC® became quite a natural easy transition, though many of her friends and colleagues questioned it.

How does Zero Balancing work in Jane’s eyes?

Jane feels the Zero Balancing is like mapping a client before moving on to for example GYROTONIC®.  It gives her feedback on their energy fields.  For instance someone might come in with an injury, you can see that the symptoms are in a certain place, but it might not be the place that needs moving.  Often one will have pain in the place that is mobile but very often another area is very stuck and immobile, so Zero Balancing gives a complete picture, allowing her to see whether they are grounded, where the energy levels are.

Touch is used to locate and release tension held in the bones (which is deeper than muscle-held tension) and as a result the muscles in turn are able fully to release their tension.

Touch is used to locate and release tension held in the bones (which is deeper than muscle-held tension) and as a result the muscles in turn are able fully to release their tension.

Zero balancing aims to touch bone, not just the soft tissue as in massage.  Rigid bones can feel very tense, but worked on areas take on a more spongy sensation.  By touching a stiff area it encourages the body firstly to pay attention, to think on its current state and how it should be and this is hopefully helps the energy to flow, allowing the bones to take on a kind of fluidity, this is when energy fields start to be moved.

Bones connect with the chakras and this is the deepest energy layer of the body, they have memories like muscles and when tension is removed from such a deep layer it has a knock on effect removing tension from the layers sitting above.  One can end up feeling quite re-arranged from inside out after a session, it might feel very passive but it is in fact incredibly active.

During a treatment the therapist connects very deeply with the customer, their body telling her where to go and this can give Jane sometimes a completely different view of the person.  Often she feels that she sees the more ‘authentic’ person i.e. realising this person is so amazing but they don’t know it themselves, like they have disconnected on some level.  So one always sees the better part of a person and their full potential that they may not realize themselves, it is a lovely experience.

One is dressed in comfortable clothing during the Zero Balancing Session and predominantly laid upon a couch.  There is a set way the therapist works around the body, though guided by the feedback from the person’s energy fields.  This navigational process is uncannily similar to GYROTONIC®, hence such a complimentary treatment to each other.  The session starts with hands placed on the pelvis, this area being important, because if not upright the rest of the spine does not sit properly.  Then movement goes to the lumbar spine, ribs and pulling energy down the legs.

Jane did try Zero Balancing on her GYROTONIC® guru, Julio, which he loved, saying it felt like she was opening up channels in his body.  Fritz the Zero Balancing Inventor was an acupuncturist first and foremost, so there are a lot of similarities between the two.

Like many alternative therapies, it is important for the person receiving it to be open minded, the more sessions you have the deeper you connect, and no session is the same twice. Jane says “by improving someone’s own general well being it puts them in a better place to heal themselves, so if their energy fields are really clear it is much easier to heal.”

I then asked Jane if it had ever been difficult to work on someone

Jane did say that if someone is totally blocked it can be hard and in this situation it is hard to gauge one’s effectiveness at that particular time, even though it works regardless, it is the therapist’s natural interpretation in trying to get feedback.

I asked her how she felt in these situations

Jane answered honestly and bravely saying that it can perhaps cause a little bit of self doubt.

I asked Jane then if she had to protect herself in some way, protection being “emotionally and energy wise”

Jane answered that with Zero Balancing there are clear boundaries between therapist and client, one does blend energetically.  Some people can be very heavy energetically, this does not relate to size nor weight, one persons energy can be like a bouncy ball and light whereas another can be heavy like a thud and this can differ from one end of the body to another.

I asked Jane if she remembered her first paying client

Jane answered that she had been practising on her GYROTONIC® clients from very early on so there was a merging between the two, however she remembers early on having a client with very bad scoliosis.  The treatment did wonders for her; it helped with pain levels enormously so this was a very good starting experience for her as a therapist.

I asked Jane about the frequency needed for treatments.

Jane answered that in a severe situation it would be more than once a week, gradually lessening.  In an average situation it would be once a week for three weeks to gauge the effects.  After the first session one can feel miraculous, this is not uncommon, the second not so much, the third is when the client begins to connect more.

Jane has been having Zero Balancing for years, sometimes the after effects can be a day or two later, you just suddenly think “oh I feel so different I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

I asked about aftercare and after effects

She said it is unpredictable.  She has never had a client feel a terrible after effect, but sometimes one can feel uncomfortable at being re-arranged, though it’s a good thing.  This dissipates.  As you get off the couch the treatment still works and continues to do so and needs time for the body to go with it, sometime one can feel really energized.

I asked Jane if she had a quote or an ethos with her work or life philosophy.

The treatment can be used to relieve backache, headache, fatigue, insomnia and nervousness and to clear and calm the mind.

The treatment can be used to relieve backache, headache, fatigue, insomnia and nervousness and to clear and calm the mind.

Jane explained she had never envisioned going in to anything spiritual, her life has taken her on many journeys all of which have brought her to this place now.

Now she meets when possible with Fritz her Zero Balancing Teacher who is very spiritual and spends times in Ashrams, has written books, is friends with Deepak Chopra, his spiritual learning’s are all integrated in to his continuous teachings.

These meetings and talks have spurred a heavy interest for her in energy which now she is researching and reading up upon.  She has a belief that 99.9% of things going on, i.e. pain etc are emotional on some level of which the spiritual side helps to work on.

Janes life’s lessons have taught her not to be so judgemental; you see the bigger picture even if they can’t see it themselves.  She is passionate on the philosophy that in order to be a good therapist in this type of field one really has to work on oneself first. You need to love yourself to be able to help other people, so by dealing with herself helps her to deal with her clients.  When you look upon someone, reactions you might have that are negative are a reflection upon oneself with one’s own failings or insecurities and to work on those will eradicate those negative feelings.

Alternative therapies have become more popular, i.e. meditation.  Jane feels most people embark on this for escapism and somehow disassociate from their bodies which takes away from the purpose of doing this, that one must be grounded, ones solar plexus connected, everything has to be on a physical level as well as spiritual.

Her desire is to bring people to work more on the physical side rather than just the mental state, because if it is in your body then it is really there, whereas not just in ones imagination.  She said “Listen to your body, it never lies, the chatter in your head can talk you out of listening to your intuition, but your body never lies to you.”

I asked her what she would like to achieve in the next year.

Jane said she would like more awareness of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®, for it to be more accessible.  For people to invest more in themselves and their health, to see it as a priority before they have to take note due to ill health or an accident.  She has also found using these therapies on children with learning difficulties to be extremely beneficial and would like to see this more available also.

How have I found Zero Balancing as a treatment upon myself so far?

Jane von Bieberstein says: “I was drawn to become a Zero Balancing practitioner after being on the receiving end for several years. I found no other treatment left me with such a profound sense of wellbeing. After a session, my body felt as though it had been rearranged from the inside out. I always wanted to come back for more.”

Jane von Bieberstein says: “I was drawn to become a Zero Balancing practitioner after being on the receiving end for several years. I found no other treatment left me with such a profound sense of wellbeing. After a session, my body felt as though it had been rearranged from the inside out. I always wanted to come back for more.”

I went to Jane with the intention of GYROTONIC®, I had not heard of Zero Balancing.  I was incredibly nervous about the whole thing, in fact to the point I felt quite sick.

Why?  I have suffered from chronic pain for 2-3 years now with an undiagnosed condition.  It has taken me with serious determination about a year to go from being bedridden to now being able to walk and get out and about.

I have tried and tested many treatments, conventional like physio and alternative, it just takes a wrong pull or making me move in a way that sets off my pain levels which sets me back of which I am not a fan.  I knew GYROTONIC® was exercise based, so my anxiousness set in.

However upon meeting Jane she filled me with a sense of confidence “yes I can do this”… and she also enthused a confidence in herself that she would be able to help me, that I could put my trust in her hands.  She advised me to start with Zero Balancing then move on to GYROTONIC®.

Having had a holistic background myself, I struggled with loving hands on treatments, to now barricading myself against physical touch because of ‘possible’ pain, but when Jane put her hands upon me, I felt nothing but a sense of calm, a sense of “this is just amazing” washing over me.

Yes there were a few times especially the first time where a muscle kicked in to a spasm and hurt, but as a whole the experience was amazingly relaxing.  There is an old advert about a beer that gets to places no other beer can, Jane was like that beer, she would hit spots and for me it was a simple “ahhh thank goodness” mentally as I relaxed in to her movement.

I went home after the first session and slept heavily.  The second session I enjoyed, not as miraculous as the first which she says is common.  The third time I was in a lot of pain from having sat for three hours at a dinner party, I was nearly in tears, however even though anxious I laid upon the couch and somehow, she managed to take away the pain, re-adjusted me and all the fuzzy head, stress and pangs of pain throughout my body went.

I can’t recommend Zero Balancing enough to anyone, I am an advocate.

Where can you get this treatment?

You can log on to the website Zero Balancing UK and it has a ‘find a practitioner’ section…or if you are a local of East Sheen you can either:

The Garage Studio

The Garage Studio

click on to the website where Jane practices to get further details:  The Garage Studio

or better still contact her here:  For further information and bookings, contact Jane:
mob: 07811 132 313
email: janevonb@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading, if you have any comments/feedback or questions I welcome you to put on a kettle and fill up my comments section I will answer back as concisely as possible 🙂

©2014 All Rights Reserved – Justine @ LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

Somewhere kids of all ages can go!

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What to do for an 8 yr olds party?

So, I had my youngest sons 8th birthday coming up and was pondering what on earth to do.

This is the age where sometimes instead of having big parties of the whole class it actually gets split up.  We have used the Church Hall at All Saints Church locally for a few years now and had various different entertainment people in.  Last year we had a science party which went down extremely well.

So this year what should we do?  I had already decided that I wanted him to have boy party of kinds.  Google is wonderful for these kinds of things when completely lost, it always comes to the rescue and it was through this medium I discovered Sector & Laser Tag in Feltham.  Yes it’s not East Sheen, but it is accessible, only about half an hour away.

What happens at this kind of party?

Here are some details direct from the site about what is included:


Crash landing on an unknown planet, Red Troops find themselves in a hostile standoff with the native green aliens. Both sides only hope for survival is to take down their attackers and destroy their base.

Let the birthday boy or girl lead their team to victory with a Sector 7 Laser party. As Captain, they’ll take command of their cadets to navigate through swirling fog, strobe lighting and laser attacks – their mission being to destroy the enemy base. And when the mission’s complete, it’s time to celebrate!

Book your laser combat mission today, by calling 0871 717 11 44. Calls cost 10p per min plus network extras.

Sector 7 Laser parties include:

  • Two games of Sector 7 Laser
  • A party meal for every guest – choose from Beef Burger, Cheese Burger, Chicken Dippers, Veggie Bites(v) and Fish Fingers, all served with fries.
  • Why not add a tub of vanilla ice cream for just 70p extra?
  • Birthday pin for the Birthday child
  • Unlimited squash
  • Balloons
  • Special party invitations – print yours here

Our Sector 7 Laser parties start from just £12 per child at weekends and £8.75 during weekdays. Please check before calling us for specific prices at your local Tenpin centre.


The package is great, easy to book and reasonable.

Ten pin bowling

Ten pin bowling

I realized that there was ten pin bowling there also so booked a round for my eldest son and his friend to keep them entertained whilst my youngest had his party.

We arrived



We were a little shell shocked when we arrived.  Not in a bad way, just a “wasn’t expecting this” sort of way.  The centre does not just house Sector 7 and the 10 pin bowling as expected but also a huge colourful bulb flashing, noise inducing array of rides and games, from weird chairs to put babies in that move around, right up to air hockey and coin games providing high impact visual entertainment for the teenagers.  It is basically a place that any age can go to and probably find something to do.  There is also a bar with bar snacks and drinks.

funfair fun

funfair fun

My youngest’s friends arrived and I swear their eyes were going to pop out of their heads.  The words of “cool, epic” falling from mouths as well as “oh can we go on that, there, do this, do that?”  A moment of panic swept over me as I thought “oh goodness am I going to be able to contain all the energetic boys in this one area who quite obviously are champing at the bit to go to other areas that we are definitely going to lose them in without adequate adult supervision.

What happened?

After signing various forms for safety and food requirements the children were taken in to the Laser 7 area.  This is an enclosed area that only party members get to go in to.  They require at least one adult to be present to ‘supervise the children whilst they are in combat’.  Vests are provided with electronic feedback sensors that when tagged by someone else give a score, this way teams can work out whether they really did win etc, all good fun!  They go in to a maze kind of area, all the boards are painted black with differing coloured laser lights popping all over the walls and various fluorescent swirls and shapes painted on to the boards.  After about 10 minutes in there I started to feel sick and came out to where the table are.  But then again I am quite obviously a wimp!

Once duals were fought and winners announced the children came out to sit at the tables.  The food was brought out with drinks, then it was basically up to the adults present to keep them occupied until booting off the table time or allotted collection time.  I must say all the children enjoyed themselves and came out fairly sweaty with red faces 🙂  That to me is a good sign.

Advice for this party

Where you eat for the Laser 7 party

Where you eat for the Laser 7 party

There is an open plan area with tables as you will see from the pics.  This is where the children sit after the party to have their food and wait to be collected etc.  However, there is a time limit and you are booted off once the time is done.  Then you have the question of keeping all the children together and trying to find another area to sit so good to bear this in mind with collection times etc.

When they are in the laser area, you leave your stuff outside.  You need an adult outside to look after your things as it is all open plan and anyone passing by could pick up your possessions.  You also need an adult per team really to keep the momentum going and encourage/supervise the children’s teams and combat.  So ideally if two teams you need 3 adults.

So my advice is this, after they have had their laser time and come out, nibbled on their food, make sure the you have something to entertain them for, for the remaining time, otherwise gleeful eyes start to look around and inevitably they want to go elsewhere.  I let them open their party bags and with match attacks, dealing started to happen which kept them happy.  Make sure the parents know to come a little bit before the finishing time to collect their children, because then they can placate/arrange or not whether they want to go elsewhere in the building 🙂


It was a great party.  Would I go there again? Yes if there was a group of my children’s friends I would take them there, with enough adults, but I would prepare myself mentally for the noise and energy levels 🙂  Take lots of change if you are planning on letting your children use the gaming machines, it ends up being quite an expensive affair compared to the price of the Laser 7 party.

I have enclosed some pics, obviously with lots of other children there it has been difficult to select as quality ones as I might have liked but there are captions if you scroll over the pics and hopefully gives you some kind of an idea!

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Threading the perfect arch!

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Do you envy the eyebrows that models seem to sport?

If you do, you can now have them too.  Having been an Owner and practicing therapist of holistic beauty sites for many years I have come across all kinds of treatments.  A couple of my staff members had grown up learning the art of threading, it being passed down through family members and practiced on large areas until the skill was perfected.  It is not an art that can ‘just’ be learned quickly but once mastered gives just fantastic results.

What is this called, why such good results and how does it work?


Threading originated from Eastern culture.

The practice is called threading.

Western society has got a long founded history in sourcing relaxation therapies, holistic medicine and alternative treatments from Eastern cultures.  Threading has been around for a while now, but more so in some areas than others and is a source of hair removal.

It is believed that threading originated in South Asia and the Middle East.  It involves using a thin piece of cotton thread twisted between the therapists fingers and mouth forming  a sort of X shape, scissoring it back and forth and with skillful swiping motions across specific areas to remove hair at the root without taking any skin along with it.

The procedure is incredibly swift with the customer usually participates in lifting the brow to help with the tension of the general area and giving a wipe scope to the surface area to be de-haired, plus threading needs to be performed on a flat space, hence it has not replaced waxing for the bikini line.

I have threading on my eyebrows and personally firstly find it far less painful than waxing and less aggressive, ie less skin pull, less after stinging.  It is also swifter oddly enough than waxing and there’s hardly any need for tweezing afterwards.  I have fair downy hair also, and for me, threading removes all of this taking the hairs out in a nice neat line making applying make-up a far more pleasant experience.  I have provided some before and after pictures below.  I must apologise if I scare anyone for the large close-ups, the first set were taken in Robert Dyas, the 2nd outside Superdrug, everyone must have thought me mad…..they were right!

As with any eyebrow shaping here are some pointers:
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of how you wish your eyebrows to be before you go in & relay this clearly to the therapist.
  • If you are not sure what you want, make sure to get an idea from the therapist before going ahead as to what she is intending to do
  • The treatment area should be clean and void of wasteage
  • The skin should be wiped over prior to the session with a dry cotton wool pad and afterwards with a calming gel.
  • The therapist should always show you your eyebrows before you leave and check that you are happy with what has been done.

Most seems like common sense but for those of you who have never had their eyebrows done, let alone threading it can be a daunting experience.

Where did I get this done?


Superdrug, 262 Upper Richmond Rod W, London, SW14 7JE – 0208 878 6192
Some advertising board

Perfect brows at reasonable prices

SO me Beauty & Wellness have a chair within Superdrug where trained practitioners do a selection of beauty treatments, being the following:

  • Threading
  • Lash extensions & removal
  • Eyebrow & lash tinting

They operate generally from 11am onwards, finishing at various times, there being approximately 2-3 staff on rotation there.

The threading of my eyebrows cost £5 which I think very reasonable.

Here are some before and after pictures:
Eyebrows before threading

Before threading, messy & bushy!

eyebrows after threading

After threading, much neater

threaded eyebrows

Threaded & with eyebrow shadow

As always, I welcome and positively encourage feedback & comments.  Have you gone and had threading somewhere, or even at Superdrug, have something to say, I would love to hear from you.

© Justine @ LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

Crowning glory product review, Davines and Kerastase

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Why a product review?

So I hear you ask, why do a hair care product review when this blog is about East Sheen and its surrounding area. My answer would be firstly that these particular products were bought from a nearby business, Andrew Stephen Hairdressing and secondly, product knowledge is key.  If you want to be a savvy shopper, it’s good to get some low down on what might or might not work for your crowning glory.  You can see a post pertaining to Andrew Stephen Hairdressing here. I consider my hair to be in my ‘ageing’ (winks) years the one area that still seems to be going strong and most women would strive to find good products in the plethora of various shampoos and conditioners being advertised to us through the marketing media.

Why should we think you could give a good review?

I’m not going to lie and say I am some retired hairdresser, but I do have two very good qualifying attributes for this task in hand.  Firstly I am female, yes that sounds sexist, but as such we have over the years tried and tested a huge amount of potions for our tresses. However, this doesn’t really make me any different from most other women does it? Secondly I’ve been a holistic therapist (it never leaves you), for many, too many years to mention.  Having to research and test products lines for my own businesses was key in getting the trust of my clientele, so though it’s hair based and not skin, I would like or hope to think I have a little edge in giving a productive review as you will find shortly. As for me, my hair is long, mid back to be precise, the length obviously challenges the usage amount of any product, de knotting abilities and I also use hair styling products, so these will be featured.

I have been a fan of Kerastase for years, however recently I have branched in to a different product line, that being Davines, which works on the principle of sustainable beauty.

Davines Products

Davines principles are that the production of their retail products are  low impact on the environment using natural ingredients, some of which are in recyclable containers.

Kerastase Products

Kerastase have been around for over 50 years now, having a long standing history in providing high quality products tailored to the specific requirements and needs of customers.  They work on a diagnostic basis, having 8 different ranges, the retail range being diverse and ample using not only natural ingredients, but ingredients engineered to meet the high demands of discerning clientele.


Davines Volume Boosting Mousse – 250ml – £16.40


Davines volume boosting mousse

As mentioned I have long hair which I wash every other day.  I last bought this product on 11th November 2013 and only yesterday 3rd February 2014 did I run out of it, which I think is very long lasting.  I like the ethos of Davines and this product does not have that chemical smell or stickiness that so many mousses have, it is light and has a delicate perfume. For me, this product gets a 10/10 rating

Kerastase Elixir Ultime – 125ml – around £35

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I don’t know when I last bought this product, certainly not since the mousse above and I still have some left.  I use this product after washing and conditioning my hair applying the mouse, then a 50 pence worth amount of the Elixir.  Afterwards I then blow dry.  However, if you have a few stragglers or bits that seem to want to go elsewhere, a tiny brush through with fingers of the what I call ‘Elixir of the Gods’ does the trick nicely. I have used this product for months, many of my friends have commented on how shiny and healthy my hair looks and I confess it is purely down to this product, long may Kerastase produce it. For me this product gets a 20 out of 10 – full and more marks!

Davines Melu Shampoo – Mellow Anti-breakage Lustrous Shampoo – 250ml – around £13.95, if topping up with same container is £10.50


Davines Melu Shampoo Mellow Anti Breakage

Now this is the first product that I used diverting away from Kerastase that I had been happy with.  Why did I divert?  Two reasons, curiosity (Andrew is a good salesman) and it’s price, plus of course their ethos impressed me.

So you can buy for instance the shampoo at £13.95, if you clean out the container once finished and take back, they top it up again for £10.50.  The conditioner price is £14.50 new and topped up £12.00 I believe.  This is considerably cheaper than Kerastase.  I will point out however one down side as far as I am concerned.  The reusable container for the conditioner is the same container you will find for example at Sainsbury for their Arabiatta pasta sauce.  It is quite thin plastic with just a push on lid.  No screw cap or lip to hold it on well, so you do risk spillage transporting this once re-filled.

How did I find it though as a product?

Firstly we all like our different smells.  One aromatherapy oil I just simply cannot stand is Ylang Ylang and unfortunately this particular product was heavily infused with it, hence from an oratory experience it was not pleasant to me, but it might be to someone else.  Secondly I found that my hair knotted quite quickly, i.e. when it came to brushing it afterwards before styling it was far harder than when using the Kerastase product.  However, it did last well on usage and is reasonably priced. My rating for this product is 6/10

Davines Absolute Beautifying Shampoo and Conditioner – Shampoo 280ml £14.60 & Conditioner 250ml £15.80


Davines Absolute Beautifying Shampoo and Conditioner

So, I voiced my opinions of the former product to Andrew and he persuaded me to give Davines another go, but with a new product, slightly more expensive, but apparently already having good feedback from other customers. I shall say with this product my knots do seem to be slightly less, better than the former product but not quite hitting the Kerastase de knotting ability.  I do believe, but stand to be corrected that also not all products can be washed and re-filled at a lower price; I was told that this one fell in to that category.  However, ohhh la la, the smell is simply divine, that kind of smell you just want to close your eyes and luxuriate in.

When I lay my head on the pillow the divine aroma permeated the air around me.  So it hits big points on this score.  The shampoo is a little runny, so be careful if you are scrimping, when you go to pour it out. So my rating for this particular product is 8/10

Don’t you just love hair care?

Hopefully some discerning coiffeur customer will find this article useful! 🙂

I would like to add lastly and importantly that I have not received any kind of benefit either financially or product wise in doing this review, it is simply something that I wished to do.

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Andrew Stephen Hairdressing


Andrew Stephen Hairdressing

Finding a good hairdresser sometimes feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Though this particular hairdressers I am going to highlight today is not in East Sheen, it is however close by in Barnes and yes I am biast and just had to write a piece on this wonderful service provided by Andrew Stephen Hairdressing.

I have known Andrew, one of the partners, for literally years, when I was single and I have been married at least 10 years.  I met him when he worked at Anita Lawrence’s salon in Fulham.  Once tried I never went back, well I lie, I had maybe two dalliances elsewhere only due to reasons such as being at the other end of the country.

The hairdressers is a short bus ride from East Sheen.

The hairdressers is a short bus ride from East Sheen.

Andrew is simply charming and talented, I have had the joy of watching him moving on from Fulham and starting up his own business with Stephen Ridal.

The salon is sparkling clean, modern yet warm as is the atmosphere.  One of the drawing factors for me, is it isn’t hectic, the noise level is low but not too quiet.  All staff have always shown a generous dose of friendly professionalism.

Relax in reclining chairs whilst nimble fingers relax your scalp!

Relax in reclining chairs whilst nimble fingers relax your scalp!

There are four main ranges of products being Davines, L’Oreal,  Kerastasé and Nioxin for hair loss.  Kerastasé I have used for years and cannot fault it.  Davines I am trying right now, it is an organically produced product in recyclable material and a tad cheaper than Kerastasé, the jury is out for me whether better, but still good.

Products to suit all needs & desires!

Products to suit all needs & desires!

They also use two colour ranges.  I myself have experienced cutting and colouring from Andrew, both fantastic.  I appreciate a hairdresser who gets to know me, as in my wishes and desires for my crowning glory, gently advises where necessary but never pushes his ideas on to me.

A friendly & professional welcome awaits you!

A friendly & professional welcome awaits you!

Their treatments also include the fashionable Brazilian blow drying, a natural way to improve hair quality.

Special times are allocated for children’s haircuts and the salon is considered unisex.

Wait in comfort "coffee & a magazine?"

Wait in comfort “coffee & a magazine?”

There is one person I have forgotten to mention integral to the salon and that is Vito, the resident ‘look out’ for the premises who woofs away any undesirables, the name taken after the Italian Godfather.  Actually I have never heard him woof.  He is very friendly, his coat suffice to say the softest and if you are really lucky he will come and sit on your lap.

Vito the Godfather dog.

Vito the Godfather dog.

My photos really do not do justice, but it’s nice to get a hint of the place that hopefully if you are searching for excellent talent and friendly service you might visit:

7 Rocks Lane, Barnes, SW13 0DB

020 8878 1313


Opening Hours

Monday – Tuesday
9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Wednesday – Thursday
10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m

10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m

9.00  a.m. to 6.00 p.m


A treat or two!

A treat or two!

If you are really lucky, you might get one of the tempting treats on offer, I usually ferret away a bag of freebies of some kind, of course with a very much necessary purchase.

If you wish to read one of my reviews on products bought at Andrew Stephens Hairdressing click here

If you wish to read one of my reviews on products bought at Andrew Stephens Hairdressing click here

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