FiSH Open Garden Event,East Sheen, A Wonderful Surprise

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FiSH Open Garden Event,East Sheen, A Wonderful Surprise

We had an open garden event in East Sheen, organised by FISH, last weekend.  I am sure it has been running for a while now once a year, but this year though I had seen the posters it didn’t ‘register’ in my mind.  What a mistake.  Jenny who runs FISH locally lives on our street and put forth such a great visionary picture for the event that I felt compelled to try it.

I could already see plenty of people walking around locally with maps, and all I had to do was get my £10 out for my ticket, get a map and have fun finding the local generous hosts who had kindly decided to open their gardens to the public.

The sun shone as I walked for 2 1/2 – 3 hours around my local area.  Most of the time I was completely in awe of what I had just seen.

Some of the houses you wouldn’t even know existed as they are down long paths unseen in the depths of mystical greenery.  There was also the added bonus of a classic car viewing down one of the streets for all you car enthusiasts.

There were classic gardens, preened to pristine condition with manicured lawns that you could eat your dinner off.  The houses were glorious and in such a variety of architectural styles and period.  One particular garden was lush and you could smell the abundant flora even as you approached, it reminded me of the headiness from the plants you get in the Caribbean, so pungent.  Another garden had an Eastern versus Western twist, I fell in love simply with the pool house, let alone the main residence.  This had a vintage brickwork pool with an elegant 30yr old Japanese Wisteria hanging like mermaids tresses from a stone pergola.

So next year make sure to save the date, take a bottle of water, or you might be tempted to take a sip of the various cups of tea, sample some cake or have a glass of Pimms, that are also offered for a small fee by the hosts of some of the gardens.

You can find out more about FiSH here:  FiSH

FiSH Neighbourhood Care aims to inspire a caring community where older people live fulfilling, independent lives knowing that help willingly given by neighbours is at hand.

Here are some visuals of my experience.  Until next time, Justine xxx


Talented Local Photographer, Vicki Sharp

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Talented Local Photographer, Vicki Sharp

I’m not really a fan at all of having my photograph taken, I tend to feel acutely awkward and un-photogenic.  However, after a few failed attempts at trying to take selfies for my various social media channels and also having admired an ex boss’s update of her website photo I decided to make some enquiries and get something just a little more professional.  I was recommended by Kerrie Dorman towards a local, reasonably priced photographer called Vicki Sharp.

So there the story begins…

The booking process was relaxed and easy, Vicki arrived with a view to updating my social media and also taking some family snaps of whoever was around, all I was asked to do was get a few outfits or ideas ready.

Vicki arrived with bouncing enthusiasm at the door after having admired my numerous pairs of wellies outside the front door, announcing she was sure we were going to get on!  I wasn’t sure whether she was putting me at ease with regards to perhaps having equally messy porch or just having a fondness for wellies.

The kettle went on and Vicki made herself at home in my kitchen, all various kinds of equipment being set up and put in to place all the while whilst having a good old natter.  Finally outfits were chosen and it was time to rock and roll.  I was told a few tricks of the trade to get a good portrait photograph and we started.

I have to say at the end of my session I felt that I had had a really good time, almost like a good night out.  Yep I know, sad, I obviously don’t get out much.  But seriously, I had had fun, and more so had felt glamorous, confident, happy and totally at ease in front of the camera and Vicki, which really is rare for me.

Vicki Sharp PhotographyThe dogs then decided to jump in, who would want to stop them?  Everyone was very relaxed even if the dogs were terribly excited and letting off windy pops all over the place to show their enthusiasm.

Then my eldest who I thought equally as reluctant to go in front of the lens had his turn.  I was sent away and low and behold another good time was had.

Vicki Sharp Photography

Our French Bulldog resembling a walrus!

Then Vicki took on both my boys, some with myself some not, there was a lot of configurations going on and she spent a huge amount of time at ours which upon reflection for what she charged was incredibly reasonable.

The turnaround of photos via a low-res gallery was very quick, a number of days.  Then Vicki popped around again, another natter and relaxed discussion again on what my requirements were and a few ideas and choices put in to place.

I was then updated with examples, a streamlined gallery to choose from.  All very professional and easy.  There was no hard sale which for me was very important.

Vicki Sharp Photography

So, if you fancy updating your family photos, your LinkedIn profile or anything else, I thoroughly recommend Vicki, you can find her details on her website here:  Vicki Sharp Photography

If you need another reason to persuade to book Vicki take a peek here:


Vicki Sharp Photography is delighted and proud to have been Commended in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category at the Richmond Business Awards 2016!


The Reiki H’Art Healing Hub Has Come To East Sheen

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The Reiki H’Art Healing Hub Has Come To East Sheen

What is Reiki I hear some of you ask!  What’s all the fuss about, hopefully I can elaborate a little further as written by Klaudia Kadar, our resident Reiki expert:  (my experience you will find underneath the photos, so please stay a while)

Reiki is a very gentle, highly intelligent and most efficient spiritual healing energy. Reiki helps you regain your balance on four levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki goes to the root of your problem and makes the necessary corrections in the energy system of the body in a holistic way. As a result, most of the times after a therapy you will feel not only balanced but also happy and content.

Reiki is universal and not only in its name – meaning Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritual Energy – but also in the sense that it has a wonderfully beneficial effect on everybody and everything be it a human being, a plant, an animal or an event, with no contraindication whatsoever.

Sometimes Reiki can bring about positive changes almost instantaneously, depending on the problem it is channelled for.

Potential benefits:

• Strengthens the body’s natural healing abilities

•Accelerates recuperation after surgery

• Supports substance abuse recovery

•Reduces side effects of radiation and chemotherapy

•Deep relaxation during and after treatment

•Reduces anxiety and depression

•Enhances overall well-being

• Strengthens self-esteem & self-awareness


Now that is the official bit over, how about I tell you about my wonderful experience with Klaudia, who not only is a Reiki practitioner, but a Reiki Master which means she can teach it as well.

Klaudia has been practicing Reiki for a number of years and what you get with her during a session is a no frills therapeutic experience.  In this I mean, you get ‘Reiki’ from a very skilled practitioner.  I say this with a degree of confidence having been trained in it myself and my father being a Reiki Master.

During my session I lay down on the couch, fully clothed, the lights dimmed, some very gentle music was playing in the background, other than that the place was quiet.

Klaudia was due to start, my eyes were shut, but I knew instantly where she was as there was this incredible heat that almost had a physical entity, like electric fingers running all over my scalp, yet she was not touching me at this stage.  The heat ran down my face until there was an intense tingling sensation, almost pressure in my nose.  At this point I had a very surprising experience where I became aware of this smell coming from her hands, but not actually from her hands if that makes sense?  It was a familiar aroma that brought me great comfort, I’ve yet to work out what and why that happened.

Klaudia then worked over the rest of my body, sometimes touching my body, sometimes just hovering above. It felt as though I was melting in to the ground, there was no desire to move and it felt like my legs were lead, in a pleasant way!  There was heat running through my body in different places and I could feel the energy shifting throughout.

Then it was over, I didn’t want to leave but unfortunately I had to.  Would I visit Klaudia again?  Yes I would.

If you want to find out more about what she does, please visit her website: The H’Art Healing Hub

Or if you wish to book an appointment, you can contact her here:

Therapies take place at:

317 Upper Richmond Road West
East Sheen
SW14 8QR
Richmond upon Thames, London

Reiki in your home:

South West London: Barnes, Chiswick, East-Sheen, North-Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond, Kew, Twickenham, Teddington, Ham, Petersham, Putney

Book an appointment: 0752 3196 271  or

Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday:          9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Reiki Pages


The Changing Seasons of Richmond Park – February


Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 02

I have undertaken to partake of a challenge run by a fellow blogger called Cardinal Guzman.  The idea is to photograph somewhere, ideally the same place, once a month over the course of a year, finishing off with a lovely portfolio of said ‘area’ at the end, showing the Changing of Seasons.

I have of course chosen my favourite area, that being Richmond Park.

If you wish to see more about the challenge specifically, please click here – Monthly Photo Challenge:  The Changing Seasons (click the link to pop by his blog and read all about it).

You can catch up on the seasons by clicking the category section named “Changing Seasons”

I have presented the photos in a gallery but if you are looking at them from a desktop you might one to click each one to make bigger, if you are so inclined and see that each one is labelled 😀

Richmond Park

I went around the daffodil area of Palewell Common and Fields and was delighted to see the pretty flowers blooming and trying to make a Spring like appearance.

I am sure there must be some kind of story behind the owl in the tree, does anyone know who put it there, how long has it been around?

You will note no deer in this picture they are no doubt tucked away in the forest for it is deer culling season.

My children always love charging down the hill on their bikes which puts the fear of god in to me, it didn’t seem to scare one lonesome bird, of course I never get any birds face on but back end, it seems to be the same case with the deer, though their bottoms are prettier.

It is always a joy to see the various ‘dens’ built by children that pop up around the park.

One of my favourite views is the skyline where you see the striking difference between urban and rurul with the high rise blocks in the background.

Here we have the pond, the swan here seemed to be making a beeline for someone, it really was quite dramatic.  My children spent ages just sitting by the water’s edge for a change not making a noise, I wonder what it was that was catching their attention?  You will see of course some of our well known visitors the parakeets shaded by the setting sun, I almost didn’t recognise them as they were devoid of their greenery in this light.

Next we have the benches which is always a bit of fun for me there was quite a busy time to be had on them in a short period.

A little bit of macro.

We are further down the park now, nearer my favourite tree.  This is where my son plays at leaping over the water, always, always getting wet though he promises every time he won’t.

Wise and majestic

Changing Seasons Richmond Park February

Changing Seasons Richmond Park February

My favourite tree, again I am sure there is a story behind this great live wooden sculpture, perhaps someone will tell me?

My son on my favourite tree, a place he always goes to.

Changing Seasons Richmond Park Februa

Changing Seasons Richmond Park Februa

I hope you have had pleasure viewing this photo gallery, if so please share on facebook and tweet, share the love! Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

Petersham Nurseries Wild Food Walk With Claudio Bincoletto – Write Up


Petersham Nurseries Wild Food Walk With Claudio Bincoletto – Write Up

Sunday, 22nd February 2015 09:30am – 12:00pm
SOLD OUT (£35.00)
Concession (£30.00)

Discover the joys of foraging with the charismatic and knowledgeable chef and horticulturalist, Claudio Bincoletto. Each walk lasts an hour after with we return to the Nurseries for a light brunch, glass of wine and cooking demonstration.Tickets £35.00 (includes walk, light foraged lunch including tea/ coffee and a glass of wine).

I decided to treat myself to the above, which is the Wild Food Walk from Petersham Nurseries.  Having never been to any of their events I was super excited.  Being a total novice forager I was keen to find out more about what I could acquire in the wild to eat, be it raw or cooked.

My mind did wonder as to what exactly one would find at this time of the year foraging but I was assured upon a telephone conversation with one of the lovely staff at Petersham that I would return with at least three or four foraged items to cook/keep.

Even though I have been there a few times now to shop and eat their wonderful gluten free cake,  the splendour and sense of magic when you enter Petersham still takes my breath away.

(please click upon any image in the galleries to have it brought up to full size)

It was one of those mornings where you could see your own breath and the frost lay lightly upon the ground.  I arrived with a friend of mine and saw a variety of age groups, some with babies also arriving for the scheduled event.

Having never seen Claudio Bincoletto I was rather excited when I spied him through the vintage glass of one of the large greenhouses preparing what looked like our lunch.  I made my introductions to him upon entering and received a very warm welcome and could tell immediately that I was going to have an enjoyable day.

All the eager participants of the event had a few minutes to mingle and peruse the indoor shopping area, to get some ideas and feel a certain sense of inspiration to get planting for the year ahead.

Claudio then made his introductions to all and it was time to go.  As we were leaving to go for our walk I spied next door where he had been working to see a lovely rustic natural display upon the long iron tables, it was a sign of good things to come.

Claudio started with the history of the immediate area and Petersham itself, I wont be a spoiler and talk about it here, because then you won’t be tempted to go and try it out for yourself.

I was shocked to be told that this area which is so wild and seemingly unkempt to the novices eye that this used to be a beautiful wild garden with a summer house.  The rising waters have caused much damage and havoc in the local area.

This used to be a lovely wild garden with a Summer house

This used to be a lovely wild garden with a Summer house since ruined by rising water levels


There were a few lovely private gardens tucked away on our walk which always gave a sense of magical mystery as one peeked through the iron gates.

Claudio was extremely passionate about preserving the majestic trees, so many of which have suffered with the rising waters and various other influences.  He gave us the entire history of each statuesque tree with a sense of fondness like they were almost family members. There are not as many left now, perhaps a handful in the wild wooded area that formed part of our walk.

Having traversed the woodland we then had a short amble down by the river, only to turn left back in to the woods and witness more water damage.  You can see some of the preventative measures in the form of sand bags that have been put up.

We were shown two types of wild garlic, now I know they had special names but for the life of me I cannot remember what they were.   However one is best cooked, the other not and just put in salads.  But like all things, one has to be careful certainly that we know that what we are picking is safe and edible and also not urinated upon by the many doggies going for their walks.

Claudio showed us the Artist’s Conk, or rather Nature’s Canvas.  I found this a fascinating fungus.  It is not edible.  However if you touch underneath it is super soft, like a soft leather and artists have been known to draw pictures upon it.   You can see a really interesting article about it here:-  Artist’s Conk

We also found the Judas Ear mushroom which apparently is edible.  I have to say to me it looked utterly disgusting and felt it too, it caused many an “urgh yuk” amonstg fellow walkers.  I don’t think I would want to try it, but interesting all the same.

Some of the trees that have seen better days still strike an imposing silhouette against the skyline.

Claudio explained about a fungus that eats away at the inside of the trees.  Many of the majestic prominent ones have fallen to this fungus.  However what was interesting is that this fungus eats away at the entire core of the tree, you can see this in the photo below.  The tree either dies because of this or becomes stronger, the fact that it is hollow means that it is more flexible in the wind and less likely to fall over in high gusts.

What is the saying “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger?”

Petersham Nursries visit 278

We finally returned after about an hour.  Being a visual person I took delight at all the table decor.  The walkers were invited to find a seat, it was all a very relaxed affair.

Once we were all seated, Claudio with various cooks served us bit by bit an array of wonderful foods.  Not the type I would normally cook at home.  There were potatoes in an anchovy sauce, of which I ate far too much, my tummy grumbling afterwards, but it was well worth it.  Lots of raw vegetables, cooked roots and leaves etc.  We had wine and pudding also.  This was something I was not expecting in such quantity and variety, certainly a wonderful treat.

All in all the event was wonderful and good value.  I had gone with the anticipation of walking away with an increasing level of knowledge of foraging that would enable me perhaps re-create the walk and find my own wild foods or indeed find wild foods elsewhere.  However we returned empty handed but I fear this was due to the season and the weather.

The passion and knowledge from Claudio was infectious and inspiring.  He clearly has a wonderful talent and knowledge base to share.  The food blew me away and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.  I walked away with a full belly and an increasing understanding of the plight of the local area by the rising water levels and interesting bits and pieces about the local trees and garlic!

I am not sponsored to write these articles, I write them for the pure enjoyment and to spread news about events in the local area.

If you wish to see more events available at Petersham, please click here:- Petersham Nurseries Events

© Justine Nagaur

I visited the Cavan Bakery, what a lovely affair!


I visited the Cavan Bakery, what a lovely affair!

Most of you will know that the Cavan Bakery opened up at 51 Sheen Lane.

There was a wonderful write up from the Richmond and Twickenham Times about their opening weekend, where they gave away 500 FREE loaves, you can see the write up here: Cavan Bakery Opening Weekend

However unfortunately I did not get there at the weekend but made an impromptu visit today (Monday).  I was extremely pleasantly surprised.  Firstly what caught my eye being a very novice baker myself is that they sell a wide variety of flours for all your wonderful home-made creations.

Then in the window you will see the usual sticky tempting treats, which got my son slowing up as he passed the window.

The welcome was cheery, bright and genuine.  I came in with a wealth of questions about their breads, all of which were answered.

I walked away with a Bath Bun and a Rye Bread, both reasonably priced.

As you can see the bun did not last long, was light and sweet, the bread oh boy though, usually I am not a huge fan of Rye but know the benefits of eating it.  This however was on a different level, apparently it has a little bit of white added to it, lightening it up and this works a treat, it was so flavoursome and soft.

I will definitely be back for another loaf!

My son kept saying “wow they are a good bakery mummy”.  I have to agree!


Caven Bakery

Caven Bakery

I hope you have had a bright start to the week, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

Ibstock Christmas Market was a great shopping treat!


Ibstock Christmas Market was a great shopping treat!

Wicker weaving

Wicker weaving

I was very excited when I heard that Ibstock school was hosting a Christmas Market and especially so when I saw the variety of items that would be on sale, some of which you can see on their facebook here: Ibstock Christmas Market

Pink's Pestos Jellies & Chutneys

Pink’s Pestos Jellies & Chutneys

I arrived an hour in to it starting, the rain had made the ground pretty slushy but spirits were certainly not dampened.  I was given a map in the entrance which surprised me having assumed it would be some tiny affair not big enough to need one, however I was wrong.

There was a lovely mix of activities for children that were well thought out and appealing, some of which I had not seen at fairs or other markets so this was a nice surprise.

Christmas ornaments that light up for display

Christmas ornaments that light up for display

I had worried that the BBQ would have a huge queue by the time I arrived, it was actually rather small, I instinctively thought that must mean it’s not very good, but queued nonetheless as my stomach didn’t care.

However, the food though simple in offerings, ie hot dog and burgers, which actually in hindsight make things a lot easier for both the cooks and customers, was delicious.  It was obvious that good meat had been chosen and the staff on board the BBQ tent were akin to a military operation, hence the queue was small, a thoroughly pleasant experience.

The stalls were dotted around in different buildings, this made the map necessary. Upon only a couple of instances did I feel there a strange combination of stall holders put together, ie very nice hand made jewellery and plastic children’s toys, all tucked way in the back.  However the range of crafts, produce and items tailored to all needs and most budgets and wants.

Coral & Bone Decorative products for the home

Coral & Bone Decorative products for the home

After helping myself to a hot dog, I shopped until I nearly dropped, swigged down a very strong mulled wine which nearly blew my head off, watched the children play lazer quest in some plastic zip up blow up contraption which they said was absolutely excellent then drift off home with a few Christmas presents tucked under my belt.

Bright, light & striped Fouta Towels

Bright, light & striped Fouta Towels

I believe this is the 2nd year that this market has been held, I myself hope for it to be repeated next year.

Nutty Lady, glazed nuts

Nutty Lady, glazed nuts

I have listed below a few stall holders of whose items I tried and tested within the time frame given and give a thumbs up to….the rest I hope to peruse next year!

  • Pep up your pasta with Pink’s Pestos – – I bought a selection of jellies and chutneys from here after having tasted I think the entire variety, there were simply YUM
  • Portrait Artist for furry friends or children – 07739730578 or – though I have not commissioned anything from Emily it is a serious contender to do so.  The paintings had a modern look to them, fresh and colourful and simply adorable.
  • Nutty Lady, Almonds, glazed, chewy caramelised and spicy pecans – yup I tried these, didn’t buy simply because I was running out of hand space to hold things, but they were unusual and moreish for sure –
  • Fouta, bright, light & striped Fouta towels – – though I didn’t buy one of these towels again I was sorely tempted, but I cannot buy everything right?  The colours were beautiful and I was initially attracted to them simply because of this and thinking they were some kind of throw.  They are super slim and apparently hold a huge amount of water versus the thinness of the material and dry super quickly.
  • Blue Blanc – – here I found super pretty and funky what looked like pyjama bottoms, but then saw a poster with people wearing them with wellies, so I guess super versatile, long socks in bright colours, hats and a few other items.  What kept my attention was the quality and colour of the items, plus friendly staff of course and yup some pyjamas were bought but not to be opened until Christmas.
  • Coral and Bone – – a friend of mine runs this stall but I am not biased, this business provides antique and new eclectic items to decorate the home and I am always tempted every time I see their stall to buy something.

Thank you for reading, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur

The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!


The Barnes Food Fair was a gluttony delight!

This was my first visit to The Barnes Food Fair.  I had heard varying opinions, from it being expensive to wonderful, so my curiosity was at its height to find out for myself.

Of course it started with an adventure.  Seeing that Teddy (my frenchbulldog) had lost his companion recently, I decided to bring him along, knowing that there was doggycare there and he needs a bit of doggy playtime with others.  Not being allowed on the first bus that came along due to another dog already being on there we had to wait for another, all a learning curve.  So if you are planning on taking a bus with a dog bear this in mind and make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

Teddy really wasn’t sure about the bus and promptly flopped himself down flat on to the floor for safety, I guess he wasn’t sure about the motion of it and he remained there until we arrived which was in hindsight a good thing.

I always love wandering through Barnes seeing the lovely array of shops, ones that I make a mental note to make sure I visit later when more time.  One being a lovely old fashioned Grocers Shop, called Two Peas in a Pod (featured below).

When I lived on Wandsworth Bridge Road we had a traditional grocers there for a while and it was an experience rather than just a shopping trip.  Though there is a wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables in our local Waitrose, it isn’t quite the same.  Maybe one day we will get a grocers down my end of Upper Richmond Road, instead of another Estate Agents!

We spotted Bruce’s doggy daycare which consisted of a tent and a handful of people ready with leads to take our beloved pets.  It was like dropping one of my children off to nursery for the first time.  I made the mistake of looking back only to see him straining against the lead to be with us, yes a heart tugging moment, but I braved on and went to the Food Fair without another glance back.

Bruce’s doggy daycare

– you can find their website here – Bruce’s Doggy Daycare

An example of their reasonable pricing

Half Day

1 dog from £16 2hrs minimum


Two Peas in a Pod Grocery Store

020 8748 0232

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Having entered the Barnes Food Fair I met the lovely Charlotte Sharpe-Neal who is the main organizer, she was introduced to me as the ‘Oracle’ which is testament to others opinions of her.  The main area outside consisted of stalls with hot food ready to buy for lunch and a small selection of saleable goods.

The fair wasn’t as big as I imagined it would be, having been to the Barnes Fair which is huge I had anticipated something like that.  In fact I was grateful it wasn’t as it allowed me to get around the stalls in a decent non back breaking time, get an idea of what was tickling my taste buds and make my choice what I wanted to eat.

I also bumped in to Anthony from Pistachios our local cafe in Palewell Common & Fields, his wife had cooked up a samosa storm!

Stockholm restaurant & Deli

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the board below saying Reindeer burgers with a pathetic “awe” coming out of my mouth.  Of course I think of Richmond Park, the majestic deer and then the sign.  It is all about what we find normal and I guess in Stockholm reindeer burgers are normal and apparently they are also very good for us.  No I didn’t try one, but that is not to say that next time I wouldn’t.

The reindeer burgers came from the Stockholm Restaurant and Delhi, which is local in East Sheen, you will find it as you head down towards Mortlake Train Station on the right hand side.  I havn’t been in yet to eat there, it is always somewhere I imagined to go for a ‘special’ event.  But seeing as they have a deli which I had not noticed before I think it is high time I go in and visit.

You can find their website here – Stockholm Restaurant & Deli

109 Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London SW14 8AE

020 8876 7747 –

Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 10pm (Sunday and Monday – closed)

Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine

My choice for lunch was in fact from the Exotic Tagine Moroccan Cuisine stall.  The selection of lentils, lamb and chicken sizzling away was too much for me.  The plate was stacked high as you could see, fit for my tummy to burst, very tasty and at around £7 was in my opinion well worth it.

16 Milfield, Mill Place Kingston- Upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2RP

Tel 07760 273425  Email:


Swing music – Entertainment at The Barnes Food Fair

There was music put on for the visitors, a wonderful duo of girls sung swing music, a real treat.

Caribbean Cuisine

I am particularly fond of caribbean cuisine.  Going down to Oistins in Barbados on a Friday night where they pull in the catch of the day which are then cooked in oil  drums, a swig of rum, a spoonful of macaroni pie you can’ get better. So I wait for a Caribbean Restaurant to open up in East Sheen, that is on my wish list!

Tapestry Tapas Bar

Apparently we have a tapas bar not too far away and it has been here for over 13yrs!  Another one of my favourite foods.  They cater in house and out, so it’s worth taking a look at their website if you have any parties coming up.

You can find their website here – Tapestry Tapas Bar

Tapestry Tapas Bar, 1 Lower Richmond Road, London SW14 7EZ

Tel: 020 8878 7177020 8878 7177


Tapestry Tapas Bar
Tapestry Tapas Bar

The Giggly Pig Company

All I know about the Giggly Pig Company is that we have come across them before at another fair.  They are just about to set up online ordering and now 2nd time around I can vouch that their sausages are absolutely divine.  Just eaten some for Sunday lunch.

132 Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9PH

Tel:  01708 343896

Their website can be found here:  The Giggle Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

The Giggly Pig Company

Inside the Barnes Food Fair Festival Tent

Inside the tent were taster stalls and areas where one could buy produce.  It was particularly hot in there so I didn’t manage long but whizzed around.

The giggly sausages caught my eye of course as mentioned above and chocolate.  I am an official chocoholic and what better way than to divulge in this weakness than as described below the next set of pictures.


Pots & Co

Luckily for me there were some sample pots and rather large wooden throw away spoons to dip in, yay chocolate heaven for me but I did not take advantage.  I headed straight for the salted caramel and chocolate pot and felt my eyes nearly bulge out of my head in ecstasy.  Their gourmet, delicious, decadent, divine pots are sold in various places, you can find out where on their website.

You can find their website here:  Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Pots & Co

Thank you for reading and I hope next year you are now inspired to go and visit the Barnes Food Fair!

© Justine Nagaur –




A great sporting extravaganza was organised by Find My Sport!

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A great sporting extravaganza was organised by Find My Sport!

Sunday just past both my children attended the Find My Sport event which was as quoted per their website:

Find My Sport is a jamboree of sports for 4-11 year olds all scheduled on one day – Sunday July 13th 2014, at Shene Sports & Fitness Centre in East Sheen, Richmond Upon Thames.  It is an opportunity for your child to watch and try a whole range of sports and be inspired to pursue one or more of them. Find My Sport is about each child finding the sport that suits them. It is not intended as an elite athlete search.  It’s about making sport a core, fun value for your child; an attitude that will last a life-time.

Being the first time we had ever gone to anything like this our minds were open but with the usual questions.  I can confidently say that the event in our minds was a resounding success, having been professionally organised with obvious precision throwing in a few nice little touches as well.

Upon entering there was a registration tent where we were given our boys tickets which comprised of five slots to be stickered every time one of the five recommended activities were partaken off, at the end of which there would be a goodie bag for completely filled in cards.

Unfortunately because of one son dipping out to go to a friends party midday and the other having to shift around activities due to his age none of them did complete their cards, they didn’t seem that bothered but I rather fancied one of the Find My Sports bags and my pout was not going to persuade the boys otherwise.

Find My Sport Passport

Find My Sport Passport

We started with archery.  It turns out my two sons must be descendants from Robin Hood for they really took this.  Taking a close up shot of my youngest who finds it hard to sit still I was amazed at the concentration on his face, something we will be definitely signing up for either holiday, term time or both.

I thought that there would be massive queues and tetchy children having to wait.  The timing slots however were done cleverly to allow small gaps inbetween. Numbers of entrants per activity were clearly monitored and there was some free flow time where children could mingle and informally try different sports without booking.  This allowed for an easy stream of youngsters to move from one sports provider to the next.

We then headed over to the fencing area which was a safely cordoned off.  The children were taught first the dipping and diving steps, yes you can tell I have no idea as to their proper terminology.

The boys were itching for a sword and much to my relief were given bendy plastic ones.  Then it came to sparring time, brother was pitched against brother.  I thought there would be bloodshed but they had great fun, acting with chivalry obviously brought about by the sport and shaking hands at the end.

Around the fencing area was the newly developed cafeteria for Richmond Park Academy.  Oh my, as you can see inside it is like something from a space age, spic and span and gloriously shiny and upbeat.

My son who is now at secondary school, but a different one was slightly green with envy.  Luckily he did not see the fairy cakes that apparently the students can buy, I thought they were just out for us, but that was not the case.  Lucky children we never had anything like that at school.

We also met up with Sheen Sports who had a stall there and provide residents with a huge array of different sporting goods, you will find them at 353-355 Upper Richmond Road SW14 8QN.

It is a family affair, Nick and his brother who resemble twins (my eyesight is bad), but who are not, actually live up my street, but can be found around East Sheen when not working namely the Hare & Hounds relaxing after a hard days work.  They are a friendly lot so if you need some new tennis shoes, or kids sporting goods why not pop in and see what they have to offer?

There was also a lovely face painter, unfortunately I think she might have fared better if placed on the field as most of the children probably didn’t see her around the back, but seeing as she was just beside the cafeteria she was well looked after by the lovely ladies serving there.

Riff Raff Face painting

Riff Raff Face painting

There was a barbeque man providing burgers, a pimms stall and more, nothing was left out for provisions.

I would say that the average age range was between 4 – 6/7yrs old.  This was wonderful to see.  The only thing it did do was leave my 11yr old slightly embarrassed to have to enter a class with a huge group of youngsters.

I thought we would become unstuck at this point as 11yr olds can become quite ugly and grumpy at this age. We didn’t force him to be with the younger ones but found other areas that were either quiet or had children slightly nearer his age.   No provider turned us down even though we weren’t booked, so I give a huge thumbs up for flexibility.

One of the sports providers we ended up seeing spontaneously was the rugby area where London Scottish FC were the hosts.

We had seen them previously at the  Mortlake Fair where I had written an article mentioning them, which you can see here – Mortlake Fair we survived a washout

My eldest hasn’t really taken to rugby the way my husband would have liked (him been now a keen rugby watcher rather than player).  So I was surprised that he chose to go to this area.  I found the hosts to be amazingly patient, supportive and encouraging.

My son ended up with a one to one session of effectively personal rugby training after which some youngsters who were actually part of the club joined in and trained with him throwing balls back and forth and gently letting him know the right and wrong way to do it!

One thing I will say that was obvious is that all the sports providers showed a passion and gusto for their chosen profession.  There was not one person that I spotted there with a bored face, or the “I want to go home now” look about them.  There were smiles all around and genuine support, advice and skill sets given to the children who were attending.

Another area we visited was the hall which was taken over completely.  There were gymnastics, basketball amongst other sports and we headed for the table tennis.

It was a Tooting based club that was hosting this sport, though a little far away they are hoping to get a club in the area.  I cross fingers for this as its great fun.

One of the men helping out was in his 80’s and he flitted around the table with the speed of a dragonfly it was quite amazing to see.

They had a robot that would throw out balls which is where my son started, I sneaked in a go as was hopping about like a kid desperate to try it.  Then he had a match against one of the trainers which was fun.

The robot throwing out balls

The robot throwing out balls

My youngest tried kayaking which you might ask where was the water?  They hoisted a boat up in the air and children could then learn to row, it was ingenious.

He also did cycling and was thrilled to be given a BMX bike to try out on.  They had various courses, poles to cycle under, speed testing and the slowest race which proved to be very challenging for the children as opposed to who was the fastest.

There were a few exhibitions to see also, one being gymnastics.  I was amazed and squeamish at how bendy some of the children were.

We left exhausted but happy and hoping that there would be another event like this put on again in the not to distant future.

Well done to Find My Sport

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Barnes Fair wow what an affair, come take a look at what you missed if you weren’t there!


Barnes Fair, wow what an affair!

This year the Barnes Fair was held on the 12th July, 2014 and I have been lucky enough to attend the last 3 years.

The first year was a wash out as in the heavens opened and literally tried to wash the stalls away however it didn’t dampen my spirits, excuse the pun!

The second year was blisteringly hot, to the point of wishing to pass out or nearly doing so and this year though not blisteringly it was blazingly hot, though it did not deter my presence.  However I was chasing shadows rather a lot for some brief respite.

Barnes Fair is organized by Barnes Community Association and it did not disappoint this year at all.

It’s a relatively small space of land for how overwhelmingly large it feels at fair time, the sheer amount of stall holders they pack in to the space and the maze of weaving around makes it feel immense, giving one that lost feel that one often gets in Ikea, however unlike Ikea I didn’t have the “HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE” thoughts.

I was on a mission this year to get some good photos and to find local craftsmen, in the heat and trying to be prudent with my voice I would generally jump in immediately asking “are you a local?”  Some unsurprisingly thought it was a trick question and furrowed their brows in thought before answering.

There didn’t seem to me to be as many local craftsmen as I would have liked however, before there are protests though I was there for hours I didn’t get alllll the way around nor question every single stall holder.  However it was fairly irrelevant to me as a shopper in the end as every single person held the same passion for what they were selling whether it be handmade or sourced from somewhere else.

I would advise all local boutiques who like to stock something individual to scour the Fairs and Fetes because in the crafts area you would be surprised what gems you can find in the form of jewellers, textile designers and so forth.

As well as a wealth of things to buy and lighten ones pockets, there were also lots of childrens activities.

There was the merry go round which my 8yr old went on.  As he spun around I saw a great big beam of a smile on his face having thought that perhaps he might be a bit too old for it.  When he got off I asked him if he enjoyed it and he said in almost teenager fashion “NO” just as a matter of course.  I asked why and was answered with a “It was boring” number.  This is the same answer I now get for most things, including dinner, is this the same for you?

There were also a number of food providers, there was the Samosa man who I was tempted by.  Upon asking if his samosas were hot he hesitated and said “not really” that was enough for me and I ended up having a burger.  Though I am sure the samosas were lovely I was not sure if my poor heat riddled sun baked body could cope with an internal bake too!

We popped over to The Sun Inn for our burgers having tasted their delicious meaty surprises when The Boat Race was on.  Not really being a burger girl myself I am now converted, but only to the tune of if it is is cooked in The Sun which causes a few problems if in Devon for Easter.

I will say that I met someone in the Ladies loo queue, I am not quite sure why I said Ladies because it is not as if I queue outside the mens.  However I digress, I met a woman in the long queue.  Why is it that there is never a queue at the mens loos?

However, she had a paper bag in her hand, I had asked her if she bought anything.  She answered that she had bought some samosas for her family, suffice to say the fact she was carrying them in to the loo might predetermine that I was right in thinking they were in fact rather hot!

As I arrived I found my feet thumping a tune to the sound of a very good band playing, though I didn’t get their name they were awfully good, isn’t that quite frustrating.  However they said they were playing somewhere later on, though I didn’t quite catch that either, probably due to the fact I was desperate to get some good photos of them before they finished, of which I did catch!

I accosted the young chap who was selling pimms on his rather home made pimms carriage attached to a bike.  Unfortunately the lemonade had run out so I had not only a discount but an extra shot to take up the lemonade free space.

This was even after my youngest had decided it would be rather fun to push said carriage that was on wheels in the direction of the pond!  What a charming chap, the seller that is, not my son.

I also sent my son in the the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ having been enticed by the rather brightly attired man who had been selling his wares with booming voice for quite some time.  After my son had disappeared in to the depths of this mystical place I asked the seller if he didn’t get a sore voice.  He assured me that after 40 yrs of attending the best Fairs there was no way he was going to be getting a sore anything.

I took his word for it as my son appeared,  I asked him if he enjoyed it and guess what he said?

Suffice to say after the helter skelter I did not bother to ask him anything at all.

So i finish off with a little viewing pleasure as always.

A few lovely sellers I found of whom I can remember their details:

Beyond Biasa – click name for website

Beautiful colours, slight ethnic yet not obvious feel to them, simply stunning!

Ruby Rock Jewellery

Ruby Rock Jewellery

cgMACARON – local seller – click  name for website

We had a lemon macaron mmmm it was delish!

Ruby Rock Jewellery – click name for website

I found some absolutely stunning pieces here.  I make a point of not buying when I first arrive somewhere and her stall was right where I walked in.  Had she been later on when I was waning I would have bought something off her.  The pieces had a very different look to them, very unusual, slightly rocky and wow the Deer Head Necklace was amazing!

Chris Bell Photo Gallery – A local photographer – click his name for the website

I have nothing to show you apart from the man himself because of copyright issues, however I got one of his photographs that blew me away.  It is of a boat, I don’t even really like boats, but it was one of those photos that you just want to stand and watch, yes watch, because it really took you there.  He is in Mortlake, has a studio, go and check him out a lovely chap!

Chris Bell Photography

Chris Bell Photography

Coral & Bone – a local mummy – click business name to get to the website

Now I know the Owner of Coral and Bone,  a lovely mummy who shares the same schools as both my sons.  Her passion for finding unusual items is great to see and feel.  You will see that she has an eye for putting things together in just the right way, the pink glass candlesticks curtaining beautiful flute edged almost joss stick grey pottery was divine.

I am half hoping the candlesticks didn’t sell so I can have them.

Nearly last but not least a boar, yes a boar, I saw him at Mortlake Fair and he gave me quite a fright when I turned the corner and there he was again.  Does not anyone want to buy him?


Finishing off because I am from East Sheen, London, near Richmond Park I must have a deer.  I’ve  no eye deer (sorry had to do it), who was selling him, a large metal deer nonetheless he was rather stunning in the sunlight don’t you think?


As always thank you for reading/viewing, Justine xx

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