I recently went to The Dorchester for some pampering and self indulgence, my Christmas present to myself but ssshhh please, don’t let the secret out.  Upon leaving I saw the doorman who presumably seeing not only the inside goings on of the Dorchester but the outside would know pretty much everything there was to know about London.  I asked him “please would you get me a taxi to East Sheen”.  He looked completely blank for a moment as if searching his brain for some memory of said word and replied “is that in London?”.  I had to stifle a giggle as this is a regular incident.  I replied “it is indeed, though many seem to think it a mystical land of non existence, it nestles between Richmond, Putney and Barnes”.  He smiled as though relieved and said “let’s see if this taxi man knows East Sheen”.  It was a black cab and I almost held my breath as he was questioned.  He did to my relief, know of where I needed to go.

Geographically I am not sure quite sure what you would call East Sheen, a village, a high street?  It is part of however the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.  It has a long high street with a wealth of eateries, retailers, offices and supermarkets, plus all the other services one would expect.  Upper Richmond Road West connects to Richmond to Putney and central within this is The Triangle housing a war memorial and an old milestone.  The main mode of public transport is bus and Mortlake railway station, shock horror, no it does not have a tube station, which is why I think it still keeps itself as a secret to many.

For me, being born in London, but moving to a small village when three I thrived on the community spirit that village life brings.  You watch as a youngster almost from the sidelines at times how it  moulds ones parents, social engagements, values of life and knowledge.

Moving to London is a big adjustment, one I am used to know, but I would scurry back to visit country life as if drawing in a breath of fresh air.  Living in East Sheen gives me that breath of fresh air.  It has a wonderful community spirit, one to cherish.  Many generations of families have lived in East Sheen which helps to anchor down that community spirit.  However, I have seen a flurry of movement, people cashing in on the fact that East Sheen has become more known, house prices increasing and a little more transient residency going on, but a minority compared to other Boroughs I would imagine.

In this blog I ‘aim’ to cover places I enjoy, I guess because it is ‘my’ blog, but hope to give a good scope.  To include events, places, purchases, services and much more…..

I hope you enjoy my little slice of heaven!


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! I see that you’re very busy blogging at your three places! You have my admiration and respect. I just wanted to let you know here how I love the look of this blog – the colours, the layout, the sidebar images, it’s all awesome! I’m glad we share the same taste 😉


    • Awe thank you so much Mara. I am so chuffed 🙂 I will accept as long as your happy for me not to pass on only because I don’t follow anyone hardly on this blog and I only wrote posts pertaining to where I live its more ‘business’ orientated. I should put a no award sign for this blog but no one ever nominated for here so never thought of it so sweet though 🙂 thank you x


    • Hah yes well its just temporary, just playing around with an avatar, i had a cartoon one made, but after a while really fell out of love with it as think it makes me look a bit manic, I think it is still on my blavatar and other social media but will eventually fade it out when and finally I get one I really like 🙂


  2. Bloody horrible living here now. My family has been here for over 30 years and of course it’s a lovely scenery but now constantly all year round bloody building work. When you come here all you see are building sites, scaffolding etc . Brilliant place if you don’t mind the constant drilling shouting and noise .


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