Computer Tuition in your home by Age UK

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Computer Tuition in your home by Age UK


  • Are you a local resident within the Richmond Borough of Thames?
  • Would you like to learn how to use the internet and how to keep in touch with family and friends?
  • Perhaps you know someone, family or otherwise who might like some help?

AGE UK have a reliable and friendly IT team that can help you to get the most out of your computer and internet experience.

To find out more call 0208 876 0620 or 0800 917 9980


Website:  Age UK Richmond

Thank you for reading/visiting, Justine @ Living in East Sheen

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HANDS Charity Fair @ Twickenham Green this bank holiday ~ 26th May 2014 10am – 3pm


Let’s not forget that the HANDS Charity Fair is on at Twickenham Green this Bank Holiday weekend, Monday 26th May 2014 ~ 10am – 3pm


i love fun fairs by michyy

If you want to find out more about the HANDS Charity click here.

The Charity is as quoted on their website:


(HANDS) Help a neighbour in distress Scheme 
is a neighbourhood care group covering Twickenham & St. Margarets. 
HANDS aims to improve the quality of life by giving friendly, practical help to those in need. Local volunteers give help & support in many ways to people of any age group, especially older, frail, disabled, sick & lonely people.

The Fair is as quoted on their website:

The Charities Fair was first held in 1981 to enable charities and voluntary organisations to participate in Twickenham’s 800 year Anniversary Celebrations and to promote volunteering by providing an affordable venue and opportunity for fundraising and publicity.

Held annually, it is a fun day out for local people and their families.

Additionally six local craft stalls are invited to take part – selling their own hand-made creations.

The Mayor of Richmond upon Thames is invited to do a walkabout tour of the stalls to meet and greet the organisers and helpers from 11am onwards.

Over seventy organisations participate, having stalls around the Green selling a variety of goods including plants, toys, home produce, jams, cakes, gifts, books, bric-a-brac, refreshments, barbecue etc.

It is a family orientated day so many will include a simple competition or amusement for children such as a treasure hunt, face painting, making badges etc.

Accordingly stall fees just cover expenses and are kept to a minimum.

Organising the fair is not a profit-making endeavour for HANDS.

It will take place come rain or shine, hopefully shine! What a better way to support voluntary organizations and charities and enjoy one of our lovely Bank Holidays! Entry is FREE Address: Twickenham,
TW2 5AB If you wish to contact anyone about helping our or having a last minute stall call; Mrs Payan MBE 020 8891 3346 Thank you for reading as always and hope to see you there!

fairs by electric-birdd

by electric-birdd

Justine x

A grand time was had at the Richmond May Fair ~ make sure to diarize it next year!

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The weekend before last we all went to the Richmond May Fair.  It was the first time for me and I was pleasantly surprised.

Mother and daughter selling their wares with a smile! Oh and a fan...

Mother and daughter selling their wares with a smile! Oh and a fan…

What appealed to me was the fact that there was a huge eclectic mix of stall holders.  The ambiance was jolly even in the blustery winds as you can see with the balloon lady, I half expected her to take off at any moment.

There I found the lovely old fashioned ‘traditional rides’ as you will see below, this always keeps especially the younger children happy…the sweet bubble as I call it was doing a thriving business too!

As well as this however, there was a large variety of different charities present with their stalls, activity and socially leg organizations, private stalls and a large amount of schools had tables too.

This is not to forget the craft tent which much to my dismay I only discovered at the end of our allotted time there when energy levels had plummeted but being a ‘shopper’ I had to make a visit through and out swiftly, keeping my purse tightly tucked in my pocket as I could hear my children wailing for me to come out…

The  buzz of activity as you can see was thriving around the school barbeques, the cake stalls and the children all seemed to enjoy doing their part to raise funds.

One of the charities that tugged at my heart amongst all the other well deserving ones was the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare Organization which relies on donations to look after anything between 80-90 greyhounds at any one time.  With this responsibility comes also other than feeding and veterinary bills the general time spent walking them, socializing etc.

The average career duration for a greyhound normally goes no further than 4 years which is fairly young in doggie years.  As you can imagine there is a lot of time left for them to lead happy lives elsewhere, but often do not.  Having been at the tent I can say that they are simply adorable, very gentle in nature, I had to peel my children and dogs away from them.

I shall be intending to make a visit to them and do a fuller article however in the meantime so you might know, they offer people who do not have dogs the ability once vetted to come down and borrow one for a weekend, the same goes for coming down and dog walking, taking them on holiday and of course they look to re-home them as well.

With the large number they house, it is a good opportunity for people who do not have dogs due to living constraints or otherwise to be able to enjoy a slice of doggie heaven.

If you are interested in making a visit the number to ring is 01932 224918 and they are based in Hersham.  Or you can look up further details on their website here.

Until then, some pics of the beautiful hounds

They had a wonderful band playing when I arrived which later turned in to some funky dance music and various little shows.  I did of course get distracted by the vintage police car which looks rather like the policeman might be giving himself a ticket!!!

It was very doggy friendly and Teddy as usual had to say ‘hello’ to everyone, I wonder where he gets that habit from?

Then there was a fair amount of commotion at one corner of the Green, being nosy we wandered over only to find a large group of Morris Dancers.  Now I think these guys deserve a huge round of applause they were fantastic.  I know they get a bit of a rough time in the ‘trendy’ stakes but heck, they were fun to watch and my children were riveted, what child would not want to bang sticks against each other?

Personally I think they should introduce it in to the school syllabus 🙂

It was of course thirsty fun, so we popped in to ‘The Cricketers’ next door for a pint to sup whilst we enjoyed!

Before we discovered the ‘craft tent’ we bustled around saying hello and nosying generally in a few other tents and stalls, below of which you will see some.  We passed an enthusiastic human re-cycling advertisement, she was lucky not to be swept off her feet in the wind.

I got a grand smile from the Air Cadets and also the Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts

My son had a huge smile as he won a glass blown ornament in the shape of a dragon.  Do you remember those fragile glass animals that one used to collect as a child?  Now I am showing my age here.

I finished off as mentioned before in the craft tent, some simply stunning pieces of craftmanship, imported items, local products, I simply could not get around it all, luckily for my piece of plastic stuffed in my pocket.

I would like to say I drove this home but that would be a barefaced lie, yes another vintage car in the car park and I had to take a pic of it.105

As always thank you for reading.

You can see some more Fair dates on an earlier post, click here.

© Justine @

Fair Dates coming up:

Hands Charity Fair ~ Bank Holiday Monday May 26th 2014 ~ 10am – 3pm

Where – Twickenham Green

What – The Fair will be visited by the Major of Richmond who will peruse the 75 charity stalls at 11am.  As well as there will be home-made cakes, refreshments, another yummy BBQ a Summer must and amusements for children.

How much – free entry

Event contact details:

For further details see

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Let’s keep in touch!