A swim and a possible crane in Richmond Park?


A swim and a possible crane in Richmond Park?

People always have this thought of when the Summer Holidays approach and I am guilty of this too that we must go somewhere else.

When I wander through Richmond Park, I often think why?

So myself and my children decided to go to our ‘secret place’ that I discovered with my youngest a couple of days ago when we saw the deer go for a drink.  If you missed that post the link is here: Richmond Park Deer go for an afternoon drink

A few pics from then:

We had various challenges on Richmond Park as they set off on their bikes commandeering the bumps and dips around the now dried lake, then off down the side of the river we went ahoy!

Now I show my complete ignorance here, my mother seemingly knowing every kind of bird would be shamed of me now as I state, I think we saw a crane on the side of the river.  All I know is that I wanted to photograph it with my rather old iPhone (see the excuse for blurry shots?).

So we advanced quietly, as quietly as you can with children, slowly, camera in place, the crane turned that was it, flew off down to the next tree on the riverbank.  This continued with me getting increasingly frustrated but rising to the challenge all the way down the river.  I got some blurry shots but what we did get was an adventure discovering a small part of the river that my children decided looked good enough to swim in.

Is it a crane, can anyone tell me please?

So I sat on the bank and watched as they slipped and slid on the watery/muddy bank, falling down so that bottoms got completely streaked with the stickiest mud.  Tops then came off and bravery became foremost as they not only went in, but really went in, dipping under and attempting to paddle/swim in the shallow waters.

I think most of their fun was had creeping under the bridge and pretending they were trolls, much to the amusement and wonderment of children crossing over the bridge, not having a clue where the noises were coming from.

When they came out, they said “mummy that was amazing, better than gaming, any day!”

Now that is an achievement, thank you Richmond Park.

Thank you for reading, Justine x

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Richmond Park Deer go to take an afternoon drink!


Richmond Park Deer go to take an afternoon drink!

I have always rather revered the deer or should I say stags, in any park let alone Richmond Park.  I remember the days I would go riding in Great Windsor Park early morning the mist still swirling around like cotton wool obscuring our view, sometimes droplets of dew would cling to my hair as we wandered along the riding track.

The horses ears would twitch the puffs of misty air leaving their nostrils which would flutter giving us an indication something was near, we would stop, the mist might clear a little as we squinted to see.  There before us, just a few yards away would be a huge stag, my heart would race as it stood there regal in its knowledge that it was indeed a magnificent beast.

I digress a little, a memory creeping up on me.  However, I love watching the deer in Richmond Park and it just so happened a couple of days ago, late afternoon whilst still warm they decided to cool off and get a drink.

I watched them go in almost single file across the grass until they got to the river.  Being nervous creatures anybody going close and not understanding they are not tame would cause them to run away a bit until it was quite and spacious enough for them to feel safe going in to the waters.

And this is what I managed to record, for me a real treat!  Please excuse slightly wobbly phone and blur but it’s still a joy to see 🙂

Thank you for viewing, Justine

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Joke of the day, or this day!


A bad joke, but we all love them right?

What do you call a blind stag?

Look at the bottom of the picture I took for the answer 🙂

No idea! (no eye deer)
No idea!
(no eye deer)

A bad joke, but my arm was twisted, and seeing as I took this photo, it seemed fitting.

Thankfully the stag is NOT blind!

I love deer too, before I get any “you must hate deer remarks!”

Thank you for reading as always, Justine x

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