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Important dates for your diary, come help out volunteering for a couple of hours at Palewell Common & Fields our beautiful local green space

Friends of Palewell Common & Fields


We have volunteer days with Nature’s Gym (Glendale – Richmonds conservation partner).

As a rule of thumb we meet at Pistachios cafe which you can find situated just a short way from where the cars are parked.  The time of meeting is usually 10am.

There are a variety of activities undertaken on the volunteering days which generally improves not only the look of Palewell Common & Fields but also the environment.

It also sometimes is a chance to take up a new skill and or to socialize.

Dates for the next volunteering days at Palewell Common & Fields are:

On Tuesday 21st October we hopefully will have some bulbs to plant on the old ‘pond’ area.  These bulbs are to fill in gaps in what is our gorgeous annual daffodil display. In addition, work on clearing the woods and paths will  be undertaken.

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Please pick up your dog poo!

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An important message to dog walkers that use any green space in #EastSheen

Friends of Palewell Common & Fields

Please pick up your dog poo!

dog-poops-sign Responsible pet ownership

We aim for Palewell Common and Fields to be a pleasant place for everyone to use and as most know we have a variety of users from footballers, cricketers, children, adults, dog walkers both professional and personal.

There is sadly however an increase in dog poo being left on the ground, in an hour and a half I found 10 piles of dog faecal matter whilst walking with my children.

  • Please remember to take out enough bags with you when you go walking, I estimate it’s safe to say 2 per dog on one walk minimum.
  • If you are walking more than one dog please keep an eye on ALL of them, as it is too easy for some to wander off unseen and dog their business which is then left for others to come across.
  • If you do happen to run out…

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Team building, volunteering & serving the community all in one!

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Volunteering is an essential part of our Community and team building an essential part of creating the building blocks for a dynamic team of staff members, why not combine the two and give back and receive all at the same time?

Friends of Palewell Common & Fields

Teamwork by Olswang LLP & Nature’s Gym from Glendales

There was fun to be had on the 16th of this month when a group of staff from Olswang LLP, a law firm joined with Gina who runs Nature’s Gym through Glendales who maintain Palewell Common & Fields.

Smiles were to be found all around, the weather was good and colleagues got to spend some quality and healthy time together.  Team bonding  is important for any business and to throw volunteering in to the mix a great way to give back to the Community and to forging stronger links between personnel.

Various things such as fixing a dead fence, clearing pathways and an obstructive tree that had fallen across a popular path was dealt with.

So from the Friends of Palewell Common and Fields we would like to say a big thank you to Oslwang LLP for donating hands to help…

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Low turn out but a productive volunteering session was had organized by Glendales Natures Gym


Though a low turnout, I had fun, going around butterfly and bird counting, though they seemed to fly off as soon as I arrived I managed to record a few, not that I have a clue to recognize what they are, however, nice bedtime listening! 🙂 I did manage to entice another resident to come and help as he was minding his own business having a relaxing stroll, but needs must at times and he enjoyed it 🙂

Friends of Palewell Common & Fields

Today at 11am we headed down to Palewell Common to meet with Glendales Nature Gym to do some volunteering work, hoping to meet with a crowd eager to help!  Perhaps a crowd was a bit optimistic.  Apart from Glendale, sadly there were only three others present at the beginning including  myself and those 3 in total were the Friends of Palewell Common Committee members.


This did not deter anyone as plants and various planting instruments were brought out.

The sun was shining and it was a fine day to be knelt amongst the long grass of the orchard to do some work.

Glendales brought along chicory, primrose, borage herb, robert wild flower and poppies to plant, the latter courtesy of David, Chairman of the Friends of Palewell Common which he had picked up from this years Chelsea Flower Show.


The wire around the various young  fruit trees in the orchard…

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Dates for Diary ~ Friends of Palewell Common AGM @ 7.30pm Monday 19th May 2014

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Palewell Common

Palewell Common

© Justine @LivinginEastSheen.co.uk

As quoted by the Friends of Palewell Common….

Dear Friend of Palewell Common


Please join us for the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Palewell Common which will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 19 May at All Saints Church Hall, Park Avenue.

The meeting will elect the Committee for the coming year. If you would like to become a member of the Committee please do put your name forward – either in advance by email to office@palewellcommon.org.uk or in person at the meeting itself.

At the meeting we will also be providing reports on 

What has been happening on the Common over the last year including 

  •  the impact the Council’s new maintenance contractors have had on the physical environment of the Common 
  •  sports activities and the sports facilities 
  •  community events which took place on the Common over the last year 

The activities of the Friends of Palewell Committee 

  •  to improve communication with members – for example to update our website and provide information about birds and fungi on the common 
  • to promote more sport on the Common –representatives of Sheen Common Cricket and Glendale Golf will be present 
  • the conservation work we have been doing in the woodland to clear brambles and open up new areas 

Our plans for the future including 

  • a new nature walk through the woodland 
  • improvements to the sports facilities 
  • liaising with Richmond Council about the management of the Common 

We think it is very important for the local community to have a say in the future of the Common. Please do come along to tell us what you think and hear about what we have been doing.

There will also be an opportunity to talk to members of the Committee and others present over a drink after the formal business.

Could I also remind those of you who have not already renewed that annual subscriptions of £10 are now due for the 2014 year.

If you with to look at the Friends of Palewell Common website which has the joining information, please click here.