Find Your Sport Event for 4 – 11yr olds – Sunday July 13th 2014

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Find Your Sport Event for 4 – 11yr olds

As taken from the Find My Sport Website

What is Find My Sport?




Boy_green_standing-124x300Find My Sport is a jamboree of sports for 4-11 year olds all scheduled on one day – Sunday July 13th 2014, at Shene Sports & Fitness Centre in East Sheen, Richmond Upon Thames.

It is an opportunity for your child to watch and try a whole range of sports and be inspired to pursue one or more of them. Find My Sport is about each child finding the sport that suits them. It is not intended as an elite athlete search.  It’s about making sport a core, fun value for your child; an attitude that will last a life-time.

Finding elite athletes is not the primary objective of Find My Sport. That having been said Matthew Syed, in his book “Bounce”, suggests that elite sportsmen/ woman are elite, not because of their natural talent but because of the amount of practice they do. He proposes that athletes become elite after 10,000 hours of purposeful practice.

The earlier children find their sport the sooner they can start working towards that goal. Find My Sport is the first step on that road.

So, how will it work? Shene Sports & Fitness Centre (on the Richmond Park Academy site) boasts a playing field, 2 indoor sports halls and an Astroturf area.  18 different sports will be available to try across those locations.

The day will be split into sessions and parents will be able to book their child onto the sessions that they are interested in.

During the session children will get a short demonstration with the rest of the time being dedicated to giving it a go – with the best coaches on hand to help.

You pick your sessions when you register and will get an email confirmation of your schedule. No aimless wandering! Just back to back sport and fun. You can view the schedule on the Plan a Day page.

So, what sport will your child favour? Archery? Golf? Football? Tennis? Climbing? You can see the complete list of participating sports on the Clubs page.  Plan your attendance and take the first step to finding out what sports will get the adrenalin pumping for your child.


A really worthwhile event, many of us parents scour the website or rely on word of mouth to find varying activities for our children, or perhaps they are just ‘stuck’ not knowing what they like.

Why not make the most of this great event!

Thank you for reading, Justine x