Thames Riverside Walk, Petersham to Richmond, great fun!


Thames Riverside Walk, Petersham to Richmond, great fun!

What did you do this weekend?

We had a spontaneous moment.  I decided I wanted to go somewhere different as I have done the Richmond Park route back home and Wimbledon Common many times.

Having heard about a route down by the river via Petersham Nurseries I was curious and so headed down that way on Saturday.

We were not disappointed.

With kids and now one dog in tow we headed down to the Thames Riverside in the Petersham area, there are a  few little ways to get down there but always pretty much busy and tight for parking but we were lucky.

I was surprised to see not only dogs but children in the water enjoying the sunshine and small ripples of waves caused by the numerous but varying amounts of boats which was all a joy to see.

My youngest soon rolled up trousers and threw off shoes in various directions and plunged in.  Teddy my frenchbulldog was not so keen.

Having managed to drag my youngest eventually out of the water we headed down the loose pebbled path enjoying the sunshine and watery view.

We passed the rare breed cows who were curious when they met my dog, both having a good close up sniff.

Eventually we came to a gateway which led us through manicured lawns and the much needed ice cream van.

There were varying riverside restaurants from open top canopied ones to high walled rather exclusive ones.

We passed artists with their easels housing waxy paint drying in the sunshine.  There were quite a few small gazebos out with families and friends having fun.  One such gazebo housed a trio of musicians plucking at stringed instruments, their singular table laden with glorious foods that made me salivate and all for a young just wedded couple who posed by the riverside for photos as champagne flutes were quaffed under the suns rays.

There were majestic swans bobbing by the riverside steps waiting for morsels of bread, there was a father and son fishing further down, a puppet theatre, canoeing and much more.

All in all it was a great walk and I am sure there are those out there not yet taken up the joys of a Thames Riverside Walk.

So I have found a link of Richmond Riverside Walks here – Richmond Riverside Walks

If you would like to see some of the fun photos from the walk, please take a look at my Pinterest album below.

As always, thank you for reading, Justine xx

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Fancy a walk? ~ Friends of Richmond Park have organized walks


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The Friends of Richmond Park organize walks through our wonderful Royal Park, please find below details and links to get further information as per their information….

Walks and Courses 2014

Guided walks are offered on the first Saturday of each month, as well as on some additional dates listed below.  These are FREE to both member and non members.  They also offer a wide range of bookable courses for members only.

If you wish to join as a member please click here.


All walks start at 10am from the designated car park unless detailed otherwise.  They take approximately 2hrs, well behaved dogs on leads are welcomed as are children. (not on leads though!) – distance is approximately 2 miles but not exact.

Sat 7th June – Sheen Gate car park

Sat 5th July – Pembroke Lodge car park

Sat 12th July – SUMMER EVENING WALK Sheen Gate car park , 8pm

Sat 2nd August – Kingston Gate car park

Sat 6th September – AUTUMN BIRD WALK Sheen Gate car park

Sat 4th October – Sheen Gate car park

Sat 1st November – Pembroke Lodge car park

Sat 6th December – Kingston Gate car park

Fri 26th December – BOXING DAY WALK Roehampton Gate car park


10am start with a short talk at Pembroke Lodge followed by a walk.  Friends members only.  Booking essential, contact Sue on 020 9409114 or

Refreshments provided – courses consist of approximately 30 minutes talk, break then 2hrs course time.

Sat 17th May – Trees (Janet Bostock)

Sat 19th July – Butterflies (Ray Garrett)

Sat 11th October – Deer (Peter Burrows-Smith)

Sat 25th October – Fungi (Janet Bostock and Elizabeth Cheesman)


If you have any queries on the walk and courses or need special help and or support please contact Peter Burrows-Smith on 020 8392 9888.

For further information on the Friends of Richmond Park, visit the website link above or find them on Facebook


Thank you for reading/viewing, Justine x