Palewell Pond Vandalism And The Friends of Palewell Common And Fields

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Palewell Pond Vandalism

Please take time to pop by one of our community blogs which covers one of our most precious green spaces, Palewell Common & Fields.  It would be great to get feedback and perhaps find out all the behind scenes activity that goes on by local volunteers who act as guardians for mother nature.  You can find the blog here:  Palewell Common & Fields

I write because recently I went down to admire the Palewell Pond that the volunteers have spent so much dedicated time on maintaining and creating in the first place, along with other local groups.  Having taken some photos, I didn’t get time to post them before finding out the horrible news that vandals had in fact attempted to ruin this wonderful area.

You can read the full post here:  Palewell Pond Vandalism

You might want to consider supporting The Friends of Palewell Common and Fields by becoming a member, it’s a mere £10 per annum for individual or family membership.  In return for this £10 you get a sense of ownership and participation in supporting The Friends and joining in with a local community group to keep our green space as it should be for the enjoyment of others.

To join please click here:  About The Friends Membership or To Join