A Bonding Moment near Pembroke Lodge


A Bonding Moment near Pembroke Lodge

Just sometimes you have those lovely moments.

I had exactly that on Christmas Eve whilst walking with my family near Pembroke Lodge.

We had done a good hour’s walk and the sun was setting.  From the trees the sun cast a shadow right back from beside Pembroke Lodge to where I was within the forest area.  I saw in the distance two people sitting on a bench, now made a silhouette with the dimming sun.

My camera was already on black and white mode and it seemed very fitting in this instance to snap a moment, one of which I could not resist but get closer to.

A Bonding Moment Near Pembroke Lodge

A Bonding Moment Near Pembroke Lodge

I did go up closer to capture the moment of what seemed like father and daughter having a relaxing bonding moment before Christmas Day would approach.  It looked so lovely to me, I could not resist but go up to them and show them what I had captured, they were very chuffed and asked me for a copy.

Something to remember a moment by, made my Christmas Eve very special.

A Bonding Moment Near Pembroke Lodge

A Bonding Moment Near Pembroke Lodge

I hope you enjoy the view, Justine.

© Justine Nagaur

Where to go for tea this weekend ~ Pembroke Lodge ~ and with children!


Don’t we all like to go for tea?

cup of tea

A nice cuppa!

What a great tradition, I certainly relish in it myself.

There is something that hints of a bit of luxury, the possibility of relaxing, being somewhere else, ie not messing up your own house, not having to do all the hard work…but in order to have the perfect combination especially if you have little beasties tagging along we need certain things in order to make that a good experience, do we not?

Here’s the list

  • Prices that won’t make one faint
  • Beautiful surroundings, otherwise what else will we be do whilst supping our earl grey!
  • A nice variety of food and beverages
  • Somewhere that we will feel at ease taking our children to.
path to Pembroke Lodge


Pembroke Lodge

The sun just diminishing from sight over the periphery of Pembroke Lodge

Now I have two very very lively boys and going out for tea somewhere new always makes me a little nervous, plus we had gone for our lovely walk in Wimbledon Common and had a somewhat light (coughs) covering of mud on our footwear.  We arrived at Pembroke, which is simply stunning and that in itself lures you to make the first few steps in to the grounds just out of curiosity.

Wisteria clad entrance

The beauty of wisteria even with no blossom

However, of course running in the back of my mind was “uh oh there will be no way I can take my boys in there, we will encounter looks of fury as they make noises and move around, fidget etc as they always do and I will stuff the food down my throat as fast as I can if we get that far and leave, having not enjoyed a nice relaxing experience.”

Pembroke Lodge

The alluring entrance

But, I am a sucker for anything beautiful, the lure was too much and so I pushed my worries to the back of my head and entered Pembroke Lodge, through the Wisteria clad entrance that I am sure many a bride has walked through with nervous steps on the way to married life.

doorway to Pembroke Lodge

A warm welcome awaits

So, we threw ourselves in to the pit of lions, joined the queue where the wide variety of tempting food and beverages were being sold and became surprisingly relaxed, having a warm welcome and a seemingly complete lack of concern over what my children were doing.  No scowls, just smiles and first class service.

The prices were not mortgage renewing, my youngest had a box of 5 items, including a sandwich, which totaled £6.50, this in fact kept him surprisingly happy for most of our ‘dining’ time, so no need for tablets, games on phones or otherwise, result!

scones, jam and cream

Yummy huge scones, jam & cream

The rest of us had scones which were triple the size of usual ones bought in a shop, as you can see.  We didn’t get given small pots of cream and jam, which in the past I have found so annoying as there is simply never enough.  We had the delight of filling our own plates with as much as we liked, I ermmm was a bit of a little piggy with this new found freedom I must admit.

You could eat inside or out, there was plenty of space and after the children had finished they had a little wander in the safety of the beautiful gardens and discovered an Egyptian duck! The pavilion outside was beautiful even at this time of year, I can only imagine when either Spring is in full bloom or the Summer months arrive (if we get some sunshine), that it will be breathtaking. A little more about the Pembroke Tea Rooms ~ click here

A little bit of viewing delight!

Here is a little history about Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge is a listed Georgian Mansion catering for weddings, family occasions, corporate events & of course it’s tea rooms.  It is situated in Richmond Park, at its highest point giving magnificent views of the Thames Valley.  Richmond Park in which Pembroke Lodge nestles, has 2300 acres of unspoilt parkland with a large number of deer that wander around freely.  Pembroke Lodge itself is set within 11 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.  There is ample parking allowing ease of access for small or large groups of visitors.  

We finish with a wave goodbye after taking in the view and a thank you for reading!

(If you go, please do let me know how tea was for you 🙂  )
© Justine @ LivinginEastSheen.co.uk
looking at the view

Father & son take in the final view!