Young local female resident to walk throughout the night for homeless charity Crisis, please come and support her!

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Young local female resident to walk throughout the night for homeless charity Crisis, please come and support her!

Siobhan Callas training for her 100k charity walk

Siobhan Callas training for her 100k charity walk


On the 13th September one of our local residents, a young woman named Siobhan is going to walk 100km, that is approximately a whopping 62 miles along the River Thames path from Putney Bridge to Henley (passing through Mortlake) for the homeless charity Crisis.

The difference with this particular challenge is that it is her first and she will be doing the distance in one whole lot which will mean she will walk throughout the night, the time scale estimated to complete it approximately 20 to 30 hours with short breaks.

I really do take my hat off to her, for her guts and determination that is evident, I would be uncertain to walk at night and the mere length of it I am sure my feet let alone the rest of my body would not cope and go on strike.



I am hoping that after reading this interview you will either come along to support her on the day and or top up some of her sponsorship funds for this very worthy charity, her just giving page can be found by either:

Clicking =   Siobhans just giving page


Copy paste the following link in to a web browser

The interview


Justine – “Lovely to meet you Siobhan, could you give me a little bit of history about yourself so everyone can get to know you a little better?”

Siobhan – ” I’m 32 and originally from a small village in the Highlands of Scotland,  I moved to London 4 years ago, currently living in East Sheen and working as a Script Reader which involves reading film screenplays for producers and filmmakers and advising them on improvements that can be made.”

Justine – “Have you ever done anything like this before in any form?”

Siobhan – “I have never done anything like this before ever. I’ve never done a marathon or even a 5k! I’m not really built for running, but I love walking, I wanted it to be a real challenge for me so I’ve thrown myself into the deep end and gone straight for 100k!”

Justine – “What made you decide to do this?”

Siobhan – “I’ve always wanted to raise money for the homeless as it’s an issue I care a lot about and don’t believe it gets enough attention or support. I came across the Thames Path Challenge website and as you are able to choose your own charity to walk for I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try and raise money for homeless charity Crisis.”

Justine – “How have you prepared yourself mentally and physically for this challenge?”

Siobhan – “I’ve prepared myself physically by just getting as much practise in as possible, even walking the 9 miles home from work from Waterloo to Mortlake instead of getting the train. I’m luckily enough to live near the Thames path so have been walking along it at the weekends and have almost got up to 50k, which is half of the challenge. Mentally, I have been trying not to think about how tough the challenge will be! As the walk takes on average 24 hours to complete, it’s the thought of doing the second half through the night which is most daunting, I should probably start preparing mentally!”

Justine – “What has been the reaction from family and friends?”

Siobhan – ” The reaction from friends and family has mostly been shock, with some saying ‘rather you than me’ and others just worrying about me and asking whether I can drop down to 50k – I could but I don’t want to, I know I could do the 50k. People have dropped out of past 100k walks, to me that makes it a real challenge, I want to push myself. If I feel like giving up I can always think about how much more tough it is for people living on the streets.”

Justine – “What is your future hope for other events like this?  Do you intend to involve yourself more, do other challenges for charity?”

Siobhan – ” As for other events similar to this, I don’t think im going to get the ‘sponsored challege bug’, this is definitely a once in a life time thing for me, that’s why I’ve gone in at the hardest level. But charity work in general i’d love to be more involved in. I recently helped out at a food drive for the Richmond Food Bank, but I’d also love to organise my own charity events to raise money for the homeless, perhaps locally in East Sheen.”

“Thanks so much for your help Justine, I hugely appreciate it. Siobhan x”
If you wish to find out more about the charity Crisis click here: Crisis Website
Thank you for reading, Justine x