There once was an ugly duckling….

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I think the Egyptian Geese are so striking don’t you?

The Teddington Gardener

DSCF3069DSCF3071DSCF3070Rather a baby Egyptian Goose (the one with the darkly-circled eyes). A family with four young-uns were being fed scraps of bread, some pieces larger than others, requiring contortions and dedication to get them down…


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Snowdrops, hellebores, crocus, winter aconites … Kew Gardens

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A little hint at Spring trying to come through. Snowdrops one of my favorite and crocus’s. Taken at Kew Gardens by the amazing photographer and gardener “The Teddington Gardener”

The Teddington Gardener





New growth is pushing up through the dark earth, fresh flowers taking advantage of the leafless tree canopy overhead and searching for sunlight. Snowdrops, yellow winter aconites, the earliest oriental hellebores and the first few crocus of the season. All here at Kew – and there is more to come – carpets of crocus (they have planted hundreds of thousands of bulbs in the grass), Squills (Scilla), Puschkinia, Narcissus and daffodils, Tulips, Fritillarias, Muscari and Iris reticulata, bluebells, Erythroniums and Camassias and …

Cyclamen coum were out in force too, adding light and deep pinks and whites to the mix, over heart-shaped leaves. I’m sure I took some photos, though they may not have made the final ‘edit’…

All in all, a suitable subject matter – such febrile activity, colour bursting through fertile ground – for this (drum roll please) my

500th post…..

Thank you for tuning in…

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