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Don’t most of us think of trees as being majestical and wise or is it only me?

You can find this tree just outside Palewell Common

Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. Aldous Huxley

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.
Aldous Huxley


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Richmond Park, murky to Springlike with some fun added in!


Murky Richmond Park V Spring Richmond Park ~ a collection of visual delight!

Murky version

During the February Half Term I decided to pack a rucksack, full of water & snacks, very necessary of course, don’t you think?  We also donned some waterproofs and walking boots to explore Richmond Park that seems to have grown lakes in it that were not there 18 months ago, some you will see in the pictures.  It just goes to show exactly how much water has fallen over the last few months.

There is such an abundance of things to do in Richmond Park, this post not only is predominantly visual, but with this hopefully highlights the ‘natural’ experiences that especially children can have.  Why go to a playground on concrete to play when you can go to Richmond Park?

It is for me a visual delight, but for children there are dens to find, bugs and crawlies to hunt.  There are birds to learn about, nesting and water life plus as you can see further down, fun to be had in trees. Trees are for climbing surely?

There is wood cut to make dens out of, or better still what about the King Trees as I call them at the top of Bone Copse.  I have made up many stories of adventure in this area of Richmond Park.  There are so many magnificent and majestic trees in this area, all standing like a proud army.

Around them are scattered dens, points to make hideouts, to strike against the army around.  Children just have such a great imagination. Mind you I will warn there is a ditch running right across the grass as you will see in some pics.

At the time of walking it was pretty horrendous for someone like me, with a dodgy back and not willing to fall in the quagmire of mud.  However the children saw it as a challenge and loved it, got completely covered, Teddy however was having none of it and walked with me to a ‘safe place’ to cross, hehe. Some pics of our adventures!

Now we are in Richmond Park at the Roehampton Gate end…..a water adventure awaits us….

Up, up and over the hill and a few ditches we go!

Finally we are up where the ‘army of trees’ are, time to play, feast and relax a little!

The Kingdom of Trees is soon to be a distant but fun memory as we head our way back home…a little way to go yet though ~


The Spring Version (if you scroll over the pictures with your mouse you will see captions!)

On this little adventure we traversed from Palewell Common, roadside towards the Sheen Gate entrance of Richmond Park.  As you can see the blossoming Spring was sneaking up its pretty little head even on the roadside.  The photos were edited and posted on my Eclectic odds n sods blog, hence the name on some piccies.

Now we have a little fun, my eldest spotted a face within a tree.  It has ginger hair, can you see?  I certainly would not have spotted anything like that.  Why not see if you can go and find the “Tree with the smiling face” in it. (if you can’t find it and want another try, just ask me in my comments section, I might give you a clue)

So we are fully in Richmond Park now and work our way down by the lake, back through Roehampton Gate to go through Palewell Common and back home. Some visual delights await you!

A little bit of shadow play never hurt anyone.  Why not try some yourself?  Who is that shadow watching the burly man on the log, looks a bit scary, the shadow or the man? 😀  (he is my husband so I am allowed to say that!)

I love these photos, one of my son standing on the tree that has proved to be such great fun for them over the years as one can climb in and up, they are a bit big now to get up the hollow branches but they can certainly stand on them.  The other picture just a little dreamy don’t you think?

Home time!


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Swirling coffee & how to keep in touch

Lets keep in touch!

Have you discovered some secret hiding dens, or special trees with faces in Richmond Park that I have not mentioned?  Some tales to tell, if so please do stay and chat or air some views! Thank you for reading as always x