Barnes Village Fair ~ Saturday 11th July 2015, 9.30 – 5.30pm


Barnes Village Fair ~ Saturday 11th July 2015, 9.30 – 5.30pm





This year the Barnes Fair will be being held on Saturday 11th July.  If you have never been it is a complete must for your diary,  you can also see my write-up fro the 2014 Barnes Fair here:  Barnes Fair 2014

Click here to go directly to the Barnes Fair Website:  Barnes Fair Website

This year Barnes Fair is having a Medieval theme whilst celebrating it’s 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta and it’s links with Barnes.

We have been promised a bright pink castle, photo booth (make sure to dress up historically!), traditional Bandstand, themed floats in the Grand Parade.

Where it is?  It is being held on Barnes Green.

There are around 300+ stalls selling a huge variety of items from food, crafts & art, handmade, vintage, new, accessories, gardening, plants, books and designer items.  A host of other attractions, catering for every age and taste will also be there on the day.

The lightning speed merry go round

The lightning speed merry go round

I will be exhibiting there myself this year with products from my Artisan Online Store called Eclectic Odds n Sods, which you can find online here:  Eclectic Odds n Sods  (

I was very lucky to get a spot in the Old Sorting Office near the pond on Barnes Green, so I will be inside come rain or shine and none of my items will get blown away.

If you love handmade, eclectic, vintage, new and items made from near and far then please come and see me.  There is a huge variety from vintage jewellery, handmade jewellery and accessories from all over the world, modern fun items, accessories, homeware, children’s toys, textiles, crockery, handmade silk wraps from Sri Lanka, handmade knotted crystal beaded necklaces from Bali, crafted wooden & palm baskets from Africa and so much more.

Below you will see an example of some of the wares, there will be special Fair prices on the day.

Being a SW14 resident, I am also very happy to show items from my  home should you wish to see before buying, you can contact me on

Shipping:- I also ship outside of the UK upon request.

An example of some really Summer Fresh items for sale at Eclectic Odds n Sods….

Eclectic Summer Fresh Blog post


If you miss me at the Fair, you can always click my Shop Logo at the side of this blog, which looks like this:

Eclectic Odds n Sods Timeless Gifts & Accessories from Near and Far

Eclectic Odds n Sods
Timeless Gifts & Accessories from Near and Far

The Old Sorting Office Art Centre

(if you head to the Old Sorting Office, you will not only find me, but be in the hub of activity for the Fair)

Shabbytique Vintage Fair being held at the OSO Barnes, Sunday 17th May 10am – 4pm, live singer, shopping & banter!

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Shabbytique Vintage Fair being held at the OSO Barnes, Sunday 17th May 10am – 4pm, live singer, shopping & banter!

I will be down at the Eclectic Odds n Sods stall on Sunday as Shabbytique come to Barnes for the first time.  Let’s give them all our support and wander down on a relaxed Sunday morning to see what shabby chic, vintage or retro pieces that might catch our eye.  There will be entertainment in the form of a singer and he sounds great, you can hear him here:  Shabbytique.  The cafe will be having refreshments, the rest is up to you!

Eclectic Odds n Sods Poster for Oh Darling

Barnes Fair Saturday 12th July 2014 – a must for your diary!

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Barnes Fair

A date for your diary!


Barnes Fair

This year the Barnes Fair will be being held on Saturday 12th July.  If you have never been it is a complete must for your diary.

Though it is a little time away it’s good to get ones diary organised as July tends to be a busy month leading up to the end of the Summer Term sometimes dates like these amongst the many other things going on get missed.


Fun at Barnes Fair

I have been a few times now, it is good for all ages including children.  My children have a great time, always by chance meeting up with other friends from school, saving up their pocket money and bartering with the stall holders.  I taught them unfortunately at quite a young age to barter and now they do it everywhere, sometimes much to my embarrassment.

This is their 40th year for this event & they are taking on the Olympic theme, please come and take a peek at their official website ~ click here.

Barnes Fair starts off with a fabulous parade, decorated floats to give Nottinghill Carnival a run for their money and are flanked by vintages vehicles.

Following on from this is of course entertainment, fairground rides, quiz’s, live music, food, drink, shopping, did I say shopping?

The eclectic variety of stalls is wonderful ranging from crafts giving opportunity to meet local craftsmen and women, see how things are made, vintage stalls, antiques, modern and so forth.  There is something for everyone and always a bargain to be had.

Monies raised go to the Barnes Common Association as well as local schools, community groups and schools.

Make a date you really won’t be disappointed!

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Sheen Living – my equivalent sweetie shop yet full of home & lifestyle furnishings


Sheen Living – home & lifestyle shop

Do you ever have those sweetie shop moments like when you were a kid, but transfer this instead in to a shop you might stumble upon?  What a delight and surprise.

I was lucky enough to have one of these treats in the form of Sheen Living, located on 321 Upper Richmond Road in East Sheen.  It is owned by entrepreneurs Anita and Jackie, who are not new to East Sheen or retailing as they also own Sheen Uncovered and Ruby Blue (lingerie and women’s clothing retrospectively).

The window caught my eye whilst I was on the bus, a huge pair of what seem to be angel wings.  I thought to myself I must go to that shop.  I have since heard that many people ask to buy these wings, but alas it seems they are not for sale, but they certainly do the job of attracting ones attention and peeking ones interest.

A captivating sight!

A captivating sight!

Upon entering you are aware of the rustic woodwork adorning the floor, giving it a homely warm feeling, the festooning of delightful items upon shelves, gracing the floor and walls.

The ambiance of candlelight

The ambiance of candlelight

I stood there taking my time to look around the various sections of the shop, each part taking me to somewhere else in my mind, perhaps a French Chateaux, a British Farmhouse, a country pub or home.  My conscious prodded me constantly saying “oooh ahh, I like that, I’d like to have that!”

Makes an outstanding entrance

Makes an outstanding entrance

I exercised quite some self restraint considering and met the lovely Nicola, who I have taken to popping in to and chatting to.  It is nice to walk in to a shop and not have an assistant leap towards one asking if you need help.  She sat quietly, busying herself with I am sure the many jobs she has to do whilst I ambled within the small shop.  Upon approaching I got a gentle smile and conversation was then struck.


I believe items are sourced from local artisans as well as maybe further afield.  There are two types of tags, one for vintage and one for more modern.  So for me being a vintage freak my taste buds were tickled in a visionary sense.

Bits & bobs

Bits & bobs

My first purchase was for a French Breakfast I put on for some of my neighbours, with a Christmas theme (yes I am going back in time but not too far).  I bought some lovely rustic pottery, apparently by a local lady, the name evades me, but there is I promise you some of her pottery left in the shop.  They are apparently soup mugs but my latte looks far more promising in there than minestrone in my mind.  Having done pottery myself I can appreciate how hard it is to produce each piece and in this instance each piece is different, giving it the character of the artist behind the wheel.

soup or latte?

soup or latte?

003 (2)

I took some pictures in the naive dream that upon sending them to my husband who had not done his shopping he would perhaps buy me one or two things.  One can only hope.  I have to say in the whole shop, there was perhaps only one thing that though of fabulous quality did not fit my desires.  I of course did not take a picture of this.  However, men being men (I hear a tirade of angry male feet chasing me accusing me of feminism), he managed to in fact go in to this shop to purchase something, be it very near to Christmas.  Unfortunately all photographed items had gone and hey presto sods law he bought the one and only thing I did not like.

Being a pug lover, I suppose I am a bit fussy about in my own particular way of how I would like a pug to look, the idea of one with pink lipstick brought visions of a cross between a drag artist (not that there is anything wrong with drag artists!) and a trout pout and it really was not something I wished to perch my bottom on, besides the roof of the house is nearly exploding from an abundance of cushions.

I looked forward to seeing Nicola and recounting my story of a man’s Christmas shopping antics and she very kindly gave me a credit note for said item with a subtle grin adorning her lips.  The note is cherished lovingly in my purse and I am exercising self restraint not to use it yet, just to window shop and enjoy the visual delights on offer within this shop.

It's a pugs life

It’s a pugs life

(one of my favourite items, not bought yet last I looked!)



Really well worth a visit.

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