Richmond Park Walks & Map – July to October 2014


The Friends of Richmond Park run frequent guided walks and courses all free of charge, however some are only for members, others to everyone.

(As taken from their website) – Friends of Richmond Park

Walks & Events

  • 11 July, 2014:Informal birdwatching walk (open to everyone) (**)
  • 12 July, 2014:SUMMER EVENING WALK: Guided walk from Sheen Gate car park, meet 8pm (open to everyone)
  • 19 July, 2014:Course : BUTTERFLIES (Ray Garrett) (*) (Friends only)
  • 25 July, 2014:Informal birdwatching walk (open to everyone) (**)
  • 2 August, 2014:Guided walk from Kingston Gate car park (open to everyone)
  • 8 August, 2014:Informal birdwatching walk (open to everyone) (**)
  • 22 August, 2014:Informal birdwatching walk (open to everyone) (**)
  • 6 September, 2014:Guided walk from Robin Hood gate car park (open to everyone)
  • 20 September, 2014:AUTUMN BIRD WALK : Guided walk from Sheen Gate car park (open to everyone)
  • 4 October, 2014:Guided walk from Sheen Gate car park, including “Walk the Wall” option (open to everyone)
  • 11 October, 2014:Course : DEER (Peter Burrows-Smith) (*) (Friends only)
  • 25 October, 2014:Course : FUNGI (Janet Bostock and Elizabeth Cheesman) (*) (Friends only)

Our free guided walks do not need to be booked ahead, except where indicated. Most (but not all) begin at 10am and finish around midday at the car park or gate shown. Please keep dogs under control. To double check dates or meeting points, or if you need special help or support, contactPeter Burrows-Smith ( or consult the Park notice boards.

(*) All courses start at Pembroke Lodge at 10am. Friends only, booking required, contact Sue on 0208 940 9114 or The courses are 30 minutes talk indoors followed by a 2 hour walk. Coffee/tea provided.

(**) Meet at Pen Ponds car park coffee kiosk at 9.30am

(***) Discoverers’ event, for full details and to register go to


Richmond Park, murky to Springlike with some fun added in!


Murky Richmond Park V Spring Richmond Park ~ a collection of visual delight!

Murky version

During the February Half Term I decided to pack a rucksack, full of water & snacks, very necessary of course, don’t you think?  We also donned some waterproofs and walking boots to explore Richmond Park that seems to have grown lakes in it that were not there 18 months ago, some you will see in the pictures.  It just goes to show exactly how much water has fallen over the last few months.

There is such an abundance of things to do in Richmond Park, this post not only is predominantly visual, but with this hopefully highlights the ‘natural’ experiences that especially children can have.  Why go to a playground on concrete to play when you can go to Richmond Park?

It is for me a visual delight, but for children there are dens to find, bugs and crawlies to hunt.  There are birds to learn about, nesting and water life plus as you can see further down, fun to be had in trees. Trees are for climbing surely?

There is wood cut to make dens out of, or better still what about the King Trees as I call them at the top of Bone Copse.  I have made up many stories of adventure in this area of Richmond Park.  There are so many magnificent and majestic trees in this area, all standing like a proud army.

Around them are scattered dens, points to make hideouts, to strike against the army around.  Children just have such a great imagination. Mind you I will warn there is a ditch running right across the grass as you will see in some pics.

At the time of walking it was pretty horrendous for someone like me, with a dodgy back and not willing to fall in the quagmire of mud.  However the children saw it as a challenge and loved it, got completely covered, Teddy however was having none of it and walked with me to a ‘safe place’ to cross, hehe. Some pics of our adventures!

Now we are in Richmond Park at the Roehampton Gate end…..a water adventure awaits us….

Up, up and over the hill and a few ditches we go!

Finally we are up where the ‘army of trees’ are, time to play, feast and relax a little!

The Kingdom of Trees is soon to be a distant but fun memory as we head our way back home…a little way to go yet though ~


The Spring Version (if you scroll over the pictures with your mouse you will see captions!)

On this little adventure we traversed from Palewell Common, roadside towards the Sheen Gate entrance of Richmond Park.  As you can see the blossoming Spring was sneaking up its pretty little head even on the roadside.  The photos were edited and posted on my Eclectic odds n sods blog, hence the name on some piccies.

Now we have a little fun, my eldest spotted a face within a tree.  It has ginger hair, can you see?  I certainly would not have spotted anything like that.  Why not see if you can go and find the “Tree with the smiling face” in it. (if you can’t find it and want another try, just ask me in my comments section, I might give you a clue)

So we are fully in Richmond Park now and work our way down by the lake, back through Roehampton Gate to go through Palewell Common and back home. Some visual delights await you!

A little bit of shadow play never hurt anyone.  Why not try some yourself?  Who is that shadow watching the burly man on the log, looks a bit scary, the shadow or the man? 😀  (he is my husband so I am allowed to say that!)

I love these photos, one of my son standing on the tree that has proved to be such great fun for them over the years as one can climb in and up, they are a bit big now to get up the hollow branches but they can certainly stand on them.  The other picture just a little dreamy don’t you think?

Home time!


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Swirling coffee & how to keep in touch

Lets keep in touch!

Have you discovered some secret hiding dens, or special trees with faces in Richmond Park that I have not mentioned?  Some tales to tell, if so please do stay and chat or air some views! Thank you for reading as always x

My first proper walk in 2014 in East Sheen

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My First Proper Walk of the Year 2014 – East Sheen – Jan

Yes, I have to confess due to various reasons and reasonable ones, today I took my first proper walk of 2014, it was of course in East Sheen being my home place and it would only be honorary to take my first steps here, in the vicinity of Palewell Common.

I’ve been sheltering indoors hiding from the rain, the thought of coming home with sodden feet and dripping layers too much.  I must be a fair weather walker, not entirely but it’s all a state of mind and that is where mine has been of late.

But this morning the sun was shining like a bright spring day, its rays luring me with beckoning fingers to go bask in its gloriousness. I got reeled in and took the bait, donned my new trainers, scarf, gillet and fingerless mitts, not forgetting of course Iphone with entrusted selection of appropriate music and sunnies.

I will say, I overdressed, scarf came off by the end of the walk as did gloves and yes a horrible dribble of sweat ensued down my back taunting me the silent words of “Miss sweaty might become Miss stinky now”

It was bliss to walk past the budding magnolia trees.  This tree became an obsession of mine last year, determined to get one in my front garden.  There is one down the street where I live which literally makes me stop walking every time, once in full bloom, just to take in its radiant pinks and silken looking petals.

A little further Palewell Common was looking rather like a mud quagmire but did this stop the dog walkers?  Indeed not, they were out in full force, I would say  more professional walkers than otherwise judging by the amount of dogs per person, unless East Sheen has taken to owning 7 dogs per household.  I shudder to think of the smells and chaos that would create, I have two and that is certainly enough to make a pungent house of doggy smells.

I had to smile seeing a small gathering of nursery children out on the grass, the activity seemingly being to run from one adult to another, I did rather question how long they would stay upright running on such wet mud strewn ground.  I expect lots of dirty knees and if not faces would have been had by the end of it had I not moved on.  It doesn’t really pay in this day and age to stand and watch children, much as a joy it is, it can gather you odd looks if you are on your own.

The allotments seemed uncharacteristically quiet; I enjoy seeing how these develop over the weeks so many visual treats to come.

Last year I started to forage, yes forage.  You might raise your eyebrows and think alright, time to stop reading now; this is a very nerdy woman.  But I will have you know that this hobby is becoming increasingly popular, so much so there are organised walks for people to learn about foraging and books in numerous quantities on the subject.

Apart from this there is a wealth of You Tube clips on what to do with these wondrous berries, leaves etc that one has spent hours picking, leaping to get, scratching oneself to bits to acquire.  Suffice to say, I probably had one success in about 10 attempts of trying to make jellies, jams, pickles and chutneys.  Will I give it another go this year, probably, yes, but I have enough experience to know what I definitely won’t try again.  Will I tell you what that is?  Hell, no (grins), that’s part of the fun to find out for yourself!

More on foraging another time.  Do I hear a yay?

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